Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More troubles at Ankaragucu

As none of us could be bothered to go to the Ankaragucu-Fenerbahce friendly on the weekend thanks to Cemal Aydin deciding to charge so much I thought I would do nothing but give the result (which I did in a previous post, Ankaragucu lost 2-3 by the way).

I thought that would be the end of the matter but having read this morning's Hurriyet I think I'll have a nother go.

Apparently around 700 Ankaragucu supporters paid their 15tl and watched in gecekondu. Just like in the last few matches their main song for the match was "yonetim istifa". One interesting aspect Hurriyet reports was that Ankaragucu Captain Hakan Kutlu was also being booed every time he touched the ball.

Casting my mind back to the Ankaragucu-Trabzonspor 2-2 draw, despite singing all match for the management to resign the fans still called the players over at the end of the match to give them a boost.

One player didn't go over the fans... yep, Hakan Kutlu.

So now the captain is in the supporters bad books along with Cemil Aydin.

Hurriyet reports that at half-time during the friendly match on Sunday went over to gecekondu and told them he was quitting football. He took a shower, refused to come out for the second half (he was probably going to be replaced anyway as it was a friendly match) and went off without watching the second half.

Kutlu is pretty old (just a few months younger than me) and probably ready to retire anyway. Ankaragucu coach Hikmet Karaman says he won't let him retire... but still.

Oh dear, oh dear.

There is one other piece of interesting news from Ankaragucu. Forward Victor Agali seems to have gone missing. He was given permission to go back to Nijeria due to the league break but didn't come back on time. According to Hurriyet he hasn't answered his phone for four days.

It doesn't rain but it pours.

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  1. Hakan Kutlu has always been the `blue eyed boy` of Cemal Aydin, hence he has been the captain of ANKARAGUCU for donkeys years ! Some might say that he was even a `yes man` ! (I detect a snigger from Oz Kanka at that remark !).

    Oz Kanka has hit the nail on the head by saying that he is too old to feature in future team plans. Ceyhun is the captain and should remain so - he is the only player in midfield who seems to know what he is doing !

    As for Agali, this is sad news. OK, so he hasn't `delivered` for the team yet with any goals, but we can't afford to lose an attacker at this stage in the season.

    One only has to look at the goals `for` column in the league to realise where ANKARAGUCU's problems lie !! Hakan Kutlu's absence from the defence will not be likely to cause a `hole`. The defence is NOT the problem.

    Albeit that problems abound in midfield and attack, I'm still sure that Hikmet Bey will have the team all fired up for Saturday.