Monday, July 31, 2006

Alpay would be proud

I'm sure most of you remember the handbags in Istanbul last year when the Turkish team attacked the Swiss players after the World Cup play-off qualifier that resulted in Turkey not fielding a team in the World Cup.

It appears that the North Korean women's team have also seen tapes of the match and repeated the performance during a semi-final of the Women's Asia Cup being played in Adelaide. You can check out the performance in this video.

Not only is the incident and karate kick great stuff but so is the Japanese show from where it is taken.

I'm off for a holiday for a week or so and as I doubt broadband exists in the Black Sea region I don't think I'll be posting for a week. See you all soon.


  1. Yes, very entertaining video.

    Could be some very long suspensions being handed out for that performance !!

    Have a good holiday on the Black Sea coast Oz Kanka and family.

    I will be away for about 9 days to Bodrum on Wednesday so will probably be out of action too, unless I can use the hotel facilities.

    Speak soon.

  2. ahmet turgut6:05 pm

    Oz Kanka, Have great vacation in the Black See Region.... Stop at Ordu..nice place...... that's my wife's hometown....also, If you go to Trabzon, stop at Emniyet Eczanesi..... at the Meydan..... that's Giray's wife( my Sister-In- Law) Pharmacy store...............

  3. zagreb kankie8:14 pm

    I wish you and to your family nice vacation! Enjoy!

    Zagreb Kankie

  4. Thank you all. By the way Ahmet we are staying in Ordu because that is where my wife's mother is from.

  5. zagreb kanka11:27 pm

    When I am going on vacation and when that is within Croatia, I love to go to Dubrovnik. It is like heaven on Earth!

    Ahmet and Oz, you should come to visit Croatian coast some time, it is gorgeous!

    Your Zagreb Kankie :-)

  6. AHMET TURGUT10:29 am

    Oz Kanka, it's small world...isn't!..... I bet you ,they know each too...My wife's name Nese Celebi.... She is fom Celebi Family.... did you know
    Haluk Ulusoy's wife from Ordu too..
    they went to high school together.
    You might see famous ref Ali ,there too....You must visit Ordu's yayla............

  7. Chris,
    Glad to see you are getting away from it all and visiting the family up North. Have a great and safe trip.

    Looking forward to reading Eski Kankas Scottish Match reports now that the season in Gods Country has started again.

    Regards to ALL in Ankara

    Tam McDonald (Izmir late of your parish).

  8. Welcome to the Blog True Blue Kanka Tam the Bam !

    Please feel free to comment on the blogs at any time, especially the one where the MIGHTY HIBERNIAN stuff it up the Huns of Glasgow !!

    A visit to Ankara is long overdue, so where are you ??!!

  9. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Tam, been a while mate. At the moment I'm enjoying lovely weather, lost of fish, heaps of swimming and am able to keep in touch with the rest of the world thanks to an internet cafe in the ground floor of where I'm staying. It is charging the exhorbitant rates of 1tl per hour.

    Cheers Oz Kanka (anonymous because I've forgotton my passwords)