Thursday, July 20, 2006

Why wasn't I surprised

An overwhelming 65 percent of readers of the blog (ie 11 people) thought the World Cup was decidely "average". That's how I voted despite seeing my own team in action for the first time in my life.

I guess the four people who voted that the World Cup was rubbish were probably either Scottish or English while who knows where the two people who thought the tournament was great are from. I didn't know Turkish mental institutes had internet access.

But as Sir Eski Kanka said in a comment or post somewhere earlier it is definately time to get over the World Cup and onto other football issues.

With the Super Lig starting up in just a few weeks:

Who do you want to win the League?

A) Galatasaray
B) Fenerbahce
C) Besiktas
D) Anyone but the above


  1. I vote we have a `E` Section for ANKARAGUCU to win the league !!

    Anyone agree with me ????

    Always the optimist eh ??

  2. without revealing my personal bias, can I point out that Hurriyet today reports that BJK has not only the most women fans, but also by far the best educated?

  3. That's nothing !!! Without naming names, and to protect my informants, I can reveal that ANKARAGUCU has the most dangerous supporters !!!

    Hmmmm..... beat that !!!

  4. Going by various forums I'd say that Gencler have the most socialist fans.

  5. Just checking that story out in Kurriyet now. I think I'll do a post on it. All sorts of interesting "facts".

  6. Going by historic facts I would say that ANKARAGUCU fans are the most non-conservative and non-socialist fans in Turkey !

    So........ trying hard to find the word to describe them.....

    OK...... `brilliant` will do for now !!!!

  7. Hey, who's voting for Fenerbahce?

  8. Hakan sukur and okan are back on the same team.
    The only one missing is emre..
    If emre was back galatasaray would probably win again ;-)

  9. Somehow I don't think anyone in Turkey could afford to buy Emre nowadays, especially not Galatasaray.