Monday, October 22, 2012

Another falls for Gencler

He hasn't been here long and has only been to one match but already Paddy Spicer Ward (@pspicerward on twitter) has fallen in love with Genclerbirligi. Check out his post here  

Some excerpts:    

Many of you won’t have heard of Genclerbirligi, and I’m sure you would struggle to name a single player in their squad, or even know the colour of their kit. I know I couldn’t a few months ago, but a trip to watch my new local team in Ankara, Turkey, and I was hooked.

I’ve really been sucked into the world of Genclerbirligi fans, from the two blokes with drums instigating the songs (which I’m still somewhat struggling with, in my limited Turkish) to the mountains of sunflower seed shells that crackle under your feet at the end of the match. One thing that particularly struck home, is when after the Kayerispor match, the players came to celebrate with the fans, their home fans, and it was not a pathetic applause from a few players. They sprinted over the pitch and themselves started songs, with two way chants being passed from the players to the thousands of onlooking fans. The players are as passionate about the little club from Ankara as the fans are.  


  1. I know how he feels and couldnt have put it better myself, nice post

  2. Yes. Well said Chris and Nadeem.

    Great to see new 'Ankara' supporters who don't take the easy route to support the Big 3 !!!