Monday, October 23, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

After 10 frustrating weeks of league footie for players and supporters (6 draws and 3 defeats), the end of ANKARAGUCU's bad run came at the 19 Mayis Stadium yesterday.


First up, we met in The Chopin Bar (see Oz Kanka's photo in the previous blog) and there was a good turn-out considering that it was Bayram time. Perhaps Mountaineering Kanka and Kankie were climbing another mountain hence their absence. Stand by for a photo in the near future ??!!

In attendance were yours truly, Oz Kanka, Mrs Oz Kankie, Little Oz Kanka, Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo, Legal Kankie Saadet, Spine, No Match Kankie Suzan, Innocent Kankie Paula, Cherry Kanka Rob and Moate Kanka Bobby.

This was to be an historic day, not only for ANKARAGUCU's first league win of the season, but for some `firsts` for kankas.

First match ever for Innocent Kankie. First match for No Match Kankie despite being a kankie for over a year !! A new name was needed for Suzan and in view of her heavy workload (?!!) the most suitable name thought of was Workaholic Kankie. Any other suggestions ? First match at 19 Mayis for Cherry Kanka (he is a supporter of the funny shaped ball and follows Gloucester ho ho ho hee hee hee) !!! First match at 19 Mayis for Moate Kanka who hails from the middle counties area of The Emerald Isle.

So, off to the match minus Mrs Oz Kankie and Little Oz Kanka and Little Oz Kanka's toy red car which he left behind in the Chopin. However, the kind and thoughtful Innocent Kankie rescued it, and put it in her handbag with a prayer that the Stadium Police didn't confiscate it as `a dangerous weapon` ! Fortunately, because she looks so `Innocent`, it was allowed through, and so Little Oz Kanka can be reunited with his car this morning. Another story with a happy ending !!

Into the Stadium, and again into Maraton. The queue for Gecikondu tickets was millions of miles long, well.....hundreds......... well .... it was long ! Then we met up with Maniac Kanka Harun and his `friend` Shy Kankie Aylin.

The match started at a furious pace and it was all ANKARAGUCU. Serkan's first touch of the ball was on the 8th minute mark when he fielded a long ball out of Konya's defence. It was still all ANKARAGUCU, but as usual, the final pass was going astray and the shooting was woeful. Nerve ends were beginning to jangle in the terraces and it was around the half hour mark when the break through came.

The ball came floating over from the left wing into the penalty area and legs were flying everywhere in desperation to clear the danger. However, a ricochet off a defender trying to make a clearance allowed Mustafa to tap in for his first goal for the club.

The noise of the tribunes doubled more in relief than anything else and ANKARAGUCU continued to attack for the remainder of the half. I think Serkan only touched the ball about 3 times in the first half and but for some poor finishing ANKARAGUCU should have had the match all wrapped up at this point.

Innocent Kankie drew some ooos and ahhhhs from the neighbouring crowd as she was reading a Turkish book `28 Subat` during the half time break. She was also flirting with a 10 year old boy who was obviously in love with her. Romance is in the air ??!!

Into the 2nd half and Konya was coming more into the game, but never quite troubling Serkan. There was only one occasion in the 2nd half when Konya almost snatched an equaliser but Emre was on hand to clear off the line.

Into the last quarter of the match and it was all ANKARAGUCU again. Bebbe was in a great position to score but snatched at the ball and it flew inches wide of the post. Ceyhun had a few of his long range efforts go close and Man of the Match Abdurrahman had some great attacking runs down the right wing.

The winning goal came near the end when a Konya defender made a hash of a back pass to the Konya keeper and Ceyhun calmly took advantage and slotted it into an empty goal. Relief all round and more singing from yours truly and less swearing !!!

Ceyhun almost made it 3 with a breakaway run, but his effort to lob the goalkeeper misfired and so to the final whistle and ANKARAGUCU's deserved first league win of the season.

It was off to Cappadokia Bar for some celebrating and lots of the amber nectar was enjoyed by all.

Hopefully this win will have taken all the pressure off the coaching staff and players and we can now look forward to a good sequence of victoreeeeeees !!

All the best from happier than normal Eski Kanka Jim

EDIT: Click here for the goals (Lig TV normally take a day or two before putting the goals on the site.

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