Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

It may not have been a good weekend for the mens team, but the ladies certainly showed them how to play footie and WIN.

They thrashed Raith Rovers Ladies in the quarter final of the Ladies Scottish Premier League Cup 8-1 (I say again......... EIGHT !).

3-1 up at half-time, the coach told them to go out for the 2nd half and do it all again. It must be great to be a coach when the players do exactly what you tell them !!!

I wonder if Kircaldy Kanka has any comments to make about his beloved Raith Rovers being put to the sword by HIBERNIAN ???!!! Comments awaited with anticipation !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. My mate's girlfriend plays for the Rovers' ladies team. We let her play for our 5-a-side team once and she was clueless. Women's football is on the up, but in Kirkcaldy it is clearly not. If you are a woman, and can vaguely kick a ball, you ca get a game.

    Well I don't know if she still plays, but she did and Sinead is 5 times better than her. Maybe the Rovers have improved. Not a shock that Hibs whipped the Rovers Ladies, they're probably all Rangers fans anyway.

    Are you sure you're not just writing about Hibernian Ladies Soccer Team and Raith Rovers Ladies Football Team just in the hope of getting some interesting people visiting the blog Eski Jim?

    Yes, womens football should be respected. It is a growing sport and the players have more skill and morals than the men. It is a more pure form of the game. And I hear that the Hibernian Ladies look rather fetching in their emerald green strips.

  2. Yes......Kirkcaldy Kanka. No swearing at the ref, no diving, no petulance, no over the top tackles, and......... no RED cards either !!

    Pure footie, and braw lookin lassies too !

    Well, they are down Leith Walk anyway. I'm sure you are still unforgiven for calling Fife girls `dogs` (or something similar) in a previous blog comment. Well, at least from all the lassies in Fife who read our blog ??!!!

  3. Bit rude that, being as I've never seen them play. But now that Marvin Andrews has returned to Kirkcaldy so have the morals.The Saint is deeply at one with God and now God is on our side and our womens side. So it won't be 8-1 next time. Hibs ladies beware.

    Craig Levein, Marvin Andrews... improvement is coming. We may even beat Cowdenbeath.

  4. Cowden.....who and Raith who ???

    I've heard of Cardenden Utd and Crossgates Rovers. The REAL power of the Kingdom of Fife !!!

  5. My Dad's from Cardenden. He played for a team there but I don't think it was United. He then signed for the Rovers (s-form type contract) but they made him stay with the Cardenden team. He says if he had been allowed to join the Rovers feeder team Raith Athletic, he may have made it.

    Just glad you never mentioned Scumfermline.

  6. It's a wee small world oot there.

    My dad's from Cardenden too ! However, he was never good enough to play for the Mighty Cardenden (Utd ?). So, he became a referee !!!

    Like father like son ??!!

  7. We might well be related after all. Not the biggest place Cardenden. I went there no too long ago. I found the family grave and saw the Celtic keepers grave (the one who died against Rangers). My Grandad was born in 1901. My Great Grandad was Justice of The Peace. Maybe he was your brother or something.

  8. Aye....... maybe...... let's face it......

    Chalmers and McGuire have a certain ring of similarity .... don't you agree ???!!!

    Next time I see you I am going to give you a big brotherly kiss !!

    With that in mind, are you sure that you want to return to Ankara now Brother Kirkcaldy Kanka ???!!!

  9. I need to return to 19 Mayis. And I will.

  10. OK......... don't say you haven't been warned !!

    Prepared to be smothered in ANKARAGUCU kisses on your return.... and make it soon !!!