Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hibees Crash

More disappointment for the Hibees as Hearts knocked in four goals against a poor Hibs defence. Three nil down at halftime and down to ten men, the game was over as a contest. When a fourth goal was scored on 50 minutes I thought that Hibs famous 7-0 humping of the Jam Tarts was in danger of being surpassed. Fortunately a good goal from Gary O'Conner and a general 'foot of the gas' mentality from Hearts led to a quieter second half.

Hibs had actually started brightly and two excellant saves from the Hearts keeper kept out Riordan and O'Conner. Hearts then systematically kicked Scott Brown until he had to limp out of the match and from that point on the Hearts midfield took control. To rub salt into the Hibs wounds Rangers beat Inverness 3-2 to take tird spot from the Hibs.

This was a sore one for us Hibees to take so I can not write much more for the pain is too great. Hopefully I will be back with better news next weekend.


Hibee Kanka Athole

Monday, January 30, 2006

The urge to go

With no football here for the moment I thought I'd inform you about how the leader of a campaign to cheer up German citizens has been forced to apologise after dismissing weblogs as "the toilet walls of the internet". You can find the whole article here

My only comment is that he has obviously not had a full bladder while sitting in the gecekondu section at the 19 Mayis Stadium.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Scared of the cold

News just in. This week's matches in the league have all been postponed due to the slightly inclement weather. NTV have just reported that everything has been put back a week meaning, if I understood it right, the league will finish a week later than scheduled.

The whole thing sort makes a mockery of the "winter break" we have just enjoyed in which I'm not sure it snowed even once.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Greetings Kankas. There is a depression over Ankara at the moment, and I am not referring to the snow clouds presently depressing us all. Having read Oz Kanka's Gencler report I am afraid it is more of the same concerning Ankaragucu ! There was a time when the 'new boys' in the league (in this case Manisa) would tremble in fear coming to the Ankara Stadium to play Ankaragucu, but..........obviously no more !! Suffice to say we lost 0-2 and I have to confess that I am filled with despair concerning our prospects for the remainder of the season. Umut Bulut was not playing on Sunday and I can only assume it was because he may be moving to Trabzon. Anyway, one man a team does not maketh !!!

I am anticipating more doom and gloom this coming weekend when we travel to Istanbul to play Galata.....spit......saray. It will be shown LIVE on Lig TV on Sunday at 7pm and I plan to watch it in The Knight and Flight - I'm a glutton for punishment !!! I am sure Oz Kanka will join me for darts first at 5.30 - 6pm, and we will welcome other Kankas too.

To end on a sad note.......... Ankaragucu and Ankaraspor are now in the relegation zone !!!

All the best from a depressed Eski Kanka Jim

Not the best start

This report is a few days late due to A) depression at the result and B) having to look after a hyperactive 22 month year-old all weekend.

As you can guess from that line Genclerbirligi lost 3-0 away to Fenerbahce on Friday night.

Eski Kanka Jim and I went down to Knight and Flight to watch the match on the big screen and after a couple of pilsens and some darts we sat down with hopes high.

After six minutes we were almost 1-0 up but Ugur Boral managed to hit the post with a brilliant strike. It was the sort of shot that proves that if there is a God he too supports the Istanbul big teams.

A couple of minutes later Fener went up thanks to a wonderfully taken freekick by Alex which was headed in by Onder. Questions must be asked though as to why no one was marking Onder right in front of goal.

Towards the end of the first half Alex again took a free kick which Nobre sent in. The Gencler players all complained that Nobre had fouled a defender. Looking at the replays it seems as if he did but it would have been a brave referee to not award the goal in front of the Fener fans in Istanbul.

The next half was all Gencler. Fener hardly got the ball at all but still Gencler were hopeless up front. Isaac Promise once again had a crap game and considering we had about 90 per cent of the ball I think more than one or two shots on goal was called for.

On the fly Fener then got their third goal but by this stage I was too depressed to figure out who got it.

The result means we are now seven points behind 3rd place (the position needed to guarantee a UEFA Cup spot). Still gettable, but Gencler have to sort out their stuff up front.

Next week Gencler are at home to Ankaraspor. Sunday. 2 p.m.. Not sure if I'm going as it is bloody cold here.

PS: Eski Kanka. Any news from Ankaragucu?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Second half kick-off

After a month or so off the football in Turkey is back with Genclerbirligi playing away to Fenerbahce on Friday night. This should be interesting what with all the crap going on between the chairmen of the clubs and news on Thursday that Gencler are sueing Fener for 1 million dollars after Marcio Aurelio signed some sort of contract with Gencler and then went on to sign for Fener (or something like that).

Anyway, Eski Kanka Jim and I are going down to Knight and Flight on Cevre Sk (next to Manhattan) at about 7 pm on Friday night to watch the match on the big screen. So if you are in Ankara and not snowed in come along.

As for Ankaragucu, they are playing Manissaspor on Saturday at 4:30 pm. As everyone knows I am a true fair weather fan and so will not be going. It's just too bloody cold.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Greetings Kankas. I'm really getting pissed off with the antics of Cemal Aydin (Chairman) and all the coaches we've had recently. Just read in the Hurriyet this morning that Umut Bulut (the only player who can score goals for us) has been approached by Trabzonspor and there is a possibility of a move. If it happens I will be really really really pissed off. Not content with breaking up our successful UEFA Cup team of a couple of years ago, eg,
Gokmen to Ankaraspor
Burak to Denizlispor
Adem to Besiktas
Yilmaz to Manisa
Hakan Keles to Antalya
and Augustine to Trabzon
we are at it again. As soon as any of our players start showing up in the MVP section of the Hurriyet just call Cemal Aydin and name your price !!!
Its enough to make me want to support Genclerbirligi, but NOT Ankaraspor !!!!

All the best from a disgruntled Eski Kanka Jim

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


The EFES Cup Final ??? Dunno and who cares anyway !!! After all there was a more important match yesterday....

ANKARAGUCU 3 Turk Telecom 0

Is this an omen of an Ankaragucu surge up the league after the winter break and qualification for the UEFA Cup me wonders ??????

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Monday, January 09, 2006


Greetings Kankas. Correction to my last blog............

Re Hibees, it wasn't 5 `lucky breakaways`, it was ....... SIX !!! With apologies to all the Hibee supporters out there (Hibbie Kanka Athole) !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


Greetings Kankas. Most of you will have seen all the recent cup shocks in the UK, but surely the biggest was in Glasgow when The Bully Wee (Clyde of the 1st Division) knocked the `Mighty` Celtic of the Premier League out of the Jock Cup. Sheer joy !!! The other tie of interest was The Hibees being totally outplayed by 2nd Division Arbroath but managing to squeeze by with FIVE lucky breakaways !!!! As a reward, Hibees have been drawn away to The Huns (Rangers) in the next round. Hmmmmmm, wouldn't like to put any YTL on the outcome of that one !

Watched the Burton Albion V ManYoo match on TV last night and what a shock ManYoo received. They were lucky to go back to Manchester with a 0-0. The other match on TV last night was a very entertaining one when Leicester came back from 0-2 down to beat Spurs 3-2.

Tonight in Antalya is the EFES Cup Final between Besiktas and Galata....spit...saray and do forgive me if I ...yawn....don't watch it......... yawn !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Friday, January 06, 2006

Cavcav deprived of his rights

More weird news from the world of Turkish football with Genclerbirligi chairman Ilhan Cavcav being fined 20,000 TL for his winning the "Article 301 'Should've kept your mouth shut, idiot' Award for 2005.

According to the Anatolia news agency he was also "deprived of his rights" (hak mahrumiyeti) for 30 days by the football federation. There was no further explanation of what exactly being deprived of his rights actually means but if any of you out there want to sue Cavcav, for whatever reason, I suggest you do it in the next 30 days.

Meanwhile, Fener fans in Antalya apparently shouted anti-Cavcav slogans when the team arrived down there for a winter camp. The whole affair is going to make the first match of the second half of the season Fener V Gencler in Istanbul rather interesting.

In other news, Galatasaray seems to be imploding at the moment with three of their foreign players refusing to show up in Antalya for winter training due to not being payed for months. Poor darlings.

In other other news, Haluk Ulusoy has just announced he is running for the presidency of the football federation. Well, he didn't actually say he was running but did say that "Haluk Ulusoy is ready to do his duty."

Referring to himself in the third person at least a dozen times surely makes him a shoe-in for the job. "What has Haluk Ulusoy done for Turkish football?" Ulusoy asked himself at a press conference on Friday, before going on to claim that he personally was responsible for Turkey coming third in the World Cup a few years ago. He's got my vote.