Friday, September 01, 2006

Does anyone read this blog?

As one of the writers on this blog I'm always interested to see just how many people check us out. I have to admit this blog isn't exactly breaking any world records but I am pleased to see that we get a pretty good "return rate" ie people who who visit the blog each day.

For those who want to know the stats, our return rate is about 15 per day (ie. about 15 people who have seen the blog return each day). The other 20 people who on average somehow get to our blog usually find us through Google. In the last few days the most popular way of finding us seems to be versions of the Ankaragucu coach Vlado Bozinoski.

Looking at the poorly reproduced graph above, you can see that we have slowly moved from practically no one reading us to someone practically reading us.

We have had a few spikes, especially during the Zidane scandal when we had more than 250 visitors, but that was an aberration.

But that is not what I want to talk about. What I want to know is why no one from South America has checked out the blog?

Have a look at the map thing on the right hand side of the page (underneath the archives section) to see just how global this blog is.

Plenty of American Turks accidently thinking we are supporting Galatasaray, plenty of English mates of ours and there are, of course, all of us Ankara people, oh, and I can't forget Zagreb Kanka giving the Croatia count a good boost.

But where is South America? Where is Africa? Not much from Asia either. I have no bloody idea where they are. Ignorant fools, the lot of them.



    don't get too excited though...

  2. That's same for me. No Africa or South America. Maybe a digital divide case? I don't know for sure though. Yeah, I visit your blog everyday. I think you are one of the best team blogs I know of around. You are the main source of inspiration for our Besiktas team blog in fact!

  3. Excuse my ignorance Erkan Bey, but is Besiktas an African or South American team ???!!!

    I think I'll start mentioning Estudiantes, Boca Juniors and Kaiser Chiefs, and then maybe we might get a hit !!!

  4. You would think with all the Brazilians in the non successful Istanbul and non Galatasaray teams these days that you would get some hits from that continent....maybe you should post in Portugese then their supporters, players and managers could understand you.....

  5. zagreb kankie9:46 pm

    Why you even think that South America would care about football in Ankara? :-) They have never heard about Ankaragucu or about Genclerbirligi. Actually they would not know even how to pronounced it.
    For Africa, I don't know. Maybe they are sleepy. :-)

    Kisses from your Zagreb Kankie

  6. I think the time has come to start stirring the shit.

    Let's put something in about Argentina and Brasil and see what happens.

    See my new blog titled `The South American Question - where is Argentina and Brasil`.