Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Only just

Extremely short note from 5:20 a.m. just before I jump into the car for my holiday.

Genclerbirligi 1, Gaziantep BBspor 0.

Thank God.


  1. zagreb kankie11:14 am

    :-) Nice! Congratulation! :-p

  2. No report in Hurriyet this morning so can't give even the scorer of the goal. At least the win sends Oz Kanka off on his hols in a happy frame of mind !

    I met Mummy Kankie Carmel last night and what a charming and beautiful lady she is. It is difficult to believe that shy and introverted Oz Kanka is her son !!!!!

    ANKARAGUCU are playing away in Elazig this afternoon in the Cup. Watch this space for result.

  3. Anonymous12:35 pm

    well I watched the game yesterday, oh oh,
    what a bitter and poor game, thanks god, that we faced this gaziantep team from the 2nd division, otherwise this first step could have been the last -like lkast year...

    okan öztürks header was nearly the one and only interesting thing to talk about, the new goalie made a good job, without any nerves, good choice, gökhan made not such a good figure last weeks...

    mehmet nas tried a lot and mikhael nicoise was running 90 minutes fighting for the win, the rest of the team mmmmh.. poor, where is MY gencler from last season? now they have better players but they are no team, i spoke after the game with cavcav - he was really very, very angry, mesut watch out, things are getting more difficult ..

    probably cavcav didn't noticed yet, that he is also part of the problem, ilhan baba step back and give the possibility to a new elections, a new --united-- yönetim !!

    if in the club there are so many problems, how can i expect the team to play brilliant? ok, the 200 fans yesterday gave much more than the players, we reached the next round and next weekend we need 3 points in gaziantep... all the best from lanky kanka

  4. Thanks for the report Lanky Kanka.

    These are grim days in Ankara.

    On an optimistic note, things can only get better !!!

  5. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Mummy Kankie Carmel here. Thanks so much for the kind comments. Your not too bad yourself Jim.

    Having a wonderful time down on the Med. Lots of sunshine and swimming.

  6. The power of the blog - they even have internet in Side !!

    Unfortunately I won't have the chance to meet you again this visit Mummy Kankie, but..... look forward to seeing you again in the not too distant future.

    Happy hols.......and ...don't worry I'll look after your wee boy in your absence !!!