Monday, October 23, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Some footie feasts coming up. Please put these in your diaries.

Wednesday - 25 October KO 3pm - ANKARAGUCU v Rize (Turkish Cup)

Saturday - 28 October KO 7pm - Galata..spit..saray v Gencler (League)

Sunday - 29 October KO 2.30pm - ANKARAGUCU v Erciyes (League)

For Wednesday's match, we will be meeting at The Cappadokia Bar from noon and going to the Stadium at 2pm.

For Saturday's match, watch this space for news from Oz Kanka.

For Sunday's match, we will be meeting at The Chopin Bar at noon.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Safak1:39 am

    I love your blogs and the fact that a foreigner living Ankara is a huge fan of Ankaragucu.

    The next 3 points we will get on Sunday. Bastir Ankaragucu!:D

    Lots of greets from Holland.. supporting Ankaragucu from "Gurbet"

  2. Hey, welcome to the blog Safak. Your comments and encouragement will always be welcome here.

    We are a large group of foreigners who support both Ankaragucu and Genclerbirligi and try to attend both of their home matches (also sometimes the away matches - check out The Battle of Kayseri in a previous blog !!).

    We also have a Dutchman here from Alkmaar (Carlo -The Flying Dutchman Kanka) who is a member of our kanka fraternity. However, he is not too happy with the result from Holland this weekend !!

    Always pleased to hear from Ankara supporters and perhaps you can meet up with us when you come back here on holiday ?

    In the meantime, keep checking our blog and feel free to comment as often as possible.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  3. Hey everyone I am new to the site, but thought this would be a great way of getting in contact with people that really know the Ankara football teams. I am making a documentary about about Turkish football fans, and we are focusing on the 3 teams in Istanbul and the 3 teams in Ankara - I want to speak to the real fanatic fans and people that would want to be in the documentary

  4. Dear Rana,
    You aren't from Zig Zag productions are you?

  5. Rana. You should speak to Harun (Maniac Kanka). He's a true fan who runs a sports shop. Eski Jim and Oz Kanka are the best foreigners to speak to.

    By the way, your name means frog in Italian.

  6. come to my shop rana!
    ı can tell you that'fucking istanbul teams!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Yes, Rana, as Kirkcaldy Kanka says, Maniac Kanka Harun is a true fan.

    However, I will put it another way..... he is a `fanatic` and I strongly urge you to make time to speak with him. His knowledge of Ankaragucu goes back many years and he will certainly open your eyes to the way we perceive footie in Ankara !!!

  8. Hi Jim,
    I will visit your blog more often now.. I live in Enschede near the border to Germany (FC Twente is the club around here).

    I will certainly will be in Ankara next year summer and certainly attend a few matches (of Ankaragücü if possible)

  9. Hello again Safak. I know the area where you live.

    I played in a darts league in Heerlen many moons ago, and also visited Venlo, Niymajen, and of course Amsterdam often !

    Let us know when you are coming back to Ankara nearer the time and we can arrange to meet-up and exchange some footie stories with all our kankas here.

  10. Safak2:10 pm

    Hi Jim,

    I will certainly do that and in the meanwhile I will visit your blog as often as possible ( I like the writings) and try to give comments ..

    By the way it's Nijmegen .. hehe
    Greetings again

  11. Yeah.... I deserved that Geography lesson Safak !!

    Oz Kanka has the same problem with Scottish spellings and pronunciations, eg, he still can't get Kirkcaldy right !!!

  12. Rana, why waste your time with the Ankara teams, I mean they never win anything, just focus on the real Turkish Teams, Galatasaray and Galatsaray reserves........

  13. Disappointing turn out today for the Erciyes match from the Foreign contingent of the Kankas.

    Kirkcaldy Kanka's leadership is sadly missing !!!

  14. Years ago we had Scott Booth playing for FC Twente (in those years I watched FC Twente more then I do nowadays) .. I always liked his English/Scottish :)) and he was a good striker (For the Dutch Eredivisie) too ..

  15. Safak1:14 am

    by the way Jim whats Kirkcaldy ?:)
    Forgive me not knowing it?

  16. Geography lesson for Safak - Part 2. Kirkcaldy is a famous town in the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland. If you look on a map you will see it just across the River Forth from Edinburgh.

    It is a famous name here because Kirkcaldy Kanka Martyn (who is now in Liverpool) was a famous ANKARAGUCU fan (and still is) and almost as fanatic as Maniac Kanka. Yours truly is trying to fill his boots !!!

    Concerning Scott Booth, yes, I remember him when he played for Aberdeen a few years back. I'm sure he is Scottish and not an Ingall....spit...ish person !!

    Any more Geography questions Safak ? Keep 'em comin !!!

  17. Safak1:31 pm

    Thank you Jim for your lessons today. I will ask more later:)

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