Monday, July 31, 2006

Calling all Ankara Kankas

Dear Kankas, we need your help. Apparently there was an article in Sunday's Ankara section of Sabah newspaper about us.

We wonder what it may be like as it is entitled "Ingilizler Gecekondu'da". Considering that out of the eight people who came to Friday night's match only one of us was English we are slightly scarded what the rest may say. Unfortunately because it is in the Ankara section it isn't on the internet.

So basically we need a copy of this article. My bet is that No Match Kanka, French Kanka Hande or Spine must have a copy of the paper around somewhere. If you do please hold onto it. And I'll translate it and get it out onto the blog next week when I'm back in town.


  1. I have sent an email to the writer of the article, who is a friend, and hopefully he will respond with a copy of the article.

    So, hopefully we will have a copy for translation when our Tercuman (Oz Kanka) returns from The Black Sea.

    As Kirkcaldy Kanka said last Saturday, this could be the beginning of the protests about the Kombine Ticket question.

  2. No Match Kankie has a copy! (But cannot be bothered to translate _ sorry)

  3. No need to panic No Match Kankie. It can wait for Oz Kanka's return from his adventures along the Black Sea coast.

    Incidentally, ANKARAGUCU and Gencler are both playing away this weekend in Bursa and Sivas respectively.

    However, Ankaraspor are at home to the hated Galata....spit...saray on Friday night if any brave soul is interested in going !

    The following weekend ANKARAGUCU are at home to Ankaraspor, and not sure who Gencler are playing. Will try to give more details beforehand as soon as I have dates and KO times.

    Watch this space for the return of Oz Kanka and yours truly.

  4. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Number 1: No match Kanka, hold onto that Sabah piece. I'll get it when I return to Ankara.

    Number 2: Sir Eski Kanka you idiot, Gencler are playing Fenerbahce in the second week, at home.

    Number 3. The Black Sea has faster internet than Ankara.

    Cheers Oz Kanka

    (afraid I have to sign in as anonymous as I've forgotten my password)

  5. I `resemble` the remark of ......idiot !

    At least this `idiot` can remember his bloody password even if he is well named as Eski Kanka !!!!!!!!