Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another Brazilian angle

We have our first coaching casualty of the season with the Trabzon board sacking Brazilian (Brazil has a "zed" in it Sir Eski) Sebastiao Lazaroni at lunchtime on Thursday.

Trabzonspor have four points from their first four matches and are sitting in 11th place. The papers have been predicting his sacking from the very first match and thus the news today doesn't surprise.

What does surprise me is the timing. Why wait until now? We have just had an international fixtures break and the board should have sacked and replaced him straight after the last match, not almost two weeks later.

Ziya Dogan, the fool who didn't want Josip Skoko at Genclerbirligi and who was subsequently sacked around about this time last year, has been appointed the new Trabzon coach.

With Lazaroni gone the question is who will be next?


  1. AHMET TURGUT4:36 pm

    Dear Oz Kanka,
    Remember what I said about Trabzon and Lazaroni.....I gave him siz weeks but he put me down....He is gone in the fifth week!
    As far as Ziya Dogan, He will bite the dust soon or later....The Turkish Super League is not so "SUPER " anymore!....

  2. zagreb kankie6:42 pm

    I don't understand still why that Ziya guy didn't want Josip Skoko? Hasan told me that people in Turkey loved Josip and that he is excellent player.

  3. Ahmet as always is right with his predicitions. Just one week out.

    As for why Ziya Dogan didn't like Skoko I have no idea. And Hasan is right the Gencler fans did love him. On a Gencler fans forum there is a thread with dozens of people professing their love of the bloke.

  4. zagreb kankie8:51 pm

    Well maybe my Croat did something stupid and because of that this Ziya guy don't like Josip. Croatian guys like to party a lot. You know that we needed to kick our 3 top football players from not playing the game in Russia because they loved to party so much that they escaped from Slovenia 3 days before they had a game against Russia?! Olić, Srna and Balaban. Did you hear about that?

    If we had those 3 guys playing against Russia we would score at least one goal.

    But,.., my Croatians really love to party no matter what will happen next.

  5. Yet another example of the `Knee Jerk` syndrome.

    This is prevalent particularly in Spain, and is now being copied here.

    Football managers/coaches are not magicians and need at least 2, or ideally 3, seasons to put a team together.

    It is not just a question of buying this superstar or that one, it is a question of setting up a scouting system and putting a successful youth team policy in place. Assessing players strengths and weaknesses and putting them right where necessary. This all takes time.

    Rome was not built in a day !

    Why do you think I have been so frustrated over the past 2 or 3 years with all the comings and goings of coaches at ANKARAGUCU ?!

    As for who is next, please don't make me say it !!!