Sunday, October 14, 2012


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Headline courtesy of Battle Damaged Kanka Damon !

It all went wrong for Ankaragucu tonight and we can standby for another Stadium Ban (not just for one match in my opinion, but for perhaps two).     In the 6th minute Right Kapali started to throw lit flares to Protokol (VIP Section), and then towards the end, flares were thrown onto to playing surface which held the match up for a few minutes till they were extinguished.   So, Nadeem's visit one week earlier was just in time !!!

Anyway, this will be a quick report because it is all doom and gloom again.

Ankaragucu  1    Bucaspor   5

We met up in The Chopin as usual - Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Maniac Kanka and friend Elif, Apple Kanka Erman (back for his first match of the season !), Muco Kanka and yours truly.

We decided to go to Maraton and ........ surprise surprise ...... it was almost full !   Gecikondu was three quarters full (as usual) and L Kapali was full, so a larger crowd than last week.

We only had to wait until the 7th minute before Bucu made their intentions clear.   A cross came in from the left over the heads of the Ankaragucu defence and it was an easy tap-in for the unmarked attacker to open the scoring.

16th minute and the Bursa Song was sung by ALL tribunes - at last !

20 minutes in and Buca was arrogantly keeping possession with ease and really taking the piss out of Ankaragucu.   The writing was on the wall !

However, against the run of play, Ankaragucu hit back from a free kick on the right.  The ball came over and Timur was first to it to head in for the equaliser.   All up cheering like mad and thinking ........... could this be a come-back ???  

Half time came and although Ankaragucu pressed hard after the equaliser, it was still Buca looking the stronger team.

It only took 4 minutes into the 2nd half for Buca to hit the post.    2 minutes later, Gokhan saved bravely at a forward's feet to prevent a certain goal.

However, one minute later he had to look smart to do the same but brought the attacker down in the process.   Penalty and a yellow.   Penalty well taken and Buca were on a roll.

Further goals came in the 60th, 66th and 81st minutes, all from sloppy defending, and for the most part, leaving their No7 free to run riot down the right wing with lots of inviting assists.

I should point out that in between time, Gokhan made some great saves and in the process saved Ankaragucu from an even more embarrassing result !

I also reserve criticism for the referee who was quite blatant in his one-sided decisions against Ankaragucu.  However, having said that, Buca was too hot for Ankaragucu to handle tonight and ran out well deserved winners.

Back to the drawing board for Yilmaz and he will have to fire his young team up for the next trip into enemy territory !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. what should have been another win turned into the worst game of the seaosn for all the wrong reasons, crowd trouble, dreadful refereeing, dreadful defending and an fantastic buca attack. we are in trouble if we dont start getting a bit of luck and learn from our lessons

  2. Lila Kankie1:38 pm

    Noo! A loss and a potential stadium ban? The worst! Nice to read there were some nice saves by Gokhan, though. :)

  3. fuckn referees,fuck off TFF !!!

  4. I'm sure Lila Kankie will be devastated to hear that the Hurriyet Newspaper gave Gokhan 4 out of 10 for his performance last night.

    Shameful !!!

    It should have been at least eleven !!!

    Am I your favourite Kanka now Lila, or .... am I just you favourite ??!!

  5. Great to have Maniac Kanka Harun back on the Blog entertaining us !!!!

  6. Did I miss it or did you forget to mention when Sol Kapalı lit the stadium on fire, quite deliberately I might add.

    This might upset the Gençler supporters as it is their stadium as well but I don't think there are ever enough of them to need to need that section.

  7. Hey, it is supposed to give me the option to edit. Well, you'll all just have to live w/out the missing question mark and the extra "to need."

  8. Anonymous8:16 pm

    This sort of scoreline is reminiscent of last season when the young side were out of their depth.Hope thats not going to be the case again this season.
    Speaking of being out of their depth I was at the magnificent Aviva Stadium in Dublin last Friday night for Ireland's 6-1 drubbing.Worse still, we had German friends over for the match with us!

    Dublin Neil

  9. Gokhan played well and if it werent for him it could have been even more embarassing. The defence was shocking and so was the midfield. But as harun said the referee again was a disgrace

  10. Hand up ! Yes, I forgot to mention the 'fire'. Sorry about that. Anyway, as if it wasn't bad enough.

    A photo in the Ankara Hurriyet this morning (Tuesday 16 October) shows the effin referee Coban being escorted off the pitch with Police shields as protection. We will probably hear about the Stadium Ban tomorrow I guess !

    Yes, you are right Damon. My understanding is that only the composer of a post can edit it. We need our webmaster Oz Kanka to confirm that.

    Good to hear from our man in Dublin. Yes, it is looking like Ingall...spit....ind will be the only team from the British Isles in Brazil ...... aaaargh !!!

  11. "Ingall...spit...ind"

    Is this in reference to England? I watch football week in, week out, most of my travelling compatriats follow club and country. But we also offer moral support to NI/Scotland/Wales/Republic.

  12. Hey Burra Kanka ..... where's your sense of humour gone ??!!

    Please allow us Jocks to vent our fury at someone or anyone !!!

    btw, don't worry, I'll be supporting Ingallind in Brazil ...... honest !!!

  13. No offence taken here Jim. Only having a friendly dig. We've even forgiven Gordon Strachan and Lee Miller.