Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oops, stuffed up, just like Gencler

Somehow or other I wrote an extremely long post on Gencler's 5-0 loss to to Manisa. Unfortunately it seems to have been lost in cyberspace.

So here is the short version.

Cavcav doesn't employ enough people on gates: therefore we didn't get in until 20 minutes after kick-off

Gencler were crap. Half-time 1-0 in favour of Manisa

Gencler start to play well and then...

Referee decides to go for the "idiot of the year" award. One of our players is sent off.

Manisa go 2-0 up.

Abdullah Yilmaz decides that one stupid red card is not enough and so gives us another. Thanks for destroying the game... wanker


Match over and as if the referee wasn't enough the riot police decide to have a go as well. There were six cops around one of our lot and the cops clearly decided he needed a good batton to the head. Thanks for such European policing.

EDIT: Sunday afternoon. Just been reading some stuff from a Gencler forum and discovered that Ilhan Cavcav's supporters came into our section (where no one likes Cavcav) and started the fight that led to the police intervening to beat some of our lot up. Mmmmm.

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  1. Come back to ANKARAGUCU please Mr Ersun Yanal........... all is forgiven !!!