Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Greetings Kankas and stop press news just in of an upcoming VIP visitor.

You will all be pleased to hear that Paddy Kanka (Paul from Cork) is making a pilgrimage to Ankara to support ANKARAGUCU in the Sportswriters Cup.

His VIP aircraft arrives on 25 July and after he has met the President and the Prime Minister (but not Melih Gokcek !!!) he will stay in the VIP suite in my house !

I have arranged for him to wear an ANKARAGUCU top (apologies to the Gencler fraternity !!) and he will be available for you to meet and greet in the VIP Section of Chopin Bar at 3pm on 28 July.

Hope Miss Kirkaldy Kankie (also from Cork) can be on hand to act as an interpreter (Paul hasn't lost his Cork accent yet, despite living in Edinburgh for a few years - shame on him for that !!).

Look forward to a big turn-out for our VIP visitor on this auspicious occasion !

All the best from snivvling and crawling Eski Kanka Jim


  1. I guess we will be watching the match in the VIP section of gecekondu?

  2. Is there one ???

    If so, why wasn't SIR Eski Kanka informed of this sooner ??!!!

    Please make the necessary arrangements Oz Kanka !!

  3. Just next to the drummers I assumed. Plenty of police protection there.

  4. Errrrr Hmmmmm .... on second thoughts I will forego sitting in the VIP Section.

    Please don't tell anyone about my Knighthood and let me sit in the normal place in Gecekondu and be known as plain Eski Kanka Jim Agabey