Thursday, October 25, 2012

Next Ankaragucu president to be named next week !

Ankaragucu will hold an emergency General Assembly on the 31st October after Bent Ahlat was sentenced to 8 months in Jail. The current president hasn't been seen since the 14th of October at the clubs facilities and was given the sentence for unlicensed weapons possession.

As if the club hadnt been through enough over the years with the fight for control of the club between Cemal Aydin and the Gokceks. Then came Haluk Illcak and Sami Altinyuva who were both puppets of Cemal Aydin. All of these men have been accused of stealing money from the club and corruption.

Ankaragucu fans and former manager Hakan Kutlu even spoke to Recep Tayip Erdogan the Turkish prime minister to explain the going ons behind the scenes over the years and looking for some help. Instead those pleas for help fell on deaf ears and instead the Turkish FA allowed another corrupt president in Bent Ahlat to gain control of the club.

Something as serious as carrying weapons without a licence should not go unnoticed when you are looking to take control of one of Turkeys oldest clubs. You have to ask if this were an Istanbul club would it have been allowed  ?

The club are also late on a payment owed to former players that they had agreed to pay in order to lift the 6 point deduction, if the club fail to pay it then the deduction could be added as early as next month. Lets hope this mess comes to an end and the next president has the clubs best interests at heart.

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