Friday, September 08, 2006

Another Turkish acheivement

Looks like some journo from the sports department of Radikal newspaper has also been googling around in a desperate search for a story.

The record breaking 13-0 victory of Germany over San Marino the other day was refereed by Selcuk Dereli

The previous European record was when Spain beat up Malta back in 1983 to the tune of 12 goals to 1. That man with the whistle for that match was a fellow named Erkan Goksal.

The headline for Radikal's story?

"When Turks are in charge records are broken! "


  1. I know Selcuk Derili personally and have seen him refereeing on TV a few times. I am impressed with him on both counts !

    This is his 1st season on the FIFA List and I'm sure he is going to be a success.

    Certainly a name to remember for the future.

  2. I just realised I've used the word "another" as the first word in the title of my three last posts. Should push us up high on google for that one.

  3. Hey ....... great news. Let's keep those statistics flowing.

    At this rate we are going to be No1 Blog in the world !!

  4. is he the referee that looks about 16 and a girl???? If so he is a good referee even I cannot take him too seriously

  5. Definitely NOT Gulay, and I hope Selcuk doesn't read this blog !!

    He is a tall hunky, good looking Turkish man, just like your sporty husband !!