Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New and improved

Uber geek Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo e-mailed me a few suggestions on making it easier for all of you to see the goals in the league.

First up if you click on the "all the goals this year" link on the right hand side it will take you to the LigTV week-by-week goals page.

Second I hope to add a link in each match report to that week's goals. I'm not sure just how quick LigTV is in updating their videos but they usually get on their within a day or so.

For example, this is a link to this week's goals. Check out the "GS 1- AGucu 1" goal. Was Tita offside?

Thanks for the advice Flying Dutchman and I'm looking forward to more suggestions.

By the way Sir Eski Kanka, don't you worry about adding these links. I'll save you the bother and edit your posts adding the links in myself.

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