Friday, December 31, 2010


Greetings Kankas, Kankies and Footie Fanatiks.

A Happy and Prosperous New Year 2011 from the kankas of The Round Ball in Ankara to all our readers world wide.

The Centenery Year for Ankaragucu hasn't been one filled with joy and laughter ! Full of doom and gloom and uncertainty would be a more apt description.

We must therefore hope that 2011 can bring more stability to the Club and my wish list for the new year is as follows -

1. The management of Ankaragucu can sort themselves out and keep their promise to take the Club forward.

2. Vittek, Sestak and Sapara stay with the Club and make defences in the Super League in awe of playing against Ankaragucu.

3. Genclerbirligi have zero players in the Treatment Room !

4. Ankaragucu and Genclerbirligi begin their climb up the league and at least one of them win the Turkish Cup.

Further suggestions for the 'Wish List' will be welcomed !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Oz Kanka on the Turkish Football Weekly

Hear me rabbiting on about Anaragucu's hassles on the lastest Turkish Football Weekly podscast. Do I make any sense? I'll leave that up to you.

I think I'm on about half way though the webcast.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Could have been better, could have been worse

A perfect night for football. The weather was a little chilly but the recent snowfalls haven't done much to bugger up the pitch at the 19 Mayis Stadium (anyone remember the bogs that we had to play in usually at this time of year?).

I'm getting ahead of myself. As usual for derby matches the Ankaragucu and Gencler kankas joined up for pre-match drinks at the Beer Bus with neither set of supporters feeling all that confident; After all, this was 13th versus 14th.

So for Genclerbirligi was myself, Little Oz Kanka, Flying Dutchman, Dan the Man and daughter Delia in tow. For Gucu there was, of course, Sir Eski along with German exchange student Fabio, Maniac Kanka and Caricature Kanka.

We went our separate ways and the match was on.

Genclerbirligi 1 - 1 Ankaragucu

This wasn't a match of two halves, it was a match of 10 minute periods, where one side seemed to be in total control and then seemingly give the ball to the other and say "your turn".

It didn't take long for the Ankaragucu fans to start itching for a fight. A group of around 150 Gucu supporters were sitting next to us in Maraton and it was about the 10th minute that insults started flying at us. Nothing kicked off but I did move Little Oz Kanka away from the scene for a few minutes. I should add that this is the first time I've ever had to do this.

Later on it was clear that the Ankaragucu lot near us were Gokcek supporters when they started shouting anti-Cemal Aydin chants.

Gencler started out better taking control of the match but they seemed to be content to pass it around themselves until finally someone got bored and had a shot. Needless to say these sorts of shots from Orhan and Hursut from 30 metres out either went flying away or straight to the keeper.

It was testing stuff for us supporters and then right at the death of half time Ankaragucu pulled it off. Some bad defence left Sapara unmarked on the edge of the box. He struck it well and left the Gencler keeper Ozkan with no chance.

Even if they hadn't scored I would have given higher marks to Ankaragucu for the half. They just seemed a a couple of paces faster and our defence was... mmm... just a bit slow. For those Aussies following here, Jedinak came back from injury and started the match but seemed a bit out of sorts.

Second half was similiar to the first except that this time both teams had great chances denied, or stuffed up.

But first was a wonderful goal in the 61st from Oktay who headed in a perfect cross from Hursut.

Ankaragucu really should have gone ahead not long later but managed to fluff some quite basic stuff. I particularly remember the Ankaragucu No. 7 in front of goal and completely missing the ball. This was hair-pulling stuff.

Patiyo, who came on the Jedinak, had a great shot stopped by the Gucu keeper and then in stoppage time Oktay had a shot that missed by THIS MUCH.

Not a bad match. Not a brilliant match and with it the standing in the group stage of the Turkish Cup are:

Buca: played 2 - 6 points
Gucu: played 2 - 4 points
Gencler: played 1 - 1 point
Yeni Malatayaspor: played 1 - 0 points
Fenerbahce:: played 2 - 0 points

The top two go through to the knockout stage

So into a taxi, dropped off the other Gencler kankas in Kizilay and then the bloody thing breaks down on a hill. Little Oz Kanka and I had to walk the last 15 minutes or so. I'll never catch a Tofas taxi again.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A night of missed opportunities

The Turkish Cup derby ended up a 1 - 1 draw with both sides probably thinking they could have nailed it.

In the end there were no fights amongst the spectators although at one stage I did move Little Oz Kanka as it appeared the Ankaragucu fans sitting in Maraton were about to kick things off. In then end nothing happened. Ankaragucu are probably happier with the draw as they have already played and beaten Fenerbahce.

Fuller report tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An apology to our readers

"The round ball in Ankara" and all Turkish newspapers would like to apologise to readers who may have been mislead in the past week into thinking that Ankaragucu has had some off-the-field problems. At no time did we wish to alarm or to cause anxiety amongst Ankaragucu fans with headlines such as: "Ankaragucu in CHAOS!!!", "Gokcek: Gucu set for 4th division!" or "Ozat: There but for the grace of Melih go I".

When the "The round ball in Ankara" quoted Ahmet Gokcek as saying last week, "You'll see. On Monday 98 percent of our players will either be free agents or will leave the club," we made the mistake of taking the man literally when we should have learnt from past experience that he was clearly talking rubbish.

"The round ball in Ankara" is pleased to report that the fracas we described as "Nuclear Armegeddon at Ankaragucu!!!" is hopefully to be solved on Wednesday at a meeting between Cemal Aydin, Cengiz Topel Yildirim and Melih Gokcek at the Ankara Municipality Bunker and we look forward to running headlines such "Match made in heaven", "Gucu aims for championship trophy in bicentennary year" and "Politics and sport: a winning mix!"

Signed: The Webmaster

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gencler end first half with a fizzer

After all the fun I had last week writing about the legal handbags hapening at Ankaragucu it is with deep hopelessness that I report (rather late I know) on Genclerbirligi's stunning collapse early Saturday evening.

Flying Dutchman Kanka joined Little Oz Kanka and myself at the Beer Bus and Little Oz Kanka and all was good with the world. It was a little chilly but the snow had all melted away and as Flying Dutchman said, perfect football conditions.

Genclerbirligi 1 - 5 Bursaspor

Bursa came out with the plan to deny us any time on the ball and it worked to an extent but at the same time for the first 20 minutes or so we were playing to plan. What wasn't to plan was some slack defending that allowed Bursa to score in the 16th minute.

Annoying but it wasn't long later that Soner took the ball from a long pass and found himself one-on-one with the keeper. Usually these end up being smothered out, when I see usually I mean "Genclerbirligi usually", but instead Soner placed it nicely and all was square.

Then Bursa scored four goals. End of report.

So that's the end of the first half with Gencler down near the bottom of the table. There is a bright side though as a number of our players, including Zec, Jedinak and Stewart should be back from injury by the time the second half gets under way in about a month's time. By that time we will probably have a new coach, with the rumour mill saying it will be Mesut Bakkal, or maybe Giray Bulak or someone else.

First though we have the Turkish Cup this Wednesday night at 7pm. Genclerbirligi are home and season tickets are valid for the match. For you Ankaragucu lot it is 10 tl for Maraton seats.

See you on Wednesday.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The referee, Mr Huseyin Gocek, may well have had nightmares last night after his error of judgement in awarding a penalty to Antalya 10 minutes from the end of the match with Ankaragucu firing on all cylinders at the time.

Antalyaspor 2 ANKARAGUCU 2

Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I met up in The Beer Bus Bar to watch 'the curtain raiser' and support Gencler against Bursa. Oz Kanka will report on that one after he has licked his wounds !

We were joined by Caricature Kanka Ozgur - there is a story behind that name !

No surprises in the team line-up -

Guven, Rajnoch, Zewlakow, Klukowsk
Adem, Dogan, Mehmet, Sapara, Kagan

2nd half substitutes used - Ozgur, Gabric and Metin

Ankaragucu was straight into the attack and could have scored in the first 20 minutes.

In the 1st minute Sapara sent over an inviting cross which was just missed by Sestak. Mehment sent another over on 9 minutes which was met by Dogan's head but saved by 'Gengiz Khan lookalike' Omer. 2 minutes later Kagan sent in a screamer which was saved by Omer.

25 minutes gone and Antalya decided to 'come out of their shell'. They almost went ahead when Senecky came out of his area in a crowded box to clear and missed the ball. It was sent back into the empty goal, but fortunately went over.

Then with half time looming Antalya went ahead against the run of play. A corner swung over and there was Necati unmarked near the 18 yard line to half-volley the ball in through a ruck of players. Well taken by him - an opportunist strike.

The closing 5 minutes of the half and it was all Antalya now with a scent of victory.

Half time whistle ......... phew ........ time for one of Umit's famous half time team talks and time to re-group.

We were joined at this point by Oz Kanka Chris, Little Oz Kanka Matthew and Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo looking none too pleased, well apart from Matthew who always has a smile on his face !

Antalya went straight into the attack from the whistle and hit the post with the Ankaragucu defence all over the place. A fortunate escape.

We had to wait until the 67th minute for the equaliser and it was worth the wait. A measured cross from the right from Sapara, the head flick from Klukowski to Zewy and he picks his spot with Omer well beaten.

3 minutes later and it was almost 2. A Sapara corner slung over and Zewy heads just over.

70 minutes in and Gabric (who had just come on) crosses in for Metin. He looked up, spotted Sapara running in and lays the ball back with a perfect pass for Sapara to fire in a great goal.

Ankaragucu was in control now and spraying the passes around like they normally do when they are in 'awake mode'.

Then with 10 minutes to go ........ the controversial decision.

A tackle from Rajnoch just outside the penalty box and almost on the line. The Antalya player went down and the referee points to the spot. OK, maybe it was a bad tackle and a foul, but I can't believe that a FIFA refereee and Linesman can, between them, make such a cock-up.

We all know that referees are only human and they do make mistakes, but (as an ex-Class 1 referee) the unwritten rule for referees is always to be 100% sure before awarding a penalty and when in the slightest doubt give the decision to the defending team.

Anyway, what's done is done and Antalya was not complaining when Necati fired it in and sent Senecky the wrong way.

3 minutes from the end, and with Ankaragucu doing all the attacking, Metin almost made it 3 but again Omer came to Antalya's rescue with a good save. One last effort before the final whistle which hit the bar and was cleared to safety.

A good performance from Ankaragucu bearing in mind all the distractions of the past week and all credit to the players for giving it their all. Man of the Match ? Sapara of course !!!

We now have the mid-season break for league footie, but Cup action resumes on Wednesday when it's Gencler v Ankaragucu. Not 100% sure of the KO time yet, but 7pm was mentioned last night.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

PS ...... An interesting observation last night. During the Fener v Sivas match, I noticed that the group of Sivas supporters were also waving Kocaeli scarves. Do they have a similar bond to the Ankaragucu/Bursa supporters I was wondering ? Anyone have any idea about it ?

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Ankaragucu almost blew away all the trials and tribulations of the last week, but a late goal from Antalya brought us all down to earth again...... and, as we know, almost means not quite !!

Not quite means ........ not right.

Not right means ........ wrong.

Wrong means ........ the opportunity to start again and get it right !!!

Wise words in the present climate me thinks ?

Antalyaspor 2 ANKARAGUCU 2

Full report tomorrow when sober !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim ........ on his way to .... zzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ankaragucu timeline of disaster

It was blushes for me today when a friend said that we are doing a great job on the blog in reporting the Ankaragucu chaos but that what we need is a sort of simplified timeline sort of explainer thingymijig to put the whole dogs breakfast into understandable form. So let me try.

11 Kasım 1997 - 2009: Cemal Aydin (left) led the club and presided over, well, pretty mediocre stuff. Towards the end there were constant calls from supporters for him to resign (sound familiar?) and on many occasions he promised to do so. As no one else put their hand up to take over he continued to run for chairman until...

2009: Ankara Municipality head honcho Melih Gokcek was the honourary chairman of Ankaraspor which had managed to get into the Turkish top flight. Gokcek's son, Ahmet, (pictured to the right of his father Melih) was chairman and the team played out in the wilderness of Yenikent. Despite Gokcek's ambitions, the club had few fans and the Gokceks decided to try and muscle in and grab one of the bigger Ankara clubs. There is still a court case running concerning the alleged movemnet of municipality funds into the Ankaraspor accounts, a crime in Turkey. The Gokceks deny the allegations.

Later in 2009: With Aydin wanting out and Gokcek wanting in, a deal was reached. At first it seemed as if the two clubs would merge but it all came down to a simple agreement for the Gokceks to take over Ankaragucu with Aydin seemingly happy to get out of the club.

August 2009: An Ankaragucu Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) is held and Ahmet Gokcek and his slate are elected. The Gokceks now control Ankaragucu. Ankaraspor was handed over to friends.

September 2009: The Turkish Football Federation looked at the changes and decided to kick Ankaraspor out of the top flight. With no supporters, practically no-one gave a damn. At the same time though, many commentators at the time said that legal justice demanded that Ankaragucu be kicked out. Ankaraspor started a legal proceedings against the TFF.

Sometime in 2010: Cemal Aydin wants some money back from Ankaragucu that he says he lent to the club. The Gokceks tell him where to go. Aydin sues.

A bit later in 2010: Cengiz Topal Yildirim (right) and other former directors and friends of Aydin launch a court case claiming that the original EGM should be declared null and void due to the fact that some 400 supporters of Gokcek were not legally entitled to vote.

August 2010: The Football Federation kicks Ankaraspor out of all football leagues (ie not just the senior team but every junior team as well) for the temerity of going to court to fight its forced relegation from the top flight the season before. Gokcek Snr issues "pissed off" statement. Again, no-one really cares.

Mid to late 2010: The Ankaragucu supporters, promised so much by the Gokceks, ie a champions trophy for Ankara in the centenary year of the club, start to get restless. Various supporter groups start to call for the management to resign. Pro-Gokcek and anti-Gokcek supporters start fighting at matches. It all starts to look ugly.

December 15, 2010: The bomb hits. Court rules that the EGM and a subsequent AGM were legally "null and void", ie Gokcek Jnr did not legally take over the club. Court decision not valid until "reasonings are published". The ruling can be appealed and as of today the Gokcek Jnr is still in charge.

What happens next?

In the very short term the problem is a monetary one. The club has to find the money to pay periodic transfer installments to various clubs. These are due in just a few days. Then there is the case of various players who are owed money, including former players like Darius Vassel. This is all very confusing with reports saying almost all of the squad could become free agents in the next couple of weeks. The amounts involved are 15 million TL at least and Gokcek Jnr has said he will not be asking any of the other directors for the money.

Short, short summary
Dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Time to lighten up me thinks !

Amid all the doom and gloom going about at the present (and future ?) about Ankaragucu, here is a photo to warm the hearts and put a smile on our faces.
What's special about this photo ?
In this photo is a fanatik Fenerbahce supporter standing beside Eski, Ercument, who agreed to wear the Ankaragucu scarf and admit that Ankaragucu is a force to be reckoned with (ie, when they play with a full team !!).
Hmmmm ..... the photo was taken last Tuesday before we learned of the turmoil about to unfold.
Anyway, doesn't it give you a warm feeling in your 'extremities' to see a Fener supporter wearing THE REAL COLOURS ????
Well done Ercument, and perhaps I might (in time !) brainwash him to like Ankaragucu ..... well, a little anyway !!
Now then ....... didn't that put a smile on all you despondent Ankaragucu kankas faces ???
All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

The players Ankaragucu could lose

The Anatolian news agency has just put a piece on the wires showing the players that will be free agents on December 26 if Ankaragucu don't cough up. I'm not sure where they got the figures from but even if the amount the players are worth are ball park figures (thanks baseball) Ankaragucu are on one hell of a sticky wicket (thanks criket).

Just re-read the story and they got their info from a "transfer market" website. Doesn't say which one though.

The list of players who might leave and what their value is:

Bayram Olgun...............: 50 bin avro
Bora Körk..................: 100 bin avro
Özden Öngün................: 400 bin avro
Stefan Senecky.............: 1 milyon 200 bin avro
Adem Koçak.................: 700 bin avro
Drago gabric...............: 2 milyon 500 bin avro
Güven Vural................: 1 milyon avro
Hürriyet Güçer.............: 2 milyon avro
Jan Rajnoch................: 1 milyon 500 bin avro
Kağan Söylemezgiller.......: 350 bin avro
Merek Sapara...............: 3 milyon avro
Murat Duruer...............: 850 bin avro
Theo Weeks Levis...........: 600 bin avro
Turgut Doğan Şahin.........: 1 milyon avro
Umut Sözen ................: 100 bin avro
Aydın Toscalı..............: 2 milyon 800 bin avro
Michael Klukowski..........: 1 milyon 300 bin avro
Michal Zewlakow............: 2 milyon avro
Muhammet Hanifi Yoldaş.....: 750 bin avro
özgür Çek..................: 150 bin avro
Uğur Uçar..................: 650 bin avro
Metin akan.................: 600 bin avro
Robert Vittek..............: 4 milyon avro
Roguy Meye.................: 500 bin avro
Stanislav Sestak...........: 3 milyon 500 bin avro

Thursday Afternoon Update- Latest episode of Melih's Farm, the popular soap.

Ankaragucu's press spokesman Avni Kavlak on Thursday afternoon said they were ready to throw in the towel, if there is someone to catch the towel that is.

"If (Cengiz Topel) says 'I'm demanding', I will hand over the management of club immediately. Don't wait until tomorrow, come out and say it now," Kavlak told the Anatolian news agency.

The thing of course is that Topel doesn't want to take over the club. Not that I'm aware of anyway.

Kavlak also makes the rather reasonable point that when the original Extraordinary General meeting took place, the one in August last year, Topel and his mates were actually in charge of Ankaragucu, they were the ones that handled registration etc for Gokcek's 400 supporters who the court yesterday found were ineligible to vote. But yet it was Topel who went to court.

Confused? I am.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

At least a few here predicted the Ankaragucu chaos

In view of the latest on the shambles that is the management of Ankaragucu (see post below) I thought I'd put some of our historic pearls up here. So, some selected quotes (with some very slight editing) from the blog from more than a year ago when the Gokcek's first moved to take over Ankaragucu.

From this post: August 20, 2009

Sir Eski Kanka Jim: The merger between Ankaragucu and Ankaraspor has raised its ugly head again ! It has been in the newspapers for the past two days but I was hoping that it was just a lot of hot air. However, it seems as though it is now serious and going forward. The three Chairmen involved, Melih Gokcek, Cemal Aydin and Cengiz Topel, met three days ago to thrash out a deal and they agreed 'in principle' that it should go ahead.

Gokmavi: It has been well known that he has been planning it for a long time. When I saw the wankers cheering like 'Melih başkan, Ankaragücü şampiyon" in front of AKP headquarter just after the election day, I believed he would achieve it. Ankaraspor as an artifical team with artifical supporters and was not enough for him. He needed a real team like MKE to be able to use for his goals. Now conditions are mature enough to start the operation. What I would tell to the MKE fans: do not expect anything from these tossers. With them your destiny cannot be different than İstanbulspor...

And from this post: September 9, 2009

Sir Eski Kanka: There is a good reason to call this whole affair 'A Dog's Breakfast' !

Dublin Neil: Jaysus Jim, this seems horribly ridiculous. Even by Turkish standards!

Mountaineering Kanka Rob: In the long term, little Melih will bring ruin in his wake.

Battle Damaged Kanka Damon: Now Ahmet is having trouble with the financial end of things. Staff and players apparently will be receiving their paychecks late. The foreigners in particular are pissed off. On a different note İ.M.G is trying to make Bahçelievler an alcohol-free zone in a sneaky way. Why was Ankaragucu so desperate as to want to get in bed with these two turds?

And this one on Ankaraspor being kicked out of the league: September 16, 2009

Oz Kanka: As expected, Melih Gokcek has been spitting chips saying he will appeal all the way the Universal Sports Court, or whatever it is called. Good to see our mayor is concentrating on the important issues the city needs addressed.

Dublin Neil: Bit of a farce really.

Sir Eski: I think Ankaraspor has been treated too harshly and that someone in the TFF has a personal grudge not only against Melih Gokcek, but against the club and M. Gokcek's vision of building a successful team from ANKARA !!!

Dan the Man: This whole matter was badly managed on all levels: TFF, Ankaraspor, Ankaragücü. They are all to blame for the farce (perfect word to describe it) this super lig has become. I smell something fishy here. The end result of all this circus will be: Ankaragücü in the hands of Gökcek family.

Snowblader1412: None of this matters if we cant win a game...

And the court cases begin: September 25, 2009

Sir Eski: Is there any light at the end of the tunnel me wonders ???!!!

Battle Damaged: I just hope that when this nightmare is over I will wake up and not see or hear the names Aydin or Gokcek ever again.

Spine: What, no funny posts along following lines... MKE has the guns but I Melih has the numbers?

Gokcek is now in total control: October 12, 2009

Battle Damaged: Things don’t look so promising at the moment. Gucu are up to their ears in debt, just had their team bus repossessed, got that back, and then had a servis vehicle repossessed. On top of that there is the money (a million Euro probably plus any accumulated interest) they have to pay Boluspor for Gokhan Emreciksin. I ask you, if you can’t even keep your bus from being repossessed… Well, you get the picture.

Sir Eski: There is also the question of Vassell's promise of a particular amount of dosh which hasn't been kept ...

Spine: One Team to rule them all, One Team to find them,
One Team to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Melih where the Shadows lie.

Vassel gets kicked out of his hotel: November 12, 2009

Sir Eski: Oh dear. What a mess! I also understand that Bebbe was kicked out too! It seems to me that the Ankaraspor Mafia is really kicking-in now. What next ??!!

Ankaragucu in turmoil as court rules against Gokceks

Massive confusion in Ankaragucu circles today as a court in Ankara effectively cancelled the elections that brought Ahmet Gokcek to power.

The court deemed that the Emergency General Meeting held on August 30, 2009, where Gokcek Jr. was elected, and the Annual General Meeting held on January 3 this year were both null and void due to the fact that the election was rigged. Well... the judge didn't actually say that but the decision was based on an expert report which said that 400 people who shouldn't have voted, did. Which is sort of like rigging, isn't it?

The expert report then points out that if those 400 people were not counted, quorum would not have been reached and therefore the two meetings must be declared as not being legal.

Ankara Mayor Melih Gokcek is just slightly pissed off. "What a pity, looks like Ankaragucu are going down this season, that's the way things look," Gokcek told journalists after a meeting of the Third Ankara Tourism and Promotion Council. I'm amazed they got to the third.

"I think we can say there are two problems here," Gokcek continued and then went on to name them in case the journalists thought he was referring to himself and Gokcek Jr.. "(Former Ankaragucu chairman) Cemal Aydin opened the first case and (former board member) Cengiz Topel the the second."

So what the hell does it all mean? Buggered if I know but that hasn't stopped me speculating in the past. My conspiracy theory is that the Gokcek's knew they were buggered when the cases where first opened. I'm sure that they have now enrolled enough supporters to win any election for control but the general meeting must be re-held with only those eligible to vote on the dates of the now null and void earlier meetings. Is that why they still haven't bothered to pay so many players salary for quite a few months now? I don't know, but it has a nice ring to it, and this is the land where "Conspiracy Theory 101" is a compulsory high school subject.

In a turn of events that comes as no surprise at all, reports on various newspaper websites say the future is not certain. The court seems to have not appointed a caretaker management and therefore the Gokcek's will continue for the moment anyway but a new AGM must be held very quickly.

Or else the Gokcek's could appeal, a process that would take at least a year. A court could appoint a caretaker management but the Gokcek's could point to the precedent of Bursaspor where the old management continued in a similar situation (don't ask me about the Bursa case because I know absolutely nothing about it).

Just to complicate things Cemal Aydin still has a court case going against the club saying they owe him a lot of money. How this fits in with all this I have no idea.

Oh and then there is the small matter of the 13 Turkish players who haven't been paid for ages. According to a report by DHA, they are owed 1.7 trillion (the report doesn't say which currency but we can guess it is the one that hasn't existed in Turkey for six years now). If they aren't paid by Christmas they will all be free agents.

As of this afternoon, there was nothing about the case on the Ankaragucu website.

Writing this post has done my head in. I'm off to lay down for a while.


Ankaragucu press spokesman Avni Kavlak has said they will wait until the court's reasonings are published before deciding whether to appeal or whether to walk away. I am so not looking forward to having to translate a Turkish court's reasonings. The only thing worse is having to understand and translate a journalist's report on a court reasoning.

Update 2 (Wednesday evening)

Gokcek Jr. has now made a statement.

"You'll see. On Monday 98 percent of our players will either be free agents or will leave the club. Coach Umit Ozat today told me, 'My chairman, I will certainly not continue my work without you or our managing board'. In other words, our coach is leaving," Gokcek Jr was quoted as saying by the Anatolia news agency.

Apart from the shock value, I love the mathematics of it. Just how many players must Ankaragucu have in order to make the precise figure of 98 percent true. The answer - 49. Quite a big squad.

Gokcek Jr. said that they had come to a decision today not to continue but that this was not a final decision because various people are away at the moment.

The report ends with what Spine describes as a scorched earth statement. Commenting on the need for TL 14 million for the players, Gokcek basically said that he won't be asking for this money from any of the directors (which is basically how the club finances itself). "The reason for this is that they have said they will not invest in a club that is not run by our Honourary Chairman Mr. Melih Gokcek under my chairmanship."

It all sounds like propaganda to me, but lets see if on Monday the 2 percent of players left at the club are enough to form a team. By my calculation, if the 2 percent is 11 players, then the club must have 550-odd players on its books. No wonder they need more money.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Last night Ankaragucu dealt with the snow storm better than Fener and also the Ankaragucu defence weathered a deluge from Fener in the first half. As Nadeem said, what the hell did Umit Bey say to them at half time ?!

ANKARAGUCU 2 Fenerbahce 1

How many times have I used the expression ..... 'if only' ........ this season ? Well, here it comes again ........ if only Ankaragucu could play every match for 90 plus minutes like they played in the 2nd half last night then they would be up there with Trabzon !!

Only Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I braved the elements last night, but it was not too hard to bear in view of our 'mini protest' and the fact that the heating was on in the Beer Bus Bar !

From what we saw from the TV cameras, the only tribune which was there in any numbers was Anti-X. Free tickets no doubt ??!! I don't know how long Gecikondu will be willing to maintain their protest, but ultimately the decision will be whether the Gokceks can stop their childish behaviour and issue match tickets at a reasonable and fair price !

Team -

Ugur, Zewlakov, Rajnoch, Klukowski
Adem, Guven, Kaan, Gabric, Dogan

2nd half subs - Weeks, Mehmet and Metin

Fener made it quite clear from the kick off that they were here to attack and they almost opened the scoring in the 1st minute when the ball was crossed into the danger area. There were no takers and the ball went out of play. Alarm bells were ringing in the defence !

5 minutes in and a great save from Senecky from a long shot.

12 minutes in and Fener should have taken the lead. A shot from Dia (I think) which was a goal all the way with Senecky beaten, but ........ it hit the crossbar and was cleared to safety. What a let off !

18 minutes in and Rajnoch makes a great tackle to avoid another dangerous move. 7 minutes later he clears up in a goalmouth melee. He's having a great match along with the others in defence.

  • 31 minutes in and Kaan made a timely interception to burst into the Fener area, but there was no support and the danger was cleared.

36 minutes in and Senecky again saves the day by rushing out to smother the ball at the feet of a Fener attacker.

Dia and Niang are creating chances with their running but the Ankaragucu defence is holding firm and dealing with their cross balls into the area.

Approaching half time and Guven had a shot on goal which was easily saved.

Almost half time and Senecky again does the biz saving at the feet of Alex as he was about to shoot.

Half time whistle and my comment was ....... thank fuck for that !!

The 2nd half started the way the 1st half ended. Fener on the attack with Senecky dealing with everything coming his way. Rajnoch is still a stalward in defence and having a cracking match.

A quote from Damon at this stage of the match ......... 'they are so much faster than us' ! True enough, but the Ankaragucu defence and midfield are playing above themselves and holding firm.

53 minutes in and Ankaragucu scores a great 'offside' goal. No doubt about it - the linesman was spot on.

55 minutes in and Ankaragucu is beginning to spread the ball around like we know they can. Gabic is looking dangerous and beginning to make his presence felt. No sooner had I said that than he was off and replaced by Weeks !

60 minutes in and although Ankaragucu is playing better, Fener still have control of the match and looking the likelier team to score.

Then the match was turned upside down. A great cross in from the left (was it Guven ?) and there was Sestak running in to meet it and side foot it in for a goal. Cue .... up on our feet and hi-fives with some of our neighbours on the next table.

70 minutes in and it is Ankaragucu who is looking the more dangerous now, however, Fener is still attacking and Senecky and Rajnoch again combine to clear a Fener attack.

4 minutes later and it's that man Sestak again. He picked the ball up near the centre circle and made for goal beating FOUR Fener defender on his way. Looks up, picks his spot and fires in a fantastic goal with Volkan having no chance. Candidate for Goal of the Season ?? More hi-fives and just look at the smiles on our faces !!!

3 minutes later and it was almost a 3rd goal. An inch perfect cross from Mehmet and Guven dives in with a bullet of a header. Up we jump, but .......... the ball rebounds off the post and is cleared.

Fener is still attacking but Rajnoch is tidying up and great to see Ankaragucu playing the ball out of defence instead of hoofing it up and anywhere.

Into time added on and with the last attack of the match Niang fires in a shot from the left which rebounds off Senecky's body. The rebound was slotted in for a fluke goal and then ...... final whistle !

A great result and a great team display. Senecky receives my Man of the Match vote but only by a whisker from Rajnoch, Sestak and Guven !

It's a mouth-watering prospect to see what Vittek can add to Sestak's play in the 2nd half of the season. Those two have the potential to shoot Ankaragucu up the table, as long as the defence can put in performances like last night.

Next Saturday Ankaragucu will be away in Antalya for the last match before the mid-season break. KO time to be announced later.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

I am a wee bit under the aflooeness of inkohall............. so forgive me if I say ........

ANKARAGUCU 2 Fener... spit .... bahce ..... 1 (lucky goal)

The sad thing is that only Battle Damaged and Eski were there to see it !!!

The Man of the Match will be revealed tomorrow, but I'll give you a clue ............

Senecky, Rajnoch, Guven and Sestak !!

Choose before the closing date ................. winners will receive a free Season Ticket for the remainder of the season !!!!

I'm too pissed to write any more ......... full details of a great weekend for Anti-X Luvverz and the extinguishing of the Garden Lantern tomorra.

Aaaaaaankaaaaarrrrrraaaaaaaaagoooooojoooogoooooo !!!!

All the best from 'still up in the clouds' Eski Kanka Jim

Happy days as Gencler rip up CimBom

Little Oz Kanka wanted to write today's post. So here he is:

"Gencler beat Galatasaray. Hursut and Orhan scored. You can write the rest Daddy."

A budding blogger if ever I have seen one.

Galatasaray 0 - 2 Genclerbirligi

The snow was coming down in both Ankara and Istanbul Saturday night but that didn't stop a decent crowd from showing up at the Beer Bus. No one was expecting much, what with all of our injuries and so we were in shock in the first minute when Hursut had a shot that beat the keeper. A whole 33 seconds in and we were already one nil up. Amazing stuff.

In wounded lion-mode Galatasaray then attempted to throw everything at us. Our defense stood strong though and it was great to see that for the whole match Galatasaray were being forced to make shots from 30, 40 metres out. Needless to say the shots went flying high into the stands.

Then in the 26th Orhan had a shot from an acute angle and amazingly it went in. Two-nil up and I was in shock. We all were. Here was Genclerbirligi, the team beaten by Konyaspor last week, defeating Galatasaray in their final-ever match at Ali Sami Yen. Remember that for future pub quiz nights.

Two-nil up and Gencler seemed to be relying on counter-attacks. Only some good defending stopped us from possibly grabbing another.

Thanks to HaberTurk for this great shot which sums up the evening from Galatasaray's point of view.

The rest of the match was tense in the sense that I was sure we would find a way of buggering it all up. We didn't though, thanks to great defence. Cheers went up at the Beer Bus as the television showed pictures of fans smashing their seats. It won't happen because the TFF are spineless but wouldn't it be great if the gala opening of Galatasaray's new home ground be a match in which spectators are banned.

That was three points we desperately needed. Happy days.

I'm over the moon

Late night post here from Oz Kanka, and a big thanks to Battle Damaged for getting a few lines in.


Let me repeat that, we beat Galatasaray.

Bloody amazing stuff and let it be said that all of the Turks at the Red Lion Club Christmas Party were amazed as I walked in, Gencler gear on my person and singing away.

Admittedly, the wife told me to shut up.

Still....... 0-2

Fucking brilliant!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Genclerbirligi - The news we did want

Mujde, Turkiye (Good news, Turkey)!
Galatasaray 0 - Genclerbirligi 2

Photo nicked from Haberturk

Just a quick post until Oz Kanka can fill in all the details.

The fact that Genclerbirligi defeated Galatasaray 0-2 in GS's last match in Ali Sami Yen Stadium will stand etched in history forever.

The man who got this snowball rolling was none other than my favorite Gencler player Hursut who managed to score the first goal less than a minute into the match. About 25 minutes later Orhan received a wonderful pass from Hursut and put it past GS goal keeper Ufuk giving Gencler a two goal lead which they managed to maintain for the rest of the match.

Well done, Gencler, in getting three very badly needed points--and doing it with flair.

More from Oz kanka tomorrow. Until then, feast your eyes on this.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Just when we thought things couldn't get any worse ........ they did !

Having to play half a season without Vittek is bad enough, but now we have another heavy blow to deal with.

Club Captain and Midfield General Sapara will not be playing on Sunday against Fener.

He picked up one too many yellow cards and is suspended for this match.

Klukowski will no doubt be Captain on Sunday, but the big question is ........ who is going to control the midfield and nullify the influence of Alex ??!! .......... and if anyone dares to come back with the suggestion of Murat Duruer they will be shot at dawn !!!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Monday, December 06, 2010

Genclerbirligi slide towards the relegation zone

It is all getting a bit scary for Genclerbirligi as we slide down to 15th on the table.

Konyaspor 2 - 1 Genclerbirligi

A good crowd at the Beer Bus on Sunday afternoon/evening with the Alkaralar crowd out in force. It was all high spirits even with the fact that Patio was starting up front again and our horrific injury toll continues to keep out some eight first team players (although Aykut and Orhan Sam were back for this one) but all was destroyed very early on.

Konya had a free kick and for the first time in a long while Serdar in goal made a simple mistake. He seemed to have completely misjudged the way the ball was going to bounce and what should have been a simple block turned out to be a goal.

Embarrassment all round but it at least woke Genclerbirligi up.

We launched attack after attack but again the fact that we are missing Pektemek and Zec really showed. At the same time though we did get shots on goal and would have scored a couple more if it wasn't for the heorics of Konya's keeper Jesus.

One particularly great save was made from a free kick that Soner sent into the top left corner that a fully outstretched Jesus managed to get a hand to.

We finally got one back just before the end of half-time when Soner sent in a corner that found the head of Murat. Surely this was going to be a goal but Jesus again made a great save and it was very unlucky for him that it fell to the feet of Kulusic who made no mistake.

Half-time and talk was all about the video promo for the Genclerbirligi- Ankaragucu documentary which we documented here. No one knows when it is coming out but everyone was very excited at the prospects. Me too.

Second half and again we came out attacking with Konyaspor reduced to counter-attacking and just when we thought it would be a draw Gencler took there foot off the pedal and allowed Konya back into it. Silly mistake. They ended up scoring from a corner.

Next week we have a tough one, away to Galatasaray for their last ever match at Ali Sami Yen Stadium. It would be just brilliant to rain on their parade. I doubt it is going to happen though.

Sunday, December 05, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Of course, the words disappointed and frustrated were mentioned after the match yesterday, but I think in the cold light of day it was probably a fair result. However, with the match swinging from end to end in the 2nd half, it could have been so different.

ANKARAGUCU 1 Sivasspor 1

Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I met up in the Beer Bus Bar to enjoy some pre-match 'refreshments' and serious footie talk (see my comments in the previous post).

Damon, taking a leaf out of Phillie Kanka Jamie's book, ordered a Chicken Shish and proceeded to feed most of it to the white 'Ankara' cat which roams up and down Sakarya Caddesi. I'm sure Weegie Kankie Rebecca will be pleased to hear that we are still looking after the local strays in her absence ??!!

We met up with Red Sox Kanka Russ at the Stadium. Great to see him there, especially as he slipped a free ticket to Scottish Eski Kanka !!!

Gecikondu was in potest mode - their tribune was only about a quarter full, and quite interestingly their Gecikondu Banner was upside-down. They were silent for the early part of the match, well ....... until Ankaragucu scored a goal !!

Team -

Ugur, Rajnoch, Aydin and Klukowski
Adem, Guven Sapara and Kagan
Sestak and Metin

2nd Half Subs - Dogan, Gabric and Meye

For the first 10 minutes of the match both teams were sizing each other up, and on the 10 minute mark I was thinking that Ankaragucu was gaining the upper hand in possession.

One minute later and Ankaragucu was one up. A free kick sent over by Sapara and Klukowski, at the near post, was first to it to send in an acute angled header into the corner of the far post which deceived everyone.

20 minutes in and Sivas were coming more into the match now and looking for the equaliser.

25 minutes in and it was almost two. A Guven 'special throw-in' was met by Rajnoch but the ball went just over.

Have to give a mention to Rajnoch for his central defensive display which earned him my 'Man of the Match' award. Nadeem may disagree with that ??!!

39 minutes in and it was developing into and end-to-end match. Sapara put Guven through with a great pass but he sent his shot straight to the keeper.

The ball moved to the other end and Sivas had a great chance but the shot went past the post.

42 minutes in and panic in the Ankaragucu penalty box with the ball bobbing around begging to be put away. Fortunately, it was cleared to safety.

Into the 2nd half and the pace didn't slacken. An Ankaragucu breakaway on 48 minutes saw Sestak fire in a great strike which was well saved by Ramovic.

Sivas was still looking dangerous on their forays into the Ankaragucu half, but Rajnoch was having a great match tidying everything up.

55 minutes in and Guven missed another chance when he shot tamely at Ramovic when it seemed easier to score.

One minute later and the inevitable happened. Another Sivas attack down the right wing the ball cut back and an angled strike from Erman which whizzed in, and Sivas was back in the match looking for the winner.

64 minutes in and Sivas was looking the more likely to find the winner with Ankaragucu running out of ideas.

70 minutes in and Dogan should have made it 2. Coming in from the left and eluding two tackles he shot without noticing that Sestak was free on the right. Great save from Ramovic again.

One minute later, Adem almost gifted a goal to Sivas by fiddling around just outside the Ankaragucu penalty when a clearance was called for. Fortunately for him the chance went begging.

78 minutes in and Ankaragucu seemed to sense a win was possible by upping the pace. Sestak was put through after some neat footie, but his great effort was just into the side netting with Damon and I up on our feet shouting ........ goooooal !!!

10 minutes to go and Sapara had a great chance when put through. However, instead of blasting it into the net, he tried to 'place it' in the top right hand corner. Not enough lift on the ball and Ramovic saved the day yet again.

5 minutes to go and it is apparent that Sivas had settled for a draw with some blantant time wasting tactics which surprisingly went unpunished by the referee.

Into the last minute and a great ball into the centre from Guven which found Sapara's head, but Ramovic comes to the rescue again.

Final whistle and cue ......... calls from Anti-X and Sokak Groups ........ Umit Istifa..... !!!

It seems to me that it is only a matter of time now beforer Umit Ozat either resigns or is given 'the push'. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the Club take the easy option and bring back trusted 'olde boy' and Ankaragucu hero, Hakan Kutlu !!!

We were back in The Beer Bus Bar and it goes without saying that Damon had his usual Double Hamburger - even Jamie would have had a problem finishing that much grub me thinks ??!!

Next up is the home match against Fener next Sunday KO 7pm. I guess we should be going to the Stadium a little earlier than normal for this one, so meet in The Beer Bus Bar from 4.30pm.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

A tale of one city?

I'm not really sure what this video is about. It has great production values but comes across as a sort of "promo" for a full length show. Thing is, I can't find any info on whether it is a full length show. The quotes used are taken a million miles out of context and most of them only make sense if you have a deep knowledge of Gencler and Ankaragucu.

I hope this is just a promo, because I'd love to see a full show on this. As the end line says: "Football is sometimes the story of a city". From what I can see the video is hinting at the differences in class or culture of the Genclerbirligi and Ankaragucu fans and possibly therefore the divisions in society in Ankara itself.

Below I've embedded the video and also a rough translation (with some notes). The translation and comment is rough because I couldn't understand some of the Turkish of the Ankaragucu fans (this may have been because I didn't know the context of their statements).

But again, this is ripe stuff for a TV feature. Come on Turkish TV, give it to us.

Starting shot of Ankaragucu fans in the stadium.

Ankaragucu fan: As you can see it is rotten (I think he is referring to the stadium falling apart. EDIT: I now think he is referring to a gecekondu area in Ankara).

Shot of Gencler fans

Genclerbirligi Amigo Nedim:
We are not like the other fan groups. Genclerbirligi fans do not swear. (which is totally true)

Tanil Bora: The two clubs represent two different communities, two different cultural communities, two different social climates.

Ankaragucu fan sitting on midget goal: When you look at it why it is a mass-action then you come across the Ankaragucu reality, there comes the friendships, from there comes the rebellion. (I have no idea what this means or even if I have translated it correctly)

Genclerbirligi fan wearing a Kara Kizil scarf: I'm Nazim, I'm a second year METU university student. I'm from Istanbul but I never miss Genclerbirligi matches. (Love you Nazim!)

Genclerbirligi fan Lale:
If you criticize the team as being elitest, then this is a criticism that is coming from looking from outside without actually knowing the team. (The lovely Lale speaks excellent English by the way, and therefore, by the definitions that drag this country down, is a member of the elite :) )

Ankaragucu fan: Something about Gecekondu (I couldn't catch what he was saying).

Scene of some Ankaragucu fans singing.

Shots of getting into the stadium

Ankaragucu fan wearing a Barcelona top: We are ghetto boys. ... We can't put up the banner (I didn't understand the Turkish, nor the context here)

Banner... "We remember the late Necdet Amca" (which is probably the context)

Genclerbirligi legend: We were established in Ankara, they can look at wherever they were established, but we were established in Ankara. (this is a dig at the fact that Ankaragucu was established in Istanbul and later moved to Ankara)

Ankaragucu fan in the park:
It is a funny comment which is usually made by Genclerbirligi fans.

Ankaragucu fan: Ankaragucu tribunes are the greatest triubnes of the Balkans and the Middle East.

Ankaragucu fans in the shoe shop:
We go to all the matches ... all the cities. (I can't be bothered to mention all the away matches these blokes claim to go to).

Shot of Ankaragucu fans singing to each other.

Shot of Gencler fans singing to Besiktas fans:
Hepiniz Istanbul cocugusunuz (In English this is the quaint "You are all children of Istanbul" but in Turkish it is very very close to the almighty insult that "you are all sons of whores". This is about as close as we get to swearing)

Ankaragucu fan in shoe shop: The person who lives in Ankara and supports an Istanbul team... is not a man. (and not being a man in Turkey is one hell of an insult... unless you are a woman that is)

Endline: Football is sometimes the story of a city

Saturday, December 04, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Ankaragucu did their usual recent trick of firing blanks tonight ..............

ANKARAGUCU 1 Sivasspor 1

Full report coming up tomorrow ........ yawn .... yawn ............

All the best from tired and despairing Eski Kanka Jim

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Obviously the shocking weather in Scotland has given Bellshill Kanka Nadeem some free time to reflect on the season so far. Still 3 matches to go before the winter shut down and let's hope we can end it on a happy note !

Quote .......

Its been a frustrating five months if your an Ankaragucu fan, some fantastic performances like the 4-2 wins over Galatasaray and Fenerbahce, to the awful 5-1 defeats against Bursaspor and Karabukspor.

As Dublin Neil said, we are in a better position the now than what we were this time last season. We just need to find a bit of consistency. I've rated the manager and players in how i think they have performed so far this season. I'm sure we will all come up with different opinions but I'll start. Marks will be out of (10)

Umit Ozat - (6) - This is Umit's first Job as a manager, at times it has showed as with his tactics and playing players out of position. Umit as a player was a fantastic defender so it is a surprise that his team have been very poor in defence. Jan Rajnoch, Michael Zewlakov, Aydin Toscali and Muhammet Hanifi have all struggled at the back and we need someone with a bit of pace in there come January. On the plus side we are still 10th in the league and Umit has had alot to deal with behind the scenes with players not been paid. If Umit stays on as manager he will need to bring in some players with quality in January and climb the table.

Stefan Senecky - (6) - I would have given Stefan a higher mark if he had been fit most of the season. He has just recently come into the squad and hasn't put a foot wrong. Won the team a point with his man of the match performance in Eskisehir, but needs his defence to help him out.

Ugur Ucar - (5) - Big things were expected when we signed Ugur from Galatasaray, unfortunatley he has spent most of the season injured and hasn't been able to show what he is capable of. A big second half of the season is expected and we could have a very good player at right back.

Muhammet Hanifi - (4) - Another one who has suffred with injuries, made his comeback in the game against Bursaspor and was subbed before half time, also gave away a pentaly against Gencler in the Derby. Looks very slow and unfit. Needs to get back in shape.

Michael Klukowski - (6) - Replaced Ariel Broggi as the clubs left back in the Summer and has did ok, nice left foot and we have missed him in the last couple of games. One of our more consistent defenders this season and looks a good buy.

Kagan Soylemezgiller - (5) - Hasn't been able to find his way into the first team due to injury, had an excellent game against Fenerbahce and got on the score sheet. Still only 22 but has to push hard for a place in the first team.

Turgut Dogan Sahin - (6) - Highly rated young player that has shown flashes of what he is capable of, very raw and can be frustrating as does all the hard work but messes up the simple things. With experience in the first team Sahin can be a very important player for us.

Mehmet Cakir - (4) - It may be a harsh mark, but the reason for this is because Mehmet is capable of so much more but only shows it now and then. Quick and skillful but his crossing and finishing have been shocking. Unless he starts to show he wants to play for the club he can be shown the door soon.

Stanislav Sestak - (7) - Good signing and has scored some great goals, full of running and makes goals as well. Would love to see him become a permanent signing in the summer. We have missed him in the last couple of games and it will be good to have him back when he returns.

Metin Akan - (7) - Metin was a bit part player last season but has established himself as one of our top players this term, has hit a bad spell the last month but has scored some important goals. Was excellent in the game against Galatasaray and will be hoping to get back to form again.

Robert Vittek - (?) - A massive loss to the team through injury, the sooner we get him back the better.

Michael Zewlakov - (4) - Big signing in the summer with his experience for Poland and Olympiacos, Has been injured all season and a major dissapointment for both him and the club. When fit looks a good player so hopefully he will have a better second half.

Theo Weeks - (6) - Starting to establish himself as a first team player, nice and tidy player but needs to improve on his shooting and decision making. Still only young and i think he can be a very good player in time. Does alot of work on the park in the holding midfield role.

Jan Rajnoch - (6) - Has had to fill in at centre half due to Injuries to our first choice defenders, Has struggled at times like the game against Bursaspor in particultar. not big enough or strong enough to play there. Much better when moved into midfield as nice and tidy on the ball and can score a few goals to.

Murat Druer - (5) - Jim's Favourite player, to be fair to the lad he has a nice left foot but is never played in his correct position, is always put at left back in which he is not a defener. Again been used mainly as back up or a sub.

Guven Varol - (7) - Been one of Ozat's best signings, versatile player who has played nearly every position asked of him. Scored the goal of the season away at Manisaspor as well. Like most of the team has had a dip in form recently but has done well so far over all.

Roguy Meye - (4) - Has only scored 2 goals in over a year for Ankaragucu, both coming in the cup. Again has struggled with fitness. If he can sort that out and start scoring he can become a very big player for us with is power and pace.

Aydin Toscali - (2) - Possibly the worst defender I've ever seen, and one of the slowest as well.

Marek Sapara - (9) - Outstanding, has scored some excellent goals and even when the team are playing poorly he is still giving his all, hopefully none of the big guns come in and take him in January. Is now the club captain due to Hurriyet been kicked off the team.

Ozden Ongun - (6) - Back up to Senecky and did ok when in the team, not the best at handling or coming for crosses but good shot stopper.

Hurriyet Gucer - (5) - Never played his best when in the team this season, now kicked off the team by Ozat and his future at the club is now in doubt as Ozat has said he will never play for the team while he is in charge.

Ozgur Cek - (6) - had a great start to the season, but has been off form of late and needs to get back to his best soon as the team isn't the same without him. Very talented player but is young and inconsistent. Lovely left foot and touch on the ball.

Adem Kocak - (6) - has been in and out the team, kind of player who is never outstanding, but never poor either. Lovely touch on the ball and plays the simple ball. Good back up.

Drago Gabric - (4) - On loan from Trabzonspor, but has failed to break into the first team apart from a handful of games. Much more expected of him in the second half and is a very talented player.



I'm sure the comments will come flooding in Nadeem. It will be interesting to see the conflicts of opinion.

So, let me get the ball rolling and say that you have been too generous to Murat Duruer !! I'll give him ONE point for the ONE good pass he's made all season !!!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim