Monday, October 01, 2012

Gencler smash Kayseri

Ooohhh. That was nice. Hursut has gone up, and back down. The arc was brilliant and Hursut stays down. And what! The referee has been fooled! Yes! That was possibly the most obvious dive since (insert Tom Daley joke). Genclerbirligi have been given an extremely dodgy penalty. Zec stands up. Into the left corner. Toooooo easy. Gencler go 2-0 ahead. Kayseri are done and dusted 33 minutes in.

Genclerbirligi 4 - 0 Kayserispor

It was great to see a whole heap of new Kankas join us at the Beer Bus before this evening's match. In addition to myself and Spine we had Mini-Hursut Kanka and his mate Terry. At least we had met those blokes beforehand but it was also great to meet Bilkent teachers Michael and his English mates as well as @pspicerward and @PritchDan and their Dutch friend. I love the internets!

It was a half decent crowd at the stadium and thus we had quite big queues.

Right. So now for my first rant.

Thank you Mr. Policeman for already changing the time of our match. Many people had organised to go to the match at 4pm and I know of one father who had tried to arrange a football birthday party for his 7 year-old son, but, well, fuck them hey. I understand that you didn't want to annoy all the good AKP people who were having their annual jamboree next door. What I don't understand is why you decided to not sell tickets where you normally sell tickets. Or for that matter why you wouldn't let taxis in to the main gate. After all, you had changed the time of kick-off so it wouldn't coincide with the AKP talkfest.

Instead we got out of our taxis at the end of the road, walked to the main entrance and were then told that the tickets were at the other side of the stadium. Thanks policeman!

So we walked back. Me leading a group of Gencler virgins and then into another queue. I had my season ticket but of course I waited around to make sure they were fine.

Ultimately they were.

As was Genclerbirligi.

We smashed them. 4-0. It was nice.

Post match and the bloody cops had closed the gate to get onto Istanbul yolu!

We turned around and after saying goodbye to some of my new friends such as Michael from Bilkent I failed to say goodbye to @pspicerward and @PritchDan . So we lost them too. Not to worry, Spie, Mini-Hursut, his mate then went off to the pub.

PS: Hope you weren't expecting a report on the actual match.

PPS: Those blokes we met today.... do comment, send us your contact details etc!!!!


  1. Oooo .... that's a surprise. Chaos at The 19 Mayis Stadium!!!

    Great result against a difficult team to beat sees Gencler shooting back up into the top half of the league.

    Well done Gencler.

  2. michael kato12:58 am

    cheers again for the hospitality oz kanka. and quite the match to lose the gencler virginity. reach me at spoonful4athotmaildotcom.

  3. Yeah you're right Chris, we did get suitably lost and had classes at 9am the next day. Checked the fixtures and we arent at home until the 19th October which isnt too good, but we shall definitely come again. Was a really good night. Thanks for having us. Dan and Paddy