Friday, October 12, 2012

The Kankas are having a party !!

Some videos from the Ankaragucu vs Kartalspor match. We see Jim staring at the front with Bugra showing their Turkish Dance moves !


  1. Hahahaha...Paha biçilemez!!

  2. the video of jim dancing is my favourite, what a great night, p.s my mum is booking me up for ankara next summer for my 30th birthday, so i will be returning next year :-)

  3. Ho ho ho ...... great sights of Gecikondu in action Nadeem. Well done !

    btw, that first one reminds me of a time in the distant past when Oz Kanka and I did a Misket Dance at half time in Gecikondu which drew loud applause from the Gecikondu Boyz and Left Kapali.

    Great to see the Kankas smiling .... and dancing again ....... at last !!!