Friday, September 29, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Surprisingly (for me anyway) the ANKARAGUCU supporters tribunes seem to have forced some action after all their recent demonstrations against the Chairman, Cemal Aydin.

Cemal Aydin is quoted in Hurriyet this morning saying he will not be Chairman after January 2007. Whether these are hollow words to pacify the fans, or whether he is serious remains to be seen. I have been in this country long enough to still be sceptical about utterances made in the press !!!

Perhaps Oz Kanka has further information from his journalistic contacts ?

What is more important now is for the team to put some points on the board and start climbing out of the relegation zone !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Having finally read the article in Hurriyet I think it will be very difficult for Aydin to go back on his word not to stand in the next general congress.

    I guess the constant jeers from the Ankaragucu supporters finally got to him.

    No real loss I say, don't forget this was the bloke who last match walked out before the end and who didn't even bother to show up to the first couple of matches this year.

    Lucky Ankaragucu. At least you've got a date for your chairman to resign. Over at Genclerbirligi it seems as if Cavcav will stay on forever.

  2. let's sing all together now....

    after 3........ Ready ?....




    and these times are a changin !!!

    All we need now is for the teams to resort to winning ways and then.... who knows what we can achieve in Turkey's 1st City ??!!

  3. zagreb kankie12:12 pm

    You know in Croatia they are replacing chairmans of Dinamo every two months. It became so interesting here because we always have a new man in charge and some new story to read. And there in Ankara, you have that old old old Cavcav guy that is one foot in a grave for so many years and he is still on a top. :-o
    And our guys are much younger than 75 and in shape. :-)

  4. zagreb kankie12:20 pm

    And that Cavcav is in a flour business right? How he manages to supervise the prices of flour in all of the Turkey and leading a football club?
    What qualifications you need to have to be in charge of a football club there except you obviosly need to speak Turkish? :-)
    Was he a famous football player like 50 years ago?

  5. Dear Miss Zagreb Kankie, I think we need to ask Oz Kanka for some historical data on CavCav concerning his footie playing days.

    However, having seen his torso, I would doubt if he was ever a pro footie player. Perhaps he played in his back garden on his own. I doubt whether he could ever find someone to play with him !!!!