Sunday, July 30, 2006


Greetings Kankas. An inept performance from ANKARAGUCU on Friday night saw them lose to Ankaraspor 0-1 after an early dubious `offside` goal from Jaba. All the players (including the Referees !!!), except Jaba, were still in the process of waking-up when he raced on to a through ball about 5 yards offside (no exaggeration) and scored a diabolical goal.

It was all uphill for ANKARAGUCU from there with no real threat posed to the impressive Ankaraspor defence. Most of the danger came from free kicks outside the penalty area which were taken by the normally reliable Cehun. However, our dead-ball `expert` only threatened once when the ball sailed inches over.

Actually the most interesting point to note from the match was that the ANKARAGUCU players showed as much respect for the sparrows eating area on the right wing as the Gencler players did in the 1st match !!!

It should also be noted that 4,324 migrating swallows flew over the match during the 2nd half which brought some `oooozzzzz and ahhhhhhssss` from the crowd. Trainspotting Kanka Andrew counted 4,629, but as we all know, he tends to exaggerate and he should stick to taking train numbers !!!

Back to the boring footie, and there was a small crumb of comfort for ANKARAGUCU when they won the 3rd place play-off on Saturday 2-0 against Sekerspor. Watched incidentally by the smallest crowd I have ever seen at an ANKARAGUCU match. The supporters were obviously making a protest. However, that may well be another story for a future blog.

Our most impressive player, Carreno (from Argentina ?) scored a fine individual goal in the 1st half and then set-up a headed goal by Birol in the 2nd half with an astute cross into the penalty area.

Our coach will no doubt have noted the contribution made by Carreno (sadly missing in the 1st match) and will hopefully put him into the midfield area with Ceyhun and our Croatian player Srebrenko for our 1st league match against Bursa next week ??!!

Srebrenko had a fairly good match on Friday and came on as a late substitute on Saturday. I think he showed enough class to be a key figure in the team this season.

The problem remains.............. who is going to score the goals ???!!!

We shall see.

In the meantime, we bid farewell to Kirkcaldy Kanka Martyn and his beautiful wife Sinead who are leaving us for Ingallind. The singing and shouting in Maraton will never be the same without their fanatical support. Let's hope that Battle Hardened Kanka Damon can continue where they left off ??!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. zagreb kankie10:49 pm

    Hey my dear Eski :-)
    I am glad that you mentioned my Croatian guy :-) and I hope he will play well next week. :-)

    Greetings from your friend from Zagreb! :-)

    P.S. And yes, the names of all Kankas are funny and some of them even weird. :-) I like my name though, sound's so exotic ;-)

  2. Well, as I said before, the footie served up by ANKARAGUCU at the weekend left a lot to be desired.

    However, there were some positives, and we have to bear in mind that this is a `new` team with a `new` coach which is going to take time to become a `team`.

    I watched Srebrenko closely during the match on Friday and I can see that he is a class player. I am sure that he will be an asset to the team.

    Don't worry Miss Zagreb, I'll keep you updated on his progress.