Wednesday, October 03, 2012


The Kankas with Ankaragucu Goalkeeper, Bayram, outside Beyzade on Friday night 5 October.

The VIP Table in Beyzade reserved for The Kanka Group.   Food aplenty, now ..... let the fun begin !!

Eski Kanka receiving Misket Dancing Lessons from the Dancing Queen, Basak Kankie !!

Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

I'm sure that everyone in Ankara knows that Nadeem in arriving in Ankara tomorrow, ie, Thursday, and no doubt there will be a VIP vehicle to meet the aircraft and whisk him off to the VIP Lounge !

Us mere mortals who have to work for a living will be unable to meet and greet him, but we will do that in our own Ankaragucu Style on Friday night.

We are meeting him in The Beer Station in Tunali at about 7pm.   Coming down Tunalihilmi from the direction of Karum, take a right at the first set of traffic lights (where the old McDonald's used to be situated) and it's the 2nd pub on the right.

From there, we will go to The Beyzade Restaurant on Esat Caddesi at about 8pm (it is left at the top of Tunalihimli and down to the first set of traffic lights).

The Main Event will be on Sunday when Nadeem is holding court in The Chopin Bar on Sakarya Caddesi at about 4pm and then going to the Stadium at about 5pm to watch Ankaragucu stuff Kartal.    For a change, and at Nadeem's request, we will be watching the match with the Gecikondu Boyz.

This is going to be one 'elluva weekend.  So, an event not to be missed !

Look forward to seeing you all for some fun and games ....... and ........ an Ankaragucu Victoreeeeeeeee !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. It was great seeing Nadeem again. His new tatt is pretty impressive but he is the same old wonderful, down-to-earth guy.

    Apart from Nadeem being back in town (and the wonderful gift he and Jim and the others bestowed on me), the highlight of last night was AG's goalkeeper Bayram showing up. Oz Kanka interviewed him. I don't know how much of the interview Oz Kanka will remember when he wakes up this morning (I'm not even sure if he will remember conducting the interview), but Bayram turned out to be extremely humble, and was so patient with our questions and requests for photos and autographs. A true gentleman.

    I think I can speak for everyone when I wish him all the best in his future.

  2. Well said Damon, and a great evening was had by all.

    Now to the highlight of the weekend. Sunday's match against Kartal and Bayram keeping a 'clean sheet' and ...... goals going in at the other end !!