Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Round Ball in Ankara and Ankaragucu Iskocya Blogs

Just incase anyone is popping onto the blog. For the next week you may see the Round Ball in Ankara going through some changes, like different backrounds and so on. Me and Chris discussed having 1 blog instead of both and i will be closing down Ankaragucu Iskocya blog and all the followers will come onto The Round Ball in Ankara.

We agreed that it was silly to have two Blogs doing the same thing, plus i started writing about football on the Round Ball in Ankara and wanted to stay loyal. The look of the Round Ball in Ankara was looking a bit dated so we will be making some changes to the look, but still keeping it easy to use.

The changes that will be made are the following :

* Round Ball Ankara now has its own twitter page which will be available to all contributors.

* Livescore Turkey has a live feed

* New links to the latest news sources and highlights of Turkish Football matches to be added

* Round Ball in Ankara facebook page where all articles can be shared

* Overall look of the page having a makeover

Please bare with us over the next 7 days as i know it may look a bit messy but with BlogSpot you need a lot of trial and error. Plus i need to make sure all the current information stays and fits in.

Bellshill Kanka

1 comment:

  1. Great idea to merge the two blogs and to update the layout.

    Well done you two webmasters !