Friday, July 28, 2006

Besiktas accused this time

The scandal news moves on today to Besiktas who are accused by Milliyet newspaper of throwing a match in the 2003-04 season that resulted in Rizespor avoiding relegation.

Milliyet doesn't give any figures but does print telephone transcripts between various figures.

Last week of the season and Rizespor are playing Besiktas. Only a win would save them from being relegated.

Some of the telephone conversations:

Vedat Peker (Rizespor football manager at the time) - "Now we have to give bonuses to everyone."

Mr. X: "We'll send it."

Peker: "Send the bonuses to Bursaspor, Besiktas." (I assume the "bonuses" would have to be sent to Bursa as they would be relegated if Denizli won)

On the day of the match Vedat Peker rings up Besiktas midfielder Sergen Yalcin.

Peker: "Your not going to play (well) today. Thought I'd tell you the news."

Sergen: "Okay, don't worry big brother."

Rizespor go on to win the match 1-0 thanks to what Milliyet describes as an "interesting" penalty. Serdar Topraktepe for Besiktas also missed a sitter. Mmmmmm

Then we have a lovely conversation after the match between Yasar Durmusoglu, a businessman close to the Peker brothers, and a fellow named only as Hakan.

Durmusoglu: "Unbelievable stress. They didn't play, they didn't go for goal! The referee gave a penalty and saved us. If it wasn't for the boss the team would be relegated."

The "boss" in this case is Sedat Peker, a man with quite a record when it comes to match fixing.

Dear oh dear... I hope I can write about football later today. Having said that Sergen Yalcin is playing for Sekerspor tonight against Gencler.

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  1. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Hi my dear Oz don't worry about that since in Croatia you have that as well! Unfortunately! Maybe even more than in Turkey and Croatia has only few football clubs and only 4,4 million people in all of Croatia. So it is "normal" that something like that happened in Turkey, country like 15 times bigger than Croatia is. And when money is involved, people are doing crazy stuff sometimes.

    Go watch your game and relax! ;-) Have a great evening!
    Thinking of you, your Zagreb Kanka