Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Aussies, Ghana and Spain voted best of the rest

Split three ways are the readers of the blog this week with only three teams (out of eight choices) deemed to have been worthy enough to be called the best of those who were sent packing in the last 16 round.

The question was: Which was the best team that was sent packing in the knockout round?

And the results:
Australia: 6
Spain: 5
Ghana: 6
The rest: 0

Somehow I think the recent extreme pro-Australia bias of the blog has something to do with the results. But who cares.

Now onto the next poll and what has been one of the most controversial aspects of the tournament so far... the refereeing.

This week's question.

How would you rate the refereeing at the World Cup?
A: They have been crap
B: They have been okay
C: Certain players are to blame for diving all the time

Get voting!


  1. The answer, of course, is NONE OF THE ABOVE. Sepp Blatter (excuse spelling, I'm a bit tight) is to blame. Referees have been instructed to give lots of cards, so they did. They are, after all, dependent on FIFA for top level work and the chance of becoming the next colina. Players responded quite rationally to the slew of yellow by diving, on the basis that it's better for the other side to get a yellow than me attempting to win a 50-50 ball. yours, steve

  2. I think Steve is being a wee bit blinkered on this subject.

    Yes, referees were instructed to issue yellow and red cards, but.. only where they were warranted and especially for gamesmanship, ie, `diving` by players.

    Oh, and yes, of course referees want to reach the top of their profession - referees are no different from players in their ambitions.

    However, I doubt if they give this particular aspect a thought when they blow their whistle to commence a match !

    Lay off the refs and turn your attention to the players who under-performed or who let their country down by picking up red cards. No names necessary I think !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim The Defender

  3. Actually I think Steve might be right here. Look at the Holland-Portugal match in particular. Both the Dutch and the Portuguese were diving left right and centre and it was the defenders who were being given the cards.

    This was all thanks to the instructions handed down by Mr. Blatter to really crack down on bad tackles. The problem is that there is no retrospective penalty for diving.

    Perhaps I should have put a "I blame Sepp" option.

  4. As with always, some refs have had good games and some poor. Yes, there were too many sending offs in some matches. But there has certainly been too much diving. This has to be punished. Just as FIFA look again at the serious fouls after games, they should look at the dives. If a player has obviously dived and is caught on camera, he should be banned for some matches. It is difficult for refs to spot diving in matches. But some of the play-acting by players is disgusting. However, in some countries this is part of the game. Unfortuantely all countries are taking it up. In the competitive game of football, it works. So teams are encouraged to do it. So video evidence must be used to stop encouraging this. Maybe the Scottish and English FAs should lead the way. FIFA isn't doing anything themselves.

  5. From July 7 Guardian e-mail The Fiver

    "I was not a perfect player. I have to say, being a striker, I tried ... to get some advantages by joking with a player and then falling down by saying 'but he touched me'. And in fact it was not that. I did it. I think this is a normal movement and I can understand the players acting like that" - it might be a minor point, but how will Fifa ever stamp out diving if its president Sepp Blatter is a self-confessed cheat?

  6. OK, OK, İ can understand your frustrations, but you really must try to understand that it is a "different ball game" out there as a referee.

    You know they only have a split second to make a decision and you also know that they are only humans like us !!!

    The Laws of the Game cover it quite well by stating .....that it will be an offence/foul "IF IN THE OPINION OF THE REFEREE" blah blah blah !!!

    So...... lay off the referees you guys !!!!

    All the best from The Honourable Eski Kanka Jim