Thursday, October 12, 2006

Croatia almighty

A simple message for our dearest Zagreb Kanka. Sir Eski Kanka Jim and I went off to watch the England-Croatia match at the Red Lion Club tonight under what can only be described as intimidating circumstances.

In your name, Zagreb Kanka, we cheered every time Croatia played a good ball, every time they had a shot and every time they outwitted the English players. In other words, we were cheering a damn lot.

I wasn't completely sober for the match and so I can't really comment on the first goal, but the second!!!!! Pure genious. How often have your boys practiced such a move.

Well done Croatia!!!!!! 2-0... Bit of a shame about Scotland though


  1. Yesssssssssssssssssssss and again Yesssssssssssssssssss.

    Well done the Croatian boys. There can be no complaint from Ingallind about the result.

    I wasn't as intoxicated as Oz Kanka, and from what I saw, Croatia dominated the match and fully deserved their win.

    As for the 2nd goal...... cough cough .... no comment, except perhaps to say `couldn't help feeling some sympathy for Robinson who had such a good game until his faux pas` !!

    No shocks coming out of Ukraine. They are a strong team as everyone knows. However there is another year and a bit to go before we know the final outcome and I'm sure Mr Smith will have learned something last night, eg, there are no `easy` matches in YooRo footie !!

  2. I watched the games in an Irish bar in Liverpool. The Scottish game was on one big screen with the England game on a couple of teles at the side. England were also on a big screen at the back bar. There were a few Scots there. Two from 40 miles north of Aberdeen and 2 lads who had moved south to England when they were 10 at my table. When England lost the goals, espcially the 2nd one, they got up and celebrated.Another older Scottish lad came up after the 2nd goal and had a go at them. He reminded them they were in England. He said his wife was English and she couildn't understand why the Scots were cheering Croatia over them. All making sense so far. Until he said that it was wrong to cheer for the dirty racist corrupt Croatians over England. I'm sure there are a few racists in England too and I doubt he'd ever met a Croatian. I've met a few and they were all nice. Well before I could mention this the Scots and Scots/Enlish lads nearly attacked the guy. All came to nothing in the end luckily. It was interesting that the Aberdeen lads were serious in their laughing at England, but they thought it was banter. For the Scots lads who'd moved to England it was pure hatred. They hated England, and they had English accents and had lived there most of their lives. Wonder what you think of that situatuion Jim?

    Scotland were well beaten but Shevchenko is a cheating poofter. He dived to get Pressley sent off. He took it past a lunging Pressley and as the ball was running to Caldwell, he dived like a bufty. Pressley was sent off even though Caldwell had the ball and Pressley could not have been the last man. Then Shevo dived for a penalty and got his first goal in ages. Cheat. He will never be respected or forgiven.

    Well done Croatia, unlucky England. Poor keeper.

    And unlucky Jim. Mowbray is surely off to W.B.A.

  3. zagreb kankie11:20 pm

    Hey :-) I am glad that you watched it. All of Croatia celebrated yesterday till late in the night. :-)
    Today the all of Croatia is laughing at that English guy that gave them self one goal. :-) LOL LOL LOL That is to die for.
    The goalkeeper missed the ball. :-) LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
    We were all laughing at that guy. He is hilarious!!!!

    On the news they said that pubs didn't had any left since all was gone. :-)

    Hugs and kisses from Zagreb Kankie
    Love ya- a lot!!!!

  4. zagreb kankie11:39 pm

    Dear Kankas,
    Croatian people hate Serbs and nobody else on this planet. Trust me! Not even one Croat have anything against England or English people. That putted English press and they were wrong. Really wrong! They putted that before the game to raise a tension. I don't like that part.
    But Croatian people can hate only Serbs, since that is really deep in side of them and hurt them a lot since many people lost their loved once or were raped or killed in the unimaginable way.

    I hated Serbs during the war as well, but now I don't hate anybody. I forgave them and God will panish them for all they have done.Who ever murdered someone he can not rest in peace.

    But, nobody hates English. :-) They are too far away from Croatia. Usually neighbors can not stand each other.

  5. Miss Zagreb Kankie said it all !!

    `Usually neighbours hate each other`.

    If you read Kirkcaldy Kanka's blog you will understand it happens in our countries too.

    Our `hatred` goes back hundreds of years (even before `Braveheart` days 1300) and Scottish people are usually very unforgiving.

    However, as you said Miss Zagreb, it is not healthy to hate forever because all our wars are consigned to the history books.

    People are people and we have to try and live together in peace. To quote Ataturk.....
    `Peace at Home....Peace in the World` !

    To end on a humourous note... I had a snigger and almost choked on my morning tea while reading the Hurriyet this morning.

    They quoted a headline from the Ingallish Daily Mirror...

    `0-2 to you, Misses Robinson`

    A classic piece of journalism, and it's not often I praise that rag of a newspaper !!!

    Back to League footie tomorra yesssssssss.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  6. zagreb kankie5:36 pm

    You are great guy!

  7. Usually neighbours hate each other, says Sir Eski Kanka. "Neighbours" is of course a long running TV show from Australia that has been accused of many things. Racism (how many Asians have you seen on the show), stupidity (obvious) and downright provocation (just look at North Korea's recent nuclear tests).

    For me though, I prefer to think good things about "Neighbours"... such as Kylie's bum.

  8. I've got 2 DVD's of Kylie LIVE in Oz and I usually like watching her other bits !!!!

    But......I have to say that I also love Miss Zagreb Kankie !!XX

  9. zagreb kankie6:05 pm

    Hugs and kisses from Zagreb
    Your Zagreb Kankie

  10. Oz Kanka said last night that I should have given you more than two here they are........


  11. zagreb kankie10:06 pm

    :-) :-) :-) :-)

    Kisses to you and to Oz from Croatian blondie!