Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Posavec to stay at Ankaragucu

Looks like Ankaragucu and Croatia have not parted company just yet. Hurriyet today ran a slightly confusing article (probably that is because of my Turkish skills but with Hurriyet you never know) that Srebenko Posavec is staying.

I'm not really sure of the deatils but it has something to do with a planned transfer of a fellow called Serge Die from Erciyesspor collapsing.

Posavec didn't get to play all that much in Ankaragucu's first couple of matches and news that he was leaving the club was reported by Sir Eski Kanka here on August 31.

The question now is whether Ankaragucu coach Bozinoski will give him another go. That's a question Sir Eski Kanka and myself will no doubt ask if we ever get an interview with the bloke. Fingers crossed we will have more news on that soon.


  1. Well, if he is staying then that is good news, especially for Miss Zagreb Kankie.

    As I said before in my blog on this subject, Srebrenko needs to work on his match fitness.

    Given time, there is no reason to doubt that he can do it with the help of the coaching staff.

    Let's see what happens when (or if) we manage to speak to the coach on this and other subjects.

  2. zagreb kankie8:51 pm

    And you still didn't manage to speak with that Božinovski guy??????? That is unbelievable! :-)
    You need some blondie to speak with that guy! :-)
    Makedonians love blondies! They are actually crazy about them.

    Hugs from Croatian blondie

  3. I've been very busy this afternoon. I'm still working in fact (its almost 9pm) and I didn't get a chance to try again. Tomorrow hopefully

  4. I'll tell you a secret.....

    Australians and Scotsmen love blondes too !!!XXX

  5. brendan9:44 pm

    Hey chaps - we're 4 games in now - how do you see the season shaping up for Gencler and Gucu (even Ankaraspor!)?

    Where would you put your money on them finishing having seen what you've seen?

  6. brendan9:48 pm

    Oh yes Jim - fine result for Scotland in Lithuania good to see the feel good back for the Tartan Army. I'm heading up there for the France game next month - the place should be jumping!

  7. zagreb kankie10:50 pm

    :-) I love you too!!!! :-)

    Did you watch the game of a huge Russia against my little tiny Croatia? :-)

  8. zagreb kankie11:01 pm

    Hey Oz and Eski,.., I am just reading my Croatian newspapers and they are saying that 4 people are injured from the guys that are supporting Trabzonspor and that Trabzonspor got punished.


    (I know it is in Croatian but we don't have English translation. We here are speaking Croatian :-p Sorry.)

  9. Brendan first up: As for Scotland, I only managed to see the second half and actually I thought they weren't too bad. The goals were deserved but did you see the Lithuanian goal, a wonderful bycycle kick. At the same time I thought the Scottish defence was very dodgy.

    Back to the real stuff that is the Turkish Lig. I reckon Ankaragucu have a good team but are yet to play to their true abilities. Two points so far from four games and Aussie coach Vlado Bozinoski is under huge pressure. My prediction: mid table finish.

    Gencler have had a much better start to the season. Seven points from four matches, they are looking much better than Ankaragucu and some of the new players are just getting into their stride.

    My prediction: Uefa Cup qualification

    And Zagreb Kanka: I haven't heard about the injured people but UEFA has ordered that Trabzon's next UEFA Cup match be played without spectators. They really are stupid up on the Black Sea. Unlike us kind, loving Ankara people.

    By the way I reckon Croatia getting a draw with Russia is a damn good result. Afterall, Aussie Guus is the manager of Russia.

    Strange, I never thought I would ever support Croatia, but thanks to Zagreb Kanka I love the team.

  10. Brendan also asked about Ankaraspor's prospects for the league. Who?

  11. Brendan, thanks for your words of support for Scotland and The Tartan Army. A great start to the campaign, and all credit to Walter Smith for injecting some organisation and teamwork after the disasters with the previous German manager.

    With Scotland on 6 points and Italy on 1 point it is not difficult to figure out which team is under pressure for the next round of matches !

    Scotland V France will be a full house and a MUST SEE match.

    Well done Croatia. Playing away, especially in Russia, is never easy and to come away with a point is a bonus. We are supporting you from here !!

    If Oz Kanka ever gets round to having another poll and the question is...... Which team wears the most attractive shirt ?
    I'll definitely vote for Croatia !

    Coming closer to home and League footie, I think Oz Kanka is being a little optimistic about Gencler qualifying for the UEFA Cup. In my opinion, they flatter to deceive and are too unpredictable over the season. However, I hope I'm wrong !

    As for ANKARAGUCU, well of course they have had a bad start with lots of chopping and changes to the team. However, if Bozinoski can get his first win under his belt in Antep this weekend I have a feeling that it will be a different ANKARAGUCU in the coming weeks. Confidence comes from winning and that is ANKARAGUCU's problem at the moment.

    Brendan.... a word of advice ... if you intend to be Oz Kanka's friend, then please don't mention that `other` Ankara team again. It is strictly forbidden on this blog !!!!!