Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bozinosky sacked (not quite actually)

Coach Bozinoski sacked by Ankaragucu. We never did get that interview. More soon.

Edit: Perhaps I should clarify that and say that he handed in his resignation and the club accepted it.

2nd Edit: According to a written statement released by the club this afternoon, Aussie Vlado Bozinoski offered to resign after the weekend away draw with Gaziantep.

The statement says the board will now look into finding a "top class" replacement while the Anatolian news agency reports that Riza Calimbay and Hikmet Karaman are obvious candidates.


  1. ahmet turgut7:41 pm

    Oz Kanka, I think Giray Hoca will be good choice for Ankaragucu...

    What do you think?

  2. zagreb kankie8:58 pm

    Hey so Macedonian guy goes. Hmm I still think :-) that blondie will have more lack to get an interview with that guy than you :-p :-p :-p

    But now we will never find out that. :-)

    Hugs from Zagreb Kankie

  3. The Merry-go-round continues on its merry way !!!

    As I have said many times (yawn yawn !), a football manager/coach needs at least 2 years (ideally 3 years) to put a successful team together.

    I'm sorry to say that Bozinosky was never given a hope in hell of achieving any of his ideas !

    However, having said that, I was unhappy when the previous coach Hikmet Karaman left the club suddenly (I think he had a disagreement with Cemal Aydin).

    Hurriyet reported this morning that he is returning and that is good news. As I understand it, he is not a `yes` man and has the respect of the players.

    It is to be hoped that Cemal Aydin will `stand back` and let Mr Karaman do what he does best, ie, coach and manage the team !!

    A victory against Denizli on Saturday would be a good way to start the ball rolling !!!

  4. Ahmet,
    Giray Hoca could well be a good choice but I don't think they are thinking of him at the moment.

  5. so that leaves 10 ozzies in the second city??????

  6. I think 10 Aussies in Ankara might be an overestimate.

  7. Well........ I think ONE Aussie is more than enough !!!

    Let's keep Turkey's FIRST city, Ankara, a safe place to live !!