Monday, October 08, 2012


The Kankas off to the Stadium sporting Nadeem's Scottish Saltire !

The Kankas in Gecikondu making their precence felt !

The Kankas all fired up (with Sutas Ayran !!) and ready to take off to the Stadium !

The Kankas celebrating Timur's winning goal yesssssssssssssssssssss !!!!

Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

What a weekend !!

A fantastic night out at The Beyzade Restaurant on Friday night was the prelude to what was to come.

Last night we all met up at The Chopin Bar for the 'main event' and we weren't disappointed.   It was 3rd time lucky for Nadeem with Ankaragucu deservedly securing their 1st league win of the season, although having said that, it was not a 'walk in the park'.   It was a hard fought win against a useful Kartal team who threatened throughout the match (especially in the 1st half) to spoil our party !

Ankaragucu  1     Kartal   0

We all arrived at the Stadium and entered Gecikondu for the first time in a long while.   Bellshill Kanka Nadeem, Gecikondu Kanka Bugra, Maniac Kanka Harun, Basak Kankie, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Muco Kanka and his wife Natalie, Cider Kanka John, Lila Kankie and yours truly.

As I predicted on facebook, Nadeem was whisked straight away to the Platform used by The Leader of Gecikondu where he unfurled his Scottish Saltire Flag and then he was 'serenaded' by the Gecikondu Chorus.   I've never seen him looking so bewildered, but he was given a rowsing VIP welcome by all the Gecikondu Boyz.

Gecikondu was three quarters full, Maraton a poor quarter full and Right Kapali half full, so a disappointing attendance, but the noise level coming out of Gecikondu compensated for the empty spaces in the Stadium.

Bugra did his best to teach us the 'Ey Valla' song which we sang along with the Gecikondu (some of us better than others !!).   A great atmosphere and great occasion for Nadeem.

The match began with both teams feeling each other out and it took until the 20th minute for the first real goal scoring opportunity.   Kartal's No52 received a long ball pass, which eluded the Ankaragucu defence, to fire in a goalbound shot but Gokhan got down well to smother and save his effort.

2 minutes later and Gokhan was called into action again to punch a goalbound shot out which was then cleared.

Half and hour gone and it was Kartal looking the likelier team to score with Ankaragucu failing to make any headway in the final quarter against a strong and resolute Kartal defence.   Kartal was playing long balls over the Ankaragucu defence for their speedy wingers to chase but Ankaragucu's defence had settled by this time and Gokhan was showing safe hands in goal.

Some heavy challenges were coming in from the Kartal defence and from one such challenge Ankaragucu had a free kick just outside the box but failed to cause any damage.

Then, just on the half time whistle came the best chance of the match when a Kartal free kick came in which was going in at the corner, but somehow Gokhan made the save of the match to dive to his right and push the ball around the post for a corner.

Half time and Ankaragucu was perhaps fortunate to be going in all square, but kicking into Gecikondu in the 2nd half we were all still full of optimism.

Ankaragucu came out for the 2nd half and started to trouble Kartal.   10 minutes in and we were all on our feet, but the Ankaragucu free kick whizzed past the post.

However, 3 minutes later and we were all up high-fiving and celebrating.   A corner from Mert was met on the near post and the backheader reached Timur who was lurking on the back post.   Great header from him with the goalkeeper helpless.

Ankaragucu was fired-up now and beginning to look dangerous for the first time in the match.   Mert and Serkan went close, and then with 15 minutes left the 2nd goal almost arrived.

Timur was put through on the right and off he went like a whippet, but he was blatantly brought down by the last Kartal defender.   Red card was the obvious decision but the inconsistent referee brought out the yellow.   Chicken Shit referee !!

It was all Ankaragucu in the last 10 minutes with shots coming in but going past the post or being saved.   Ankaragucu was still attacking during the 4 minutes added on and the final whistle saw us dancing around in wild celebration.,

The players came over to Gecikondu to receive the well deserved plaudits and Nadeem was able to give his Scottish Saltire Flag to Umit who wrapped it around himself.   Hopefully it will end up in a place of honour ?!

So, 3 valuable points for Ankaragucu to keep the show on the road.   Another victory at home next Sunday against Buca could see them move out of the relegation zone and into mid-table.

As I said at the beginning, a truly memorable weekend and as Nadeem flies out of Ankara tonight he will take lots of happy memories of a great Kanka and Ankaragucu weekend.

No doubt he will soon be planning his next visit ??!!   Bring it on !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Connect Kanka7:13 pm

    A most glorious occasion, for sure. Wish I could have been there.

  2. One of my best ever weekends , from friday night at beyzade with the kankas, bugra and bayram, to the day out with bugra on saturday and then to finish it off with the game last night.

    Just getting ready to go home now, see you all next time and thanks again

  3. FUCK istanbul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nadeem,You are always welcome to ANKARA to fck any ist. team !!!

  4. As we all know ......... Maniac Kanka Harun is a man of few words ??!!

    However, once again he excels, and when he has a point to make I think there are none others who can do it better !!!

  5. Lila Kankie1:32 pm

    Great post! Had a lot of fun :). It was a nice victory, with lots of epic saves by Gokhan. Victoryyy!