Friday, October 27, 2006

Calculators out

According to an oldish survey I found here (a couple of months old) in the UK it costs an average punter 1,310 pounds a season on average to follow a top flight team, get the latest kit but not follow the team to European matches.

This seems quite pricey to me (I think it includes away match tickets as well) but it made me think of figuring out how much it costs to be a Gencler fan. Obviously this little survey can't be directly compared to the English one but anyway.

Season ticket for Maraton: 105 tl
Bus to Chopin bar (1 tl times 17 home matches): 17 tl
Three beers at Chopin (2.50 tl each times 17 home matches): 127.50 tl
Kofte lunch at Chopin (5 tl per match): 85 tl
Shared taxi to the stadium (average of about 2tl per match): 34 tl
Average amount of money lost after coins and or lighters are confiscated by police (1 tl per match): 17 tl
shared taxi back to bar (same as above): 34 tl
Three more beers post match times 17 matches: 127.50 tl
Taxi back home (5tl times per match): 85 tl

Brings us to a grand total of: 632 tl (or around 232 pounds, 346 euros)

All up, money well spent I'd say.


  1. Hey Kankas. I think Oz Kanka was pissed as a newt when he wrote this !

    Have you honestly (hand on heart) ever seen Oz Kanka drink only THREE beers pre and post match ???

    Let's go back to the drawing board and start the calculations again........ shall we ??!!

  2. I've never had more than three beers at a single sitting in my life!

    Oh, I forgot the price of Fisherman's Friends eaten to disguise the fact that we have been drinking. But considering Trainspotting Kanka supplies those it isn't really a cost.

    What on earth are we going to do once Trainspotting Kanka leaves us in a little while? We need someone who travels to the UK often to keep us in supply. Any volunteers?

  3. Oh yes, and what about the extra cost of siggies for Eski Kanka ?

    Oz Kanka never brings siggies to the match and therefore quite righty smokes all mine !!!

    and another thing.... add on the cost of a box of matches for every match !!!

  4. Considering I'd be scamming cigarettes off you or Trainspotting Kanka whether we were at the football or not, I see no need to add them to the costs.

    As for the matches. Boy oh boy you are getting petty. I guess we could add 0.10 tl times 17 games... 1.70 tl, that's less than a beer!

  5. Oh yeah, and don't forget that sometimes we go to the Knight and Flight where the beer is 3 times more expensive than The Chopin !

    As my dear old mother used to say.... look after the pennies and they will take care of the pounds !!!

  6. Oh yeah, and another thing... don't forget to add on the price of the tuzlu fistik, ie salted nuts !!!

    Who is being pedantic ???