Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another English-language footy blog

I was googling around this evening and came across a site called SUPER-LIG.COM (Like Sir Eski Kanka the fellow obviously likes capital letters in titles). The site has various bits of info about the league and it appears that the "founder and manager" of the site, Daniel Perera, is a Fenerbahce fan.

I checked out a few pages here and there and then clicked on the "About me" link. It was at that stage I was blown away by this little fact Mr. Perera put on the page:

Date of Birth: 4th February 1994

That makes Daniel quite a bit younger than most people who comment or write for this blog.

Daniel has been living in Izmir since he was five-months-old and is interested in computer games (like me), music (like me) and he goes off to football training on weekends (sort of like me, except that I go to the pub... er, sorry... matches). So all up he sounds like a top bloke.

In his description of himself he talks about how he really liked his old school but, without listening to his own thoughts on the subject, his parents yanked him out of there and sent him off to another school. Parents can be annoying sometimes.

Anyway, for some reason the link to his guestbook doesn't work but he does have a forum on the site (on the left hand side of the home page). I've left a message there and I'd urge all you lot to do so also. We have to encourage English-language footy sites, even if Daniel is a Fener supporter.

This is a direct link to the forum.


  1. I am wondering what words of friendship Gulay can make on this site ???!!!

  2. zagreb kankie11:40 am

    What is that all about that Turkish football is so contagious? That people around the world are reading and writing about Turkish football. LOL And that one little Croatian person like me knows more about Turkish football and what is going on in Ankara and their clubs than in Zagreb or clubs in Croatia? :-)

    I just love ya-!!!!! :-)

    (I left a greetings to our small friend in Turkey :-))

  3. Well done Miss Zagreb. I followed you and made some comments too. I hope little Daniel Kanka will reply to our blog !!

    Why don't you give us an update about Croatian league footie when you have a chance ? It will be interesting for us to see what is happening there in your beautiful country

  4. I don't think you read what Zagreb Kanka wrote. She said she knows more about Ankara football than Croatian football.

  5. zagreb kankie1:08 pm

    Well I can update you about Croatian footie as well. I read newspapers :-)
    But at the moment I am full updated in Ankara's football that this is amazing. :-)
    I don't think that you can find any other blond girl in my Country that knows more about football in Ankara than me. :-)

    Love ya-

  6. zagreb kankie1:08 pm

    And that is all because of you!! :-)

  7. So, forgetting Oz Kanka's negative remarks !!!! over to you Miss Zagreb for some footie news from the jewel of the Balkans.......Croatia !!!

  8. zagreb kankie8:50 pm

    Nothing special didn't happen today in football here.
    We still talking (in newspapers and out) about Bilić and 3 guys that escaped from Čatež, Slovenia where they were in quarantine before the game against Russia. 3 guys: Olić, Srna and Balaban called taxi and drove from Čatež to New Zagreb (:-) they are really crazy :-)) on a big folk party that was in club which name is Fontana. And it was like 5,30 am when someone started a fight and gun shots. Then police came and all and of course photographs who saw that between all those people were our 3 guys who supposed to be sleeping in Slovenia. :-)
    Bilić (coach) punished them and because of that they didn't play against Russia. And they got a ticket on like 30.000kn because they weren't follow the rules like they supposed to.

    They all have wives and their wives weren't very happy since they didn't know that their husbands will escape from quarantine from other country into Croatia to have HUGE fun on a party with a lot of alcohol and everything, half naked dancers and all. I think thier wives were suprised the next morning when they read in our newpapers what their husbands were doing last night. :-)

  9. zagreb kankie8:55 pm

    My Croatians are funny people! Trust me! They are to die for. :-)

    They will always do some stupid things that nobody on this planet will not even think on it. If noone can think of something, my Croatians will. They are amazing, you never know what is going through their head and what they will do next. But, certainly one thing is definatelly true,.., you are never bored being around with Croatians. :-) They will always managed to make from boring situation into the most fun. :-)

  10. zagreb kankie9:00 pm

  11. So......... in summary... these Croatian guys are for real.

    When are the `normal` punters going to realise that footie players are just like us..... `normal` mortals ?

    They like to go out and have fun with (girls) like us `normal` guys, and isn't cheating on your wife accepted as `normal` these days ??!! Well..... perhaps not in Turkey ??!!!

    If that doesn't create a response then nothing will !!!

  12. I'm saying nothing about Sir Eski Kanka's description about "normal" punters, except to say that when our young mate Daniel comes back from his holidays, checks out the post which we have written about his website, he may be in for a shock when he checks out the comments.

  13. Oooops .........tilt... I forgot he was a teenie.

    Ah, but, on reflection, no problem, because nowadays they know more about `the ways of life` than we do me thinks ??!!