Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bursaspor v Genclerbirligi - Live radio blogging

Welcome back to the internet's killer application - live radio blogging. Tonight we have Bursaspor v Genclerbirligi.

9.00 pm: Great atmosphere at the Bursaspor stadium - no fans. They must have been naughty.

9.04: Bursaspor start off pretty well ... a few shots on goal already.

9.06: And back to technical hassles... Radyo Vizyon's broadcast has just gone dead (on the normal radio... I couldn't figure out how to get Lig Radyo to work).

9.07: Back again and Bursa have a great chance after our keeper Peric made a silly move.

9.10: Gencler finally make an attack, but Kirita (whom we "interviewed" last year when he was at Ankaragucu) makes the tackle.

9.13: Seems like Gencler are trying, a few shots, one off the post, another saved. C'mon boys.

9.16: The announcer says the reason there are no fans is because of a ban which Bursa received last season.

9.20: Gencler have a free kick in a dangerous position... a yellow card to a Bursa player.

9.21: Arggh. Shot comes off the wall.

9.23: Bursa are already making a change... ah, the bloke is injured.

9.26: Bugger this. I'm off for a fag (which is still allowed on balconies at the Oz Kanka household).

9.31: Someone goes one-on-one with the Bursa keeper, ball goes out but the referee points to the spot! Penalty. So says the radio announcer. But it's not a penalty. I wish someone would shoot this bloke.

9.33: And it seems someone has done just that as Radyo Vizyon has gone off the air for the second time this evening.

9.35: Found it on another station... back to the "action".

9.36: I wonder if I will ever get an e-mail during the actual live radio blogging.

9.37: Brilliant. The station I have found is a "round the grounds" broadcast... and Radyo Vizyon is still off the air. No wonder I'm the only Turkish football live radio blogger.

9.40: Radyo Vizyon is back... Didn't miss anything.

9.41: Attack after attack from Genclerbirligi with Mehmet Nas creating all sorts of hassles down the right.

9.43: And then on the counterattack Bursa stuff up a good chance. Three players in the clear and the bloke hits it out, or straight at the keeper... These things are difficult as the announcer is speaking at a million miles an hour.

9.47: Half time whistle... And now for my around the grounds round up.
Bursaspor 0 - 0 Genclerbirligi
Denizlispor 1 - 0 Antalyaspor
Hacetepe 0 - 0 Eskisehirspor
Kayserispor 0 - 0 Galatasaray

9.59 pm: Fifteen minutes to analyse the game and Radyo Vizyon instead play us adverts and that annoying Turkish pop song "Gofret, gofret, gofret, iki!" Those aren't the words but it certainly sounds like it.

10.06 pm: And they are off again. And Kirita has a shot - off the post Phew

10.06: And then Mehmet Nas has a go at the other end, but the keeper saves... damn.

10.16: Counter attack from Bursaspor after we had a corner and it ends in the back of the net. Not looking good... Bursa will now sit back, pack the defence and sit tight. Bursaspor 1 - 0 Genclerbirligi.

10.22: This is depressing. Bursa are attacking and we are falling apart.

10.33: Oh dear. Another counter attack and Bursa almost score. This is not looking good. About 15 minutes left.

10.37: Our only chance, I think Bursa have just used up all their substitutes.

10.37: Let me take that back. We have no chance. Bursa have just gone 2-0 up.

10.42: The announcer has decided to change our goalkeepers name. He is constantly referring to him as Seriç, not Periç. Anyway, the Gencler players have lost all morale, so says our announcer. About five minutes left.

10.45: I'm going to get myself a whisky. Drown my sorrows.

10.47: Aussie Bruce has what I think is his first shot... to the keeper.

10.53: Peep, peep, peep and the stadium goes wild. Well, it would have if there were any fans there. Another depressing result. Lets see if this new Aussie who is due to sign with us tomorrow can help us. Quite frankly, if I was him I'd run away now. No matches next weekend (internationals instead).

Final results:
Bursaspor 2 - 0 Genclerbirligi
Denizlispor 3 - 2 Antalyaspor
Hacetepe 0 - 0 Eskisehirspor
Kayserispor 0 - 0 Galatasaray

Two Defeats for Hibs

Following on from being knocked out of the cup by Morton on Tuesday, Hibs then lost at home to Motherwell in the league by a goal to nil.

Tuesdays defeat came from Morton after extra time when Hibs let a 3-2 lead slip in the last five minutes. There was a bit of dismay from Hibs surrounding the referees decision to award Morton a penalty (third goal)and then the free kick which lead to the winner. At the end of the day Hibs should be able to beat a first division side over 90 minutes.

Saturdays defeat from Motherwell was a tight affair, the match looked to be heading for a 0-0 draw as both teams were cancelling each other out. Both sides were trying to play an attractive style of football but lacked a bit of guile when heading into the last third of the pitch.

Hibs had a goal chalked off for offside just before halftime, it was a very tight decision but I have not seen it played back to now if it was correct.

Just as the game appeared to be heading for a scoreless draw there was a scramble in the Hibs penalty box and John Sutton took advantage to net the winner.

There are stories going about Edinburgh that Hibs are about to sign Derek Riordan back from Celtic. Deek played for Hibs up until 2006 when he followed the well worn path along the M8 to Glasgow. After falling out with the Celtic manager he has not figured in the Celtic first team. I think this would be a good signing for Hibs as our strikers are failing to convert the chances created.

Until we hear good news about Riordan it is back to being depressed for the Hibees.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Aussie for Genclerbirligi

News just in is that Genclerbirligi are set to sign another Aussie player. The man in question is James Troisi, a 20 year-old mid-fielder who last year played for Newcastle United (although he didn't get many first-team games).

The Adelaide-born player is set to sign a three-year contract on Monday.

Below you will find a video clip from Daily Motion. Fingers crossed he will do will in the capital.


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

First the good news !

Congratulations to Rip Off Kanka Erman from all the kankas on becoming a daddy for the first time. Mother (Ceyda) and baby (Duru (Cemile)) are both well. There is a myth ….. that you are only a `REAL` man when you have fathered a daughter, and ……. I believe it !

Congratulations also to Marash Kanka Hakan on his return to Ankara after serving his country well in Cyprus on Military Service for the past year. Unfortunately, he couldn’t come to the match last night as it was his wedding anniversary. He has learned to allocate priorities ! Congratulations to Meleke and Hakan from all the kankas.

Now the bad news !

Commiserations to Ankaragucu (AGAIN) on a plucky 2nd half performance last night but zero points after 2 matches.

ANKARAGUCU 1 Trabzonspor 2

My day started at 6am when I surprised my wife by being first out of bed. Well, there was an incentive ! We were on the road from Side to Ankara at 8am and I `flew` home in 8 hours with the usual `pit stops` to be in Ankara in time for the match.

I arrived in The Chopin at 5.30pm and was welcomed by our waiters but, ….. zero kankas ! Where are they all I asked myself ? Have they now decided to support Ankaraspor ? Answers awaited !

Marash Kanka turned-up briefly on his way to his anniversary dinner and then `old trusty` Maniac Kanka arrived to swell the kanka numbers to ….. TWO !

Off to the Stadium then with lots of optimism (remember Maniac’s comments on last week’s performance ?) where we were met by Yankee Kanka, Husso Kanka, Rip Off Kanka and Kaleci Kanka Tansu.

The Stadium was almost full and the volume was high. The Trabzon end was full, Maraton and Kapali were full and just a few empty spaces in Gecikondu. Had to admire the sound coming out of the Trabzon end which was competing well with the Ankaragucu tribunes.

The match started at a frantic pace and Trabzon gradually took control of proceedings with some neat passing movements and running off the ball. They were giving the Ankaragucu defence a torrid time with their speed, and Tolga (captain for this match), El Yasa and Moine were all having problems staying the pace, especially with the speed and trickery of Yattara. Also, `Old Boy` Umut and Gokhan Unal are also `speed merchants` and they too were dragging the Ankaragucu defence all over the place.

It was therefore no surprise when the Ankaragucu defence was `opened up` on the half hour mark with a fast breakaway out of defence. A through ball to the unmarked Yattara that left Serkan with no chance.

Three minutes later the referee allowed a `water break` and I was shouting (nobody heard me !) to the players to keep their concentration, but on the resumption, a similar fast break to the first goal, and with the Ankaragucu defence back-pedalling it was left to Selcuk to tap-in with Serkan again exposed and given no chance.

The half time whistle arrived as a relief with Trabzon in total control.

Into the 2nd half and all credit to Ankaragucu for not allowing heads to drop. It was frantic end-to-end stuff and special praise to Tolga in the Trabzon goal for making 2 outstanding saves – one from Ibrahim and one from Mehmet Yilmaz which on another day would have qualified for the Goals of the Month Competition.

Iglesias replaced Mehmet with 10 minutes to go and almost scored when clean through. However, his lob over Tolga went inches over the bar. He did redeem himself in time added on with a consolation headed goal which drew sarcastic cheers all round.

Not many positives to take from this performance. As I mentioned, the defence was sorely exposed by the speed of the Trabzon midfield and attack. Gokhan (Battle Damaged Kanka’s hero) was posted missing for the most part and was replaced by the promising Metin half way through the 2nd half.

The midfield of Cem Can, Ibrahim, Murat Erdogan and Murat Duruer also struggled against a quality team.

I have to say that I am fast losing patience with Duruer – he huffs and puffs but never looks like achieving anything, and last night was no exception.

The only positives I took were the introduction of Metin and also Serkan in goal. An excellent all round performance from Serkan, which if it continues, will keep Sherif on the bench for a while.

So, lots of endeavour from Ankaragucu in the 2nd half last night but against a team of Trabzon’s class all our weaknesses were exposed. It could have been a humiliating score line without Serkan’s heroics.

Hakan Kutlu and Hakan Keles will be pleased that they now have 2 weeks to prepare for the difficult trip to Gaziantep. Me thinks they will need this time to put the team back in winning mode !

A run of defeats can destroy the confidence of the best players, so posting a win in Antep is of the utmost importance.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Friday, August 29, 2008

The fag bans have started - time for a revolution

At the Genclerbirligi match last week myself and Alpine Kanka Wolfgang were puffing away on our fags, as was a riot police officer a few rows down from us. No hassles at all.

Which is why I was surprised today to see that Besiktas Chairman Yildirim Demiroren has been fined for smoking at the Antalyaspor - Besiktas match last week.

According to a report filed by the Anatolian news agency, Demiroren was repeatedly smoking and continued to do so even after being told by match stewards to stop.

Today he was issued with a fine - 62 tl (around 56 billion Zimbabwean dollars).

The whole story reminded me of one of the first stories we published on this blog, "Civilization going to pot" back in March 2006. The post got noticed by a brilliant football blog/website called The Global Game in a post titled "Great Gençlerbirligi smoke-out | Stadium regulars worry about going cold turkey"

It took a few years but now the bans are in... Time for some major civil disobedience!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Just read in Posta this morning that ANKARAGUCU has signed a new goalkeeper.

So, are Serkan's days numbered ?! Watch this space for the answer.

Egyptian Sherif Ekramy has arrived from Feyenoord. However, not sure of the details, ie, how much he cost and length of contract. More from Maniac Kanka on this I'm sure.

So, with Serkan, Yasin and Sherif fighting for a place in the starting line-up it can't be a bad thing. No room for complacency me thinks.

All the best from Eski Kanka

PS...... Have to dash ..... time for another dip in the pool before my pre-lunch Efes yesssss !!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Inverness 1-1 Hibs

Another point for Hibs but more importantly another decent performance.

Mixu may have been coming under a bit of pressure from the media and sections of the support but he stuck to his guns with the style of football he wanted Hibs to play and now he is reaping the rewards.

In all three games Hibs have played this season they have created numerous chances, a bit disappointing that so few of them have been converted.

Against Inverness on Saturday Hibs were on the back foot for the first quarter and went behind on twenty minutes when a Cowie shot was deflected past the Hibs keeper. Considering Hibs had never scored a goal up in Inverness the heads could well have gone down but Hibs fought back and were on top for the rest of the match.

The equaliser came just after half time when Colin Nish found himself in the right place to notch his third of the season. Nish had another effort come back of the post but the winner was not to come.

Hibs play Morton on Tuesday night in the league cup, hopefully there will be another reason for Sir Eski kanka to visit Auld Reekie to follow the cup parade!


Greeting Kankas and Kankies (from Side, Antalya).

Not much I can say about yesterday's match in view of the fact that I was in the Beach Bar of the Papillon Hotel half pissed !

However, those brave souls, Maniac Kanka and Yankee Kanka went to Konya by Anti-X bus and filled me in with a few details by regular text messages.


Konya opened the scoring in the 1st half and the equaliser came soon after by Gokhan. Then almost on the half time whistle Burak scored an own-goal. Grrrrrrrrr.

Into the 2nd half and Jaba tied things up with a goal 15 minutes from the end. Maniac Kanka called me and lottsa singing in the background. Great ..... the winner is coming me thinks ! Wrong ..... again !

Effin Konya grab the winner on the full time whistle. Shit !!

However, Maniac Kanka's words were upbeat. Ankaragucu played well and there is cause for some optimism for the long season ahead.

Next up is Trabzon on Friday night and that will surely test Maniac's words !

There is a possibility that I'll be back Friday night but not sure yet. If so, I'll be late and therefore possibly heading to The Chopin to watch it.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

PS...... time to dive back into the Pool and then a quick dip in the sea before Happy Hour and ...... lottsa Efes yesssssssss.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gencler start the season... ah... like last season

Organising the kankas for the start of the season has not been the easiest. Soaking up the sun on the north Aegean is not the easiest place to find out about the state of the pitch at the 19 Mayis Stadium and whether it would be ready on time for tonight's match.

In part that is thanks to Sir Eski Kanka and Spine who both threw me off the case by saying that there wasn't enough grass on the pitch. This particular red herring even had Dan the Man believing that the reason the stadium lights were on mid-week was that perhaps such intense light might help the grass grow.

Instead it was lighting up the 24-hour work that was going on to lay an artificial pitch (pretty much the same sort of pitch that the Champions League final in Moscow was played on).

So, back in town Sunday afternoon after my short holiday Ertank gave me a call saying that the workers had finished their work and the match wasn't going to be played at Yenikent after all. Much rejoicing.,

And so, a quick e-mail round (and a phone call to Spine who despite being very good with computers can never be relied upon to read a simple e-mail) and we managed to round up a few people for the Chopin pre-match drinks - namely Spine, Dan the Man, Alpine Kanka Wolfgang, Little Alpine Kanka Chris (who really needs a proper non-father dependent moniker), Scouser Kanka Steve, Ertank and Guclu.

Not bad really considering I didn't even know where the match was going to be played until this afternoon.

Beers at the Chopin and then off to the stadium for the 9 p.m. kick-off.

Genclerbirligi 1 - 1 Kocaelispor

What can I say. This was vintage Gencler, the vintage being last year. Plenty of possession but very few real chances. New signing Aussie Bruce got a few shots on goal but they were heading straight to the keeper (an improvement on Isaac Promise who used to send such shots flying towards a THY jet).

The pitch itself looked good though (I'm scraping the barrel here).

Genclerbirligi were the better team in the first half but still were not looking very likely to score. The same problems as last year, no one sending in a good last pass. This may have been because Burhan (our No. 11) was playing up front when his real position is on the wing.

Somehow or other though we managed to score in the 43rd minute (approximately). The goal was a result of various players just on the side of the box trying to get past the defence and finally the ball falling to Burhan who put it away.

Great stuff and the match was on. Unfortunately it was just a minute or so later when Kocaeli scored from a free kick. The kick was taken, our keeper saved it but it went off the post and allowed a Kocaeli player to simply slot it in.

Second half and a few dodgy referee decisions and the typically annoying slow play by an away team clutching onto a draw. It wasn't the best football, both sides had chances, although Genclerbirligi should really have put it beyond doubt. We all rose to our feet thinking Gencler had indeed done so when Aussie Bruce sent a ball in from near the corner, the ball went through two players and into the back of the net only for the linesman to rule it to have been offside.

So 1-1. I guess it could have been worse but it was very clear from the crowd that this was a very frustrating display.

It may very well be a long, long season. Again.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hibs 3-2 Falkirk

Hibs picked up their first points of the season in an entertaining match against Falkirk.

Many Hibs fans were not looking forward to this game as the pre season had been poor and then an opening day defeat to Kilmarnock. Thankfully Hibs had other ideas and Colin Nish had Hibs one up within the first minute. Nish added another after twenty minutes and all seemed rosey in the Hibs camp. Unfortunately Hibs defensive frailties are still there and Falkirk took advantage to keep themselves in the game before half time.

Hibs started the second half in a similar way to the first by scoring a third within two minutes. This time it was the youngster Hanlon. Again Falkirk took advantage of slack Hibs defending by grabbing a second with 25 minutes still remaining.

To be fair to Falkirk they moved the ball well for their goals and could complain about poor defending themselves.

The remainder of the match got more and more nervy as the final whistle approached, Falkirk pushed men forward in a vain attempt to grab a draw but Hibs held out.

Inverness away next for Hibs, we have not won or scored a goal in Inverness since they arrived in the SPL three seasons ago. Time to change that.


Greeting Kankas and Kankies.

I have discussed this subject with Maniac Kanka yesterday and our recommendation is that for those who want one that we now go ahead and buy them. The Anti-X Group are still trying to negotiate a reduction but on past form that could drag on for a while yet.

The best place to buy the kombine ticket (TL 150 for Maraton) is at the main Ankaragucu offices at Tandogan. Take the Ankaray to Tandogan and look for the tall Ziraat Bank building. You will see the training grounds behind this building and the offices are just beside them.

I still believe that 150 is a fair price in comparison to other teams prices, and in any case, the bottom line is that we are putting our money where our mouths are, ie, the Club will benefit !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Monday, August 18, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the ANKARAGUCU Kankas did not attend the final matches of the Ankara Sportswriters Cup yesterday. Sour grapes ? No, but one effin journey to `Hell` is more than enough for one weekend ! We are scheduled to visit `Hell` again on weekend of 29-30 November, but there again ……. perhaps not !!

Not sure if any of the Gencler Kankas attended, but here are the results (minus reports).

The winner of this season’s competition is Gencler.

Genclerbirligi 2 Ankaraspor 1

Oz Kanka will be pleased to hear that his Aussie countryman, Djite, scored again. He certainly looks to be a more promising prospect to the squad than UNpromising Isaac !! Well done Gencler – a good start to the season.

Third place goes to Hacettepe and the `Wooden Spoon` to ……… whisper it …….. Ankaragucu ! Not much to say about the Ankaragucu result except that some teams (Barca and ManYoo) have good pre-season warm-ups and some teams don’t !!

As I also mentioned in my previous post, the league season begins this weekend (22 August) with a home match for Gencler against `new boys` to the Super League Kocaeli. I think this match is on Sunday (24 August) – probably evening KO – and Oz Kanka will email the meeting time at The Chopin soon.

It is my turn to head south this Friday (Oz Kanka and I have a `shift system` for summer holidays !) so I will not be there, but I’m sure Oz Kanka will muster a large group for this match. If Gencler play as well as they did against Ankaragucu last Friday it could be a winning start to the league season (hope I didn’t put the `kiss of death` on Gencler ?!).

The following weekend (29-31 August) sees Gencler away in Bursa, and I’m reliably informed by Maniac Kanka that the ANKARAGUCU v Trabzon match will be in Ankara on Friday night (29 August).

I will still be on the south coast and therefore watching it on Digiturk TV, but Oz Kanka will give the meeting time at The Chopin for this one by email nearer the time. Maniac Kanka and Yankee Kanka will be there for sure.

Concerning the question of ANKARAGUCU Kombine tickets, I am still waiting for a pronouncement from Maniac Kanka on the word from The Anti-X Group, so keep watching this space.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Footie returned to Ankara yesterday after a long hot and boring summer, but summer is still with us with no sign of a let-up in the 30-plus degrees temperatures.

Maniac Kanka Harun and I met in The Lacivert for the usual pre-match refreshments and then our Limousine arrived with Yankee Kanka and his brother Hooso Kanka. The Limo was fully stocked with cool yummy EFES, a wide variety of Turkish nuts (real nuts, not the kankas !!), and off we went to The Stadium from Hell.

All credit to the driver who amazingly didn’t get lost once on the journey to Hell and we duly arrived at the tail-end of the first match between Hacittepe and Ankaraspor which ended 0-0.

During the penalty shoot-out, which Ankaraspor won, I did a head count of the punters in the Stadium (was I really watching the match ? …… ahem …. No !).

ANKARAGUCU Supporters - 9,394
Ankaraspor supporters - 23
Hacittepe supporters - 0
Genclerbirligi supporters - 15 (but, Maniac Kanka made it 39 !!)
Gendarama soldiers - 1,426

Into the main match then and lots of new faces in the ANKARAGUCU line-up. New striker, Mehmet Yilmaz was absent, as were full-backs El Yasa and Burak which didn’t fill me with optimism in view of Ankaragucu’s defensive frailties last season !

So it proved as the match got underway with Gencler looking sharper and playing some neat football. Ankaragucu was slow to settle and there were numerous attacks of panic-stations in the rearguard. Thankfully, Serkan was having an outstanding match and was dealing with everything that came his way, including too many back-passes to count !

Gencler was looking the likelier team to score and so it proved as half-time approached. A quick break down the left and with the Ankaragucu defence back-pedalling, their new Aussie signing tapped in with Serkan wrong footed.

More of the same in the 2nd half with Gencler looking the more dangerous. Ankaragucu was trying to play the passing game but it was mostly in their own half !

Then came the substitutions we were waiting for. Gokhan and Murat Duruer were introduced with about 20 minutes to go (why didn’t they start the match ?!).

With their introduction, there followed a sustained period of Ankaragucu attacking pressure culminating in the equaliser. An excellent attacking move brought a free kick which was only cleared as far as the new Ankaragucu `stopper` Tolga Dogantez who fired in a rocket which almost burst the net.

The match fizzled-out during the last 5 minutes and we had to endure another penalty shoot-out.

Serkan was the hero saving two penalties and with Onur stepping up to win the match we were ready for celebrations. Shit !! Straight at the goalkeeper ! I still maintain that a professional football player should NEVER miss a penalty !

Moine and Jaba missed the next 2 kicks and Gencler won the match 5-4 on penalties.

On balance therefore, a good win for Gencler and an impressive team performance. Of course, it is early days for Ankaragucu and things can only get better as they hopefully mould together as a team unit.

Although Jaba missed his penalty, he had a good game and put himself about more than he did last season. Maybe some of Bebbe's influence has rubbed off on him ??!! He had two good chances to score in the match. First a header which went narrowly past with the goalie beaten, and second, a free kick which skimmed the crossbar.

His partner up front, Iglesias, is a big strong boy but I remain unconvinced by his performance yesterday. Time will tell. Moine showed some fine touches in the short time he was on and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him.

I should also mention Tolga Dogantez who was steady at the heart of the defence and I believe he will make that position his own. He reminded me of Kirita's style a little.

Good luck to Gencler tomorrow in the final against Ankaraspor. However, as our Limousine is unavailable tomorrow, we will not be going back to Hell !!

Oz Kanka is on the south coast of Turkey on holiday. He is probably suffering from a hangover this morning, but in true Aussie style he will probably still be celebrating again tonight !! Yes, and why not ........ Gencler don't often have a chance to celebrate a win against Ankaragucu !!!

League business starts next weekend with Gencler at home to Kocaeli and Ankaragucu away in Konya. Oz Kanka will be sending out a meeting email nearer the time.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Here are the ANKARAGUCU players shirt numbers for this season which I thought you might like to print and keep handy in view of the large influx of new players to the team.

Serkan 1
Yusuf Soysal 64
Bayram Olgun 22
El Yasa 3
Tolga 5
Ridvan Okus 14
Burak Ozsarac 2
Ilkem 39
Gokhan 7
Tevfik Altindag 17
Ibrahim Ege 25
Onur Acar 6
Cem Can 8
Burak Karaduman 38
Mert Erdogan 20
Abdulkadir Kayali 58
Murat Erdogan 33
Murat Duruer 11
Jaba 9
Mehmet Yilmaz 10
Moine Caabani 55
Barboros Barut 23
Mustafa Aydin 28
Emre Hamzaoglu 61
Cagri Yasan 19
Metin Akan 21
Leo Iglesias 27

Interesting to note that there is no number 4. Maybe it was Kirita's last season ?!

Another interesting point is that Bebbe’s number 9 shirt has been given to Jaba. There is no doubting Jaba’s ball skills but his partnership with Bebbe last season didn’t produce the goods. Also, his stature doesn’t make him a good target man !! Hence, Jaba found himself on the bench on the run-in last season.

It seems to me that Hakan Kutlu is going to give Jaba a chance to form a successful partnership with the new target man up front, Mehmet Yilmaz. However, if the goals don’t materialise then it will be back to the drawing board ! I’m sure Barboros will be straining at the leash to show what he can do !

The defence looks likely to take on a similar shape to last season, perhaps with the inclusion of `old boy` Burak Ozsarac and Moine added to compensate for the departure of Kirita and Lamas.

There will be added pressure on Serkan to be more consistent this season with Yusuf waiting for his chance. Serkan made a few `howlers` last season which are still in my memory !

Let’s get the show on the road ……. and bring on Gencler !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Hibs Lose SPL Opener

Hibs did not enjoy the best of pre-seasons, one draw and seven defeats had the Hibs faithful worrying about the season ahead.

Our worries came to fruition on Saturday when Hibs lost to Kilmarnock by a single goal. Although Hibs played the better football, a lack of vision to create chances cost them dear when Kilmarnock scored on 80 minutes when Hibs were down to ten men due to injuries.

The few chances Hibs did create were passed up with poor finishing or bad luck. Colin Nish was the main offender electing to pass the ball into the keepers arms rather than an open goal.

There are a few fans getting restless already but hopefully big Mixu will get it right by the next game. I don't think there is much between any of the teams outside the old firm, even they do not look up to much as Rangers are already out of Europe. Shame!

Heres hoping to three points next week.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

ANKARAGUCU wrapped up their pre-season `friendlies` programme last night with a 0-0 draw in Eskisehir.

After the 5-0 thrashing at the hands of AEK it was obviously time to put a few things right at the back in preparation for the BIG ONE on Friday night ! Experience has taught us never to under-estimate matches against Gencler and local derbies should always be treated as `one off` affairs !

So, what about Friday and Sunday and The Sportswriters Cup matches ?

Still no good news to report, so all bets are off for meeting at The Chopin. Unfortunately, we will have to make our own arrangements to get to `The Stadium from Hell` at Yenikent. Therefore, for all the fanatiks who are determined to try it (me included) I can give you directions if you contact me by email or phone.

As I said in my previous post, this is a pisser, but living in Ankara we gradually become accustomed to being `effed around` no matter which Stadium we go to !!

If there is any last minute good news to report I will put it in the comments section of this post.

Watch this space for match reports which I will endeavour to put up at the weekend.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies

The nightmare scenario which we all dreaded has happened !

Having had all summer to install the under soil heating system in the 19 Mayis Stadium, the bad news is that it is almost 100% certain that the Stadium will not be ready for the Sportswriters Cup matches beginning on Friday.

I’m tempted to say …… typical ! ……. but, I won’t !!

So, where does that leave us ? Unfortunately, it leaves us in the `brown smelly stuff` ! Going to The Yenikent Stadium to watch the matches at any time is a pisser. I wonder who’s great idea IT was to stage the matchers there ??? No prizes for guessing I. Melih Gokcek !!

For the new arrivals to Ankara, this Stadium is about 40 Klicks outside Ankara and the transportation options are …… zero ! So, unless you go by car or taxi, it will be a big no no, especially as we have two 8.30pm kick-offs.

Maniac Kanka is exploring the possibility of an invitation to use the Anti-X Group buses, but this is a long shot.

Therefore, please keep checking this post on the Blog and if there is any good news to report I will put it in the comments section.

Speaking personally, I will leave no stone unturned in my efforts to be there, however, I still haven’t figured out how to do it.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Berlin calling

"With bloody heart I am watching far from Ankara what is going over there with my beloved Gencler," wrote Lanky Kanka Jorg in an e-mail that popped into The round ball in Ankara's inbox last night.

No description of the photo needed really. Even Sir Eski Kanka must know what the structure behind Lanky Kanka is. What I'd like to know is whether Lanky Kanka wore the strip to Obama's "Change we can believe in - starting with Cavcav" speech a couple of weeks ago.

Monday, August 04, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

It happens to the best of teams on occasions, especially in pre-season friendly matches. AC Milan and Hibs can testify to that recently !!


As I said in a previous post, AEK has an impressive YooRo Footie pedigree and are never an easy team to beat. Ankaragucu were 3-0 down at half time last night and staring a heavy defeat in the face. Not sure if the defence was tightened in the 2nd half or if AEK eased off the Gas !!

The last match of Ankaragucu's Germany Camp will be tomorrow night against Limassol.

As some of you may remember from the early days of this Blog, I was a referee in the Cyprus Leagues and have refereed both Limassol teams (AEL and Appollon) on many occasions. However, I don't know which one will feature tomorrow night.

I would compare Limassol as the Ankara of Cyprus and Nicosia as the Istanbul of Cyprus. It is normally Omonia and Apoel of Nicosia fighting it out at the top with AEL, Appollon and Anothosis of Larnaca fighting it out for the UEFA Cup places.

So, that said, I would expect Limassol to give ANKARAGUCU another testing match tomorrow as they wrap up their tour.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim