Saturday, July 15, 2006


Greetings Kankas. News just in from Denmark on the Inter Toto Cup 3rd Round 1st Leg...........

Odense 1 HIBERNIAN 0

Odense scored a penalty midway through the 1st half, and despite constant pressure from Hibs for the remainder of the match, they couldn't find a way past the Odense goalkeeper who was on top form. A surprise really because those Viking Danes are not renowed for their defensive qualities...... only their attacking, eg, invading, raping and pillaging !!!

Anyway, I'm sure that Hibs will be in confident mood next Saturday to finish the business in Edinburgh and qualify for the UEFA Cup. After all, as pioneers of Scottish AND British Footie (mentioned in another blog !!) we have a God given right to be in YooRo Footie !!! Watch this space for further.........

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Taffy Kanka Jason7:53 pm

    None of this Inter Toto Cup nonsense for my team Rhyl FC who are representing Wales in Europe for the third consecutive season.

    They played FC Suduva of Lithuania in the Uefa Cup 1st qualifying round, 1st leg last week and managed a 0-0 home draw. The return leg is on 27 Jul 06, and hopefully, as they did last season, they will progress to the 2nd qualifying round.

  2. Hey Jayssss Taffy Kanka. Welcome back to the real world of footie and to the Ankara footie blog !

    Please don't knock the Inter Toto Cup ! If you have a young and inexperienced team who have qualified for the Inter Toto on merit then it is a reward for them to play against foreign teams and gain experience.

    Leaving aside your Welsh bravado, I hope the Rhyl boyoos do the biz and stuff the Lithoos in the 2nd leg and........... then draw the MIGHTY HIBERNIAN in the UEFA Cup yessssssssss !!!!

    All the best from `Taffy Lover` Eski Kanka Jim

  3. I have it on good authority that a crowd of 16,000 is expected for tomorrow's match in Edinburgh - not bad considering we are still in holiday mode.

    Anyway it will be an improvement on the 3,000 who turned up in Odense last week !!

    A full house of home supporters is always worth a goal start in my opinion ??!!

    Watch this space for more...