Friday, July 28, 2006

Politics on a football blog?

As has been clear in the last six months since this blog has started we try and keep politics out of it (besides taking the piss out of Melih Gokcek, the mayor of Ankara and the man who closed down our pub).

In fact if politics ever did raise its ugly head on the blog I'm not sure how Sir Eski Kanka Jim and myself would be able to talk to each other. As my wife said to me once "the only thing you have in common with Sir Eski Kanka is football". I replied that most marriages are based on less.

So it is with that introduction that I ask for your forgiveness for introducing politics to the blog. The following passage is nicked straight from the Guardian's daily football e-mail.

"When Liverpool were paired with Israeli side Maccabi Haifa in the draw for Big Cup's third qualifying round this morning, there were predictable security concerns. Faced with a trip to a hostile war-zone echoing with gunshots and littered with burnt-out cars, you could understand why Maccabi Haifa's players might have been nervous."

Anyway, good luck to Kirkcaldy Kanka who is off to live in the sunny climes of Liverpool sometime next week.


  1. Yes, I echo the good wishes of Oz Kanka. We wish Kirkcaldy Kanka and his luvvlie wife all the best in Ingallind.

    We look forward to receiving regular updates about the progress up the leagues by Raith Rovers and we hope it is not too long before we see you back in Ankara.

    Haste ye back bonnie lassie and laddie !!!

  2. Note for Mrs Oz Kankie....

    Oz Kanka and I have something else in common apart from footie and our love of the Ankara Round Ball........

    1. We are both darts fanatics and we are both captains of League Teams in the Red Lion Club.

    2. We both love the `Amber Nectar` !! It doesn't matter if it is EFES, Turborg, Castlemain or Tennents..... just bring it on !!!

    3. We both like cricket. The only slight difference being that I support Scotland and Essex. Oh yes, and Ingallind when they are playing the Aussies !!!

    Can't think of any more at the moment but that's enough for now !!