Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We blame the divers

I'm not really surprised at the results of this week's poll asking for people's reactions to the performance of referees this tournament.

How would you rate the refereeing at the World cup, we asked.

A) They have been crap. 2 votes
B) They have been okay. 4 votes
C) Certain players are
to blame for diving
all the time................... 10 votes

There was a nice discussion in the coments section about this question with Spine Kanka Steve arguing that there should have been a d) None of the above because it it is all the fault of Sepp Blatter option. There wasn't of course and so I'm very glad that certain divers got the vote here.

Onto this week's poll:

This World Cup was...

A) Great
B) Rubbish
C) Average

Get to it


  1. Let's not get carried away with all this talk about diving. After all, it is the journalists of this world who are stirring up all the shit and making a mountain out of a mole hill !!!

    I have noticed (for a long time now !) that journalists get very agitated and tense when everything is going as planned without controversy and when a match has no red cards or a referee (for example) has a good match !!!

    As I said in a previous blog... for God sake ...... lay of the Refs, diving, chest butts, etc, and let's talk about the good things about footie !!! Let's be positive and optimistic for a change !!!

    Better still....... let's leave the World Cup behind and look forward to League footie, and LIVE footie for real fans .... like us !!

    All the best from frustrated Eski Kanka Jim

  2. ozzie k, did you ever find out about the season ticket status at gencler? cheers,

  3. Spine. It's all confusing in regards to tickets. I should have a proper answer by Monday.

  4. zagreb kankie6:20 pm

    :-) I just stopped to say hi to my favorite two guys on this blog. :-)

    Thinking of you, your Zagreb Kankie

  5. I am asuming that I am one of them Miss Zagreb, and if so, then .... thanks.

    Recently I missed lots of your comments and I'm pleased to hear from you again.

    As you saw on the blog, Ankara footie is up and running again and I expect some more comments from you soon.

    Welcome back.... you have been missed !!!

    Lots of love from Eski Kanka Jim

  6. my word I find myself agreeing with sir eski.....I must go and lie down and place a cold towel on my forehead......

  7. No No No ......... this will never do !!! Gulay agreeing with Sir Eski ??? Never !

    I will try and think of something controversial to say, or better still..... something nasty to say about CimBom !!!

    Watch this space for future blogs and the new nasty Sir Eski !!!

  8. Raith Rovers never dive

  9. Never never ever say....NEVER !!

    If you love Raith Rovers make a comment on this blog !!!

    Sir Eski Kanka loves them !!

  10. For God Sake ........ someone please say they love Raith Rovers otherwise Kirkcaldy Kanka will not buy us `farewell drinks` on 28 July !!!!

  11. zagreb kankie11:57 am

    Who is Raith Rovers?

    Well, my dear Eski, I missed you too so much! I read your blog, just didn't put comments.

    So Genclerbirligi is in Holland? :-) I bet they have great time there! :-)
    Greetings to all of there in Holland!

    Hugs and kisses from hot Zagreb, your Zagreb Kankie

  12. Well...... if you are trying to upset Kircaldy Kanka you have succeeded !!!

    Oz Kanka for one will not be receiving a free beer on the 28th !!!

    However, for the benefit of the lovely and charming Miss Zagreb Kankie, Raith Rovers is a famous football team in Scotland from the town of Kirkcaldy, which is just across the River Forth from Edinburgh.

    I'm sure we will be hearing a lot more about Raith Rovers when Kircaldy Kanka returns to the UK next month and sends us regular updates.

    Welcome back to the blog Miss Zagreb, and as always, it is a pleasure to read your comments.

    All the best from knowledgeable Eski Kanka Jim

  13. Taffy Kanka Jason7:45 pm

    Overall, a quite dreadful World Cup. And although there was an awful lot of diving and cheating, there was nothing quite as shocking as Rivaldo in the last World Cup. Remember? Semi Final, Turkey v Brazil. He was at the corner flag and the ball was thrown / kicked(?) at him and hit him on the leg. He fell in a most dramatic fashion to the ground, clutching his face and rolling around in fake agony. Surely these players that cheat and dive must feel so embarrassed when they see replays on TV later...?

  14. zagreb kankie6:14 pm

    My dear and sweet Eski I have never gone. :-)And thank you for your explanation. :-)

    Hugs from hot Zagreb!