Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bloody Gulay!

A forward note: Sir Eski Kanka Jim went a bit too far with posting updates to tonight's match and so I deleted them. Sir Eski may be the inspiration for this blog but only I know how to delete posts. Don't worry, you didn't miss anything.

There was no gathering point tonight so it was just myself and Little Oz Kanka at home watching Galatasaray taking on Genclerbirligi. Mrs. Oz Kanka decided that the start of the match was as good time as ever to shave her legs (not where we were watching the football, mind you, but well out of sight in the bathroom).

My hopes were high considering our results in the last couple of matches and Gencler seemed to have sensed that as well. Well... for the first five minutes, because after that it was all Galatasaray. My God I don't know how many shots they had but they should have been up 3-0 after about 30 minutes.

We weren't playing too badly up front, at least our shots were on goal, but by God we were slow. How often were Galatasaray allowed to get the ball to someone completely unmarked just outside, or at times, inside the box?

I'd also point out how slow we were in attack. It seemed like it was slow motion at times. We had our chances, and an unlucky call for offside when Okan was ready to send the ball back in, but we really must speed up our play.

The first half though was bloody lucky. Galatasaray seemed intent on hitting the ball into the heavens and while we were getting shots on goal they were all going into the hands of Mondragon.

If the Galatasaray attack was on target I reckon it could have been 3-0 at this stage.

Half time and I had to go... An old colleague was having a dinner party and as such I couldn't watch the rest of the match.

So all I can say is that in the 69th minute Hakan (last name not reported by the Anatolian news agency - idiots) headed in a ball sent in by Hasan Sas (last name reported by the Anatolian news agency - thanks for the consistency - wankers).

That's it.

I had a great dinner party but how bloody annoying that Galatasaray ruined my evening. Arrrrggggghhh.

Well done Galatasaray (my God I hate to say that) and congrats to our old foe Gulay whom I see from this post is already gloating away.

Just wait Gulay, it may take until the second half of the season, it may even take until the second half of the next decade, but when we beat your boys you will never underestimate the meaning of the phrase "I think they are slightly happy" ever again.


  1. Well, fair dinkum Oz Kanka. A very fair report from you, and unusually, you sounded fairly sober too !!

    Does that mean you didn't exceed your quota of 3 beers ???!!!

    Next week is THE Ankara Derby match and it will be played on Sunday (no time given yet).

  2. Taking up Nathan's point about supporting Turkish teams in YooRo Footie......

    Good luck to CimBom tomorrow in Holland.

    If they play for `90 minutes` this time they might be able to surprise a few people, including yours truly.

    However, to be on the safe side, I hope Gulay has a box of tissues handy..... she may need them !!!