Saturday, October 28, 2006

The end of summer

Sir Eski Kanka gets most his news from Hurriyet and we all know just how reliable they are when it comes to fact checking. After all, they completely stuffed up their list of foreigners playing in Turkey as Zagreb Kanka proved so well here (check the comments section for the detective work).

Anyway, the above picture is of an article in today's Hurriyet in which in the written report it urges everyone to remember to put their clocks back one hour tonight.

As I know Sir Eski Kanka at times gets his "back" and "forward" mixed up I'd just ask him not to use Hurriyet's helpful grafic in figuring out what to do tonight.


  1. Kahraman4:59 pm

    the people at hurriyet are idiots

  2. Oh no they are NOT. I love the Hurriyet now ....well.... at least since last Tuesday anyway when they put Abulrahman Dereli of ANKARAGUCU into the team of the weekend !!

    Thanks for the nod Oz Kanka. I totally missed it this morning because I only read the Sports Section today !!