Saturday, October 07, 2006

A pricey friendly

With the small matter of international matches on this weekend we don't have any local league action. Instead most teams are organising friendlies for those left behind. As these are next to useless I normally don't bother even mentioning them.

I'll make an exception this time as Ankaragucu are taking on Fenerbahce on Sunday at 2:30 p.m.. When I first saw the news I thought I might pop along. The weather in Ankara is still good and I'll take any excuse for a pre-match beer.

That was until I saw the prices. Ankaragucu Chairman Cemal Aydin, not content with sqeezing us fans in the league, has decided to squeeze us in friendlies as well. The tickets for gecekondu are 15tl and 25tl for maraton. This is the same as they were charging last week for the league match against Trabzon.

So I won't be going and I doubt too many others will be either. Cemal Aydin will get to watch Ankaragucu with no supporters. An interesting tactic to avoid hearing chants calling for his resignation?

EDIT: Sunday night result. Ankaragucu 2, Fenerbahce 3


  1. What the hell are we doing playing a `friendly` against the Fener...spit...bahce 2nd team ??

    Why doesn't Cemal Aydin challenge a combined team from the British and Aussie Expats of Ankara ??

    That will be a REAL test and better prepare the ANKARAGUCU boys for the big yin against Galata...spit...saray next weekend !!!

    There is no way I will go to a match like this, especially as Oz Kanka quite rightly points out that they are obviously waging a war on the honest fans !!!

  2. Hikmet Bey was obviously using this match against Fener's 2nd team to employ different tactics for the `big one` next Sunday against Galata....spit...saray.

    Not sure what he could have learned, and I would guess that it is a case of...... back to the drawing board AGAIN !!!

    However, you can be sure that the ANKARAGUCU team will not go down without a fight !

  3. Further to my previous comments blog, an EDIT is necessary.

    The ANKARAGUCU match is on Saturday night and NOT Sunday as I said.

    Sorry for any confusion.