Saturday, October 07, 2006

Who are France

I'm back it's me mini hibeekanka. Who are they Scotland 1- France 0. Former Hibee Caldwell got the goal after 67th minute goal. Da boys in blue had about 5 chances but rest was defending. Henry hit the post, two times the ball hit the back of the Scotland net but were offside. That leaves Scots on top of the group by 3 points.

Meanwhile at home Hibeekanka has lost a tone of hair and is trying to brake my arm by trying out his new poilce moves on me, he's no chance in catching me.

As for Eski Kanka calling me aggressive, i'm no way near aggressive i'm just a cute cuddle teddy bear (your a bully Eski kanka). The referee couldn't take me scoring any more. He was a fish.


  1. Hey ...... welcome back to the world of the Blog mini hibbie kanda.

    Yessssssss..... we are still in euphoria here.

    Oz Kanka and I had to watch the Ingallind V Macedonia match on TV in the Club tonight - we are pussy cats and were outnumbered by the Intallish hooligans !

    However, yes..... he who laughs last .... laughs longest !!!

    It was unimportant that `traitor` Caldwell scored the winner. When we play as a NATION we can beat any team in the world !!!

    These are heady times, and at this time of going to print I don't know if Italy are gettin stuffed by YooKrain !!

    On another subject readers... please don't be mislead by young and `innocent` mini hibbie kanka's plea that he is a little angel !!!

    You MUST believe me that he is a sure fire cert for the Hibs team of the future, and as for the other story about his nice loveable father doing the dirty,...... well we can forget that and treat it as a myth.

    Mini Hibbie Kanka is dangerous, especially on the footie field .... and he kicks weaklings ass !!!

    It is Old Hibbie Kanka who should receive our sympathy !!!

    Mini Hibbie are almost ready to be qualified as an ANKARAGUCU hooligan !!!

  2. Thank you Eski Kanka for keeping the readers right about Mini Hibbee Kanka. He is indeed a viscious player and does not think twice about kicking me out in the back garden. My main reason for joining the police was to feed something back to the community but also to protect myself from Mini Hibbee Kanka. I think some stern but fair referees like Eski Kanka would keep little hooligans in their place and protect poor fathers and innocent spectators from the crossfire.

    On a happier note what about Scotland today, backs against the wall in the first half but much stronger in the second. Still a nail biting last twenty five minutes. Delighted as I am about three bonus points, France deserved at least a point and were a joy to watch. Stronger in every aspect of the game and movement that had me mesmerised let alone our midfield. The key to our sucess was our defence, they never put a foot wrong and the old gaurd of Pressley and Weir were outstanding. Caldwell was my man of the match.

    Watched a bit of the Northern Ireland game as well, congratulations to them on an excellent point from Denmark.

    Congrats to Turkey as well.

    Hibbe Kanka

  3. Thank you Hibbie Kanka for confirmation that Mini Hibbie Kanka is a hooligan and a player who `bites yir legs` !!!

    Next time I play against him in your back garden I will DEFINITELY be wearing my shin pads !!

    However, having said that, I hope he takes a few chunks out of opposition shins in Oxgangs endeavours to win the league !!

    A `fairy tale` start in the group for Scotland ! In view of the Eye-ties win against YooKrane last night, I hope Mr Smith will bring the Scottish players euphoria back to earth again.

    I'm sure it will be a dour defensive stuggle next Wednesday in the YooKrane. One point will suffice, but...... 3 points would really put the icing on the cake and put all the pressure back on the Eye-ties and Frogs !!

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  5. Don't you love spam. I'll leave the above comment here though. Someone may find it usefull. At least it has something slightly to do with the blog.

  6. As I've said many times before....

    One day in the future our Blog is going to be WORLD FAMOUS !!!

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  8. braveheart SCOTLAND!!!!!!!!

  9. It is good to see Maniac Kanka Harun blogging at last.

    Yes, Braveheart Scotland, but we have to remember that qualification doesn't rest on the result of one match.

    The acid test will be tonight in the difficult away match in Ukraine. If Scotland can take something from this match then we can perhaps start thinking seriously about qualification !!