Monday, July 10, 2006

Zidane should have put the boot in

My heart wanted France, my head said Italy... and in the end my head got it right.

As usual we were down at the Red Lion Club for the match. All the usual Kankas made it, myself, Sir Eski kanka, Smart Arse Yankee kanka Dave, Mrs. Smart Arse Yankee kanka Suzanne and we had the pleasure of welcoming back to Ankara Spine Kanka Steve (formally Istanbul Kanka) and his wonderful friend French Kanka Hande (who for work reasons was actually supporting Italy).

The final was one hell of a match. The French prooved they can dive with the best and at the same time went all out for the win.

The second half especially should have seen a French goal but by God the Italian defence was good. For a match that showed brilliance from both sides there were very little shots on goal.

But then came the defining moment.

The ball was in midfield when the referee blew his whistle for something off the ball.

The replay showed that Materazzi slightly held on to Zidane but at the same time gave Zidane something that the ITV commentators described as a "nipple tweak".

Zidane seemed to ignore it for a few seconds and then came back and headbutted Materazzi in the chest. After what seemed an enternity Zidane was finally given a red card, and rightly so.

I have no idea whether Zidane was justified in retaliating for the nipple tweak, a move which has its place in the bedroom but one which I'm yet to experience of the football field.

A moment of insanity from Zidane? Possibly. But only because the fellow was in his last ever football match. Instead of headbutting Matterazzi he should have king hit him and then put the boot in when the bloke was on the ground. Italy had no more substitutes left, Zidane was going to get sent off anyway and so why not take the fellow out of the game as well.

The match of course went to penalties and despite the fact that the vast majority of the Red Lion Club were supporting France, French Kanka Hande gave a little cheer each time the Italians scored.

I was still hopeful until the last penalty kick. Italy needed to score to win the Cup. And then my nightmares came back to haunt me.

Grosso, yes Grosso. The bastard who fell over in the box over Lucas Neill to earn Italy the penalty kick that saw them go past Australia was going to take the last penalty kick.

I cursed and cursed, and yes Grosso scored and thus we have the Italians wearing their World Cup medals tonight.

I just hope they saviour the moment before heading back home and playing in Serie C.

PHOTOCAPTION: Career over Mr. Zidane. (photo nicked from the SMH)


  1. Zidane sucks.....

  2. You might be right h8torade. And while there is no way one can excuse Zidane for what he did the video link you provide does not show the "nipple tweak". Have you ever had your nipple tweaked?

  3. is a nipple tweak any worse then getting kicked in the leg or getting your feet taken out from underneath you......that was a classless act and it probably cost his team the game.

  4. here is the "nipple tweak" video....Go Italy!

  5. Zidane is a huge douchebag. I wrote about it in my blog,

  6. I've had my nipple tweaked while I was `horsing around` with some Air Force boys (no comments about that please !!!) and can confirm that it is extremely painful.

    In fact it compares alongside a kick on the shin or a visit to the denist for a root canal !!

    Nevertheless, Zidane with all his experience (and as captain) should have known better and showed restraint. There are other ways to gain revenge on the footie field behind the referee's back !!!!

    Italy obviously spent a lot of time practicing penalties in the training ground. All their penalty kicks were expertly taken and therefore, taking everything into consideration, there can be no doubt that the best team won the World Cup.

    All the best from `knowledgeable` Eski Kanka Jim

  7. Anonymous6:47 pm

    it wasnt the "nipple tweak" that annoyed zidane.

    apparently the italian player said something racist about Zidane's mother or father.

  8. Who knows what happened. Zidane was still mad to retaliate.

  9. I don't care what Metro'Nazi' said to Zidane, it still does not excuse the fact the guy needs to attend some 'anger management' classes.

    Here in America, we try to teach kids to play fair and respect sportsmanship. (Obviously, the Pentagon doesn't follow those rules.) But to go out like that in your final game in the final game of the world cup???

    In my book, he doesn't deserve any respect! Maybe he should think about changing his religion. Islam is having a tough time as is.

  10. Zidane's was better than Duncan Ferguson on Jock McStay in that classic Glasgow Rangers V Raith Rovers match. Drunken Duncan hardly touched McStay and he got sent to prison for it!

    OK, he had done a few other illegal things before the headbutt, but it was the butt that put him away. And the ref only booked him!

    In comparison, Zidane should be hanged.

    But he still deserved the golden ball.

  11. Hey ..... great stuff....... this blog is getting famous.... even Raith Rovers gets a mention, and in the same blog as Zidane !!!

    I promise not to mention THE MIGHTY HIBERNIAN in this particular blog....... honissst, trusssssst me !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim the Fanatik

  12. Zidane should not have reacted the way he did. Full stop.

    But if FIFA and Splatter are serious about kicking racism out of football then if it is proven that the Eyetie facist did racially insult ZZ he should face a long ban and also the Italian Federation as well.

  13. Yessss right on Gulay. I half agree with you !

    The Eye-tie facist should be punished if proved guilty, but why punish the Italian FA for the crime of one player.

    Remember last season in Turkey when a few clubs played to empty stadiums as punishment for something which happened on the field or by supporters ?

    I refer specifically to the time a few Ankaragucu supporters caused problems in Kayseri. So, the Turkish FA punished ALL their fans by making Ankaragucu play Antep in an empty stadium the following week.

    I can't understand the logic of this !!

    In my opinion, we have to punish the guilty and not the innocent. Or am I missing something ???

    All the best from logical Eski Kanka Jim

  14. Taffy Kanka Jason7:59 pm

    Sticks and stones may break my bones blah, blah, blah...