Sunday, October 21, 2012


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Battle Damaged Kanka and I met up yesterday at The Red Lion Club to watch the match, but try and we might, we couldn't access the TRT stream.    Apparently, it was the same with our friends in other tribunes in Ankara who were having the same problem.   Thanks a bunch TRT !!!

So, we ended up watching the first half of Bolu v Konya and then the Ingallish matches with Chelsea and ManYoo.   An enjoyable footie afternoon, apart from the scoreline from Trabzon !

The following report is from Bellshill Kanka's Blog (Ankaragucu/Iskocya) and it was nicked with his persmission !     Amazingly, he could receive the 2nd half of the match and WE in Turkey couldn't ...... grrrrrrr !


It was men against boys today as Ankaragucu lost 1-0 at 1461 Trabzon. The home side had only lost 1 of their last 32 matches and were strong favourites going into the match. Umit kurt returned to the Ankaragucu defence after suspension and Umut Nayer made his debut up front.
Team - Gokhan, Aytac, Volkan, Umit, Mehmet,  Serkan, Mert, Bilal, Hasan, Timur, Umut Nayer,
Subs - Bayram, Kaan, Muhammed, Orhan
1461 Trabzon are a very talented side, they won promotion from the Turkish Lig 2 last season and are the B team of Trabzonspor. They have a mix of talented young players like Torric Jebrin, Chikeluba Ofoedo and Eren Albayrak on loan from Trabzonspor as well as experienced lower league players.
Although the score was only 1-0 Ankaragucu were today taught a lesson on how to pass and move the ball and the score could have been higher. I missed the first half as both teams went in at 0-0.
In the second half Trabzon were dominating in the wide areas, Serkan Sirin cleared a shot off the line and both Jebrin and Ofoedo were given to much space and their pace was causing all sorts of problems for the Ankaragucu defence. Ankaragucu could have taken the lead when Hasan's throw in was met by Bilal who controlled the ball before a left footed  shot went inches by the post. It was the only change Ankaragucu were to have in the second half.
Torric Jebrin broke down the right hand side before putting in an excellent cross for Mehmet whose header went inches over the crossbar. Next up was Sercan Kaya who cut inside before shooting straight at Gokhan.
The 1461 Trabzon fans could sense the goal coming as they cheered their team on, Ofoedo went past both Volkan and Umit down the left before his shot just went wide of the post with Gokhan beaten. Umit Kurt made a big difference to the Ankaragucu defence and made another clearance off the goal line. From the resulting corner Mustafa Tiryaki who looks and sounds more like a Chinese food than a footballer headed the ball into the back of the net from a cross into the box with only ten minutes remaining.
The homes side hung on for the victory and another defeat for Ankaragucu. Next up is Gaziantep BB at home next Sunday afternoon. A must win match for Ankaragucu as they are in danger of being left behind in the relegation zone.
With the president of Ankaragucu jailed this week for being caught with Guns in his car without a licence, there isn't much hope for the future of Ankaragucu and its going to take a miracle for the club to avoid relegation.


So, Ankaragucu are stuck to the bottom of the league and getting sucked deeper into the brown smelly stuff.

Battle Damaged Kanka will be doing next Sunday's report as I will be in Kusadasi flying down the water slides in the Aqua Park yesssssssssssssss !!!     

C'mon Ankaragucu, give us a home win and three points !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Taner Ocal said he was happy with the way the team played. I Can only comment on the second half and its difficult to say anything negative about this team, but there are a lot of basic mistakes we are making.

    In the wide areas we give wingers to much room, in the last three games we havent passed the ball as well as we did in the first four games, arent making as many chances either.

    Its a must win on sunday, we need to make sure we are still in with a chance come january.

  2. Yes, well said Nadeem.

    I've noticed that the boys up front seem to freeze when they enter the final quarter after playing some neat passing in their own half. There has to be more running off the ball and more support from midfield if we are going to create any real goal scoring opportunities.

    I don't want to go into despondent mode, but .... if we can't beat Antep BBS on Sunday it will be difficult not to !!

  3. I was disappointed Timur Ozgoz was put out wide yesterday for a striker who had never played a game before. Timur has scored 4 goals from 8 games which is a decent ratio. He needs to be played in the middle.

    Its time for Muhammed Turkmen to return to the team as well, and we need someone else at right back as Aytac has been poor