Sunday, July 30, 2006

Human needs

Sometimes it is just all too much and the need for a beer is an order one cannot resist from a flagging body. Thus it was at the end of the Ankaragucu-Sekerspor match.

The idea of hanging around and watching more pre-season dross was just too bad to imagine and so we legged it back to Kizilay.

It was another good crowd on Saturday with diehards like Sir Eski Kanka, Kirkcaldy Kanka, Trainspotting Kanka, Brummy Kanka, Battle-hardened Kanka all up for it and then an archaeologist by the name of Christoff joined us for the pre-match drinks and then Ankaragucu-Sekerspor.

There were even less people at the match than on Friday night and clearly the players on both sides weren't going to be bothered to play decent football if the fans couldn't be bothered to show up.

Let's just say that Ankaragucu won it and are now officially the third best team in Ankara.

It was at this stage that the important decision had to be made. Stay and watch more dross or go to the pub. No question really and we headed off to Desti Bar where we watched a little bit of the match, until Maniac Kanka Harun stuffed up the telly and the only station we could get was Eurosport which was showing the Spain versus Scotland U19s European championship final.

Finally got TRT back in time for the Genclerbirligi-Ankaraspor penalty shootout and like Friday night our goalkeeper was in good form. I'm not even sure of what the score was but in the end we won it. The Gencler players danced up and down after receiving the trophy and no doubt they would have done a lap of honour if anyone was at the actual stadium.

In the end, who cares. It's all pre-season rubbish.

But it was with huge sadness that we said goodbye to Kirkcaldy Kanka Martyn and Mrs. Kirkcaldy Kanka Sinead who leave Turkey later this week. But they promise to be back and all Ankara football fans are counting on you to keep that promise.

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  1. Sometimes the best team doesn't necessarily win !

    In my opinion, Ankaraspor was the best team in the competition, and not just because they beat ANKARAGUCU !

    It is sad that the winners didn't actually win a game but had to rely on penalty kicks in a shoot-out !

    However, the records will show that Gencler won it and are slowly making up ground on ANKARAGUCU's achievement of having won it 17 times.