Thursday, October 26, 2006

A different view

While it may be a bit late Aussie Joe, a bloke who lives in Mersin, went to the Galatasaray - Ankaragucu match a few weeks ago and has finally posted a report on his own blog ( ).

It is quite a nice read as this was Joe's first time at a football match in Turkey and it is funny to see his reactions to all sorts of things that all of us used to find so strange about Turkish football (well, quite a few of them are still strange to me).

For example:
After the final whistle went, to show their disgust at a mediocre performance, a few of the Galatasaray's immature supporters threw objects, including water bottles onto the pitch. I really don't know why some Turkish supporters are so pathetic. To those guys: sucked in! On a slightly related issue: if we had to get rid of our coins prior to entering the stadium (so they could not be used as missiles) why was change given when buying food and drink when inside?

By the way Joe, you should have bought tickets for the away end. Then you could have shouted your heart out and the Ankaragucu supporters would have been blown away.


  1. Yes, a `must read` article from Joe in Istanbul. Very entertaining and I take Oz Kanka's point about the first impressions gained after watching your first Turkish match !!

    I remember mine way back in 1988 and the special atmosphere created by the fanatical Gecikondu Boys from ANKARAGUCU.

    Hope Joe and his kankas can make it down to Ankara sometime in the future to watch a match in Turkey's FIRST city.

    I have posted a comment on the subject on his blog.

  2. Thanks Oz for the plug and Eski for the comment!

    Oz, as my friend bought the ticket prior to coming to Istanbul I didn't have any choice over location.