Thursday, October 30, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Ankaragucu’s quest for Cup glory was put on-hold last night when they fired blanks at Fener.

ANKARAGUCU 0 Fenerbahce 1

Maniac Kanka Harun watched the match on TV in The Cappadokia Bar and reported an overall improvement in Ankaragucu’s play in comparison to last weekend’s disaster against Kayseri.

Fener created 2 goal scoring positions throughout the match and one was converted by Semih in the 5th minute when he fired in a rocket from 25 metres out.

Ankaragucu, on the other hand, had the lion’s share of play and created 6 goal scoring positions. They also had 54% of possession over the 90 minutes.

However, putting the round ball into the goal past the goalkeeper is the name of the game. Playing attractive and exciting footie is all well and good, but history only remembers WINNERS !

In the other match in this group, Eskisehir surprisingly lost at home 0-2 to Bursa. Perhaps Bursa will feel sorry for Ankaragucu’s plight on 12 November and give us some charity, or …………. perhaps brotherly love will be forgotten on a temporary basis for 90 minutes ??!!

So, still all to play for, but with only one home match against Tokat coming up, the onus is now on Bursa to qualify for the Quarter Finals with Fener.

However, sometimes miracles do happen !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Monday, October 27, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The Ankaragucu defence was rather confused on Sunday night. Instead of putting their clocks back one hour they thought it was Christmas and sent THREE gifts to Kayserispor !!

ANKARAGUCU 1 Kayserispor 3

The day started with sunshine over The Chopin, with Maniac Kanka and I enjoying the last of the Summer with luvvlie Efes for company. We were joined by two of my students who are here on an exchange scheme from America. Emma and Devney did well to find us on their first serious visit to Sakarya Caddesi. Bahadir joned us later and drove us to the Stadium in his soopir doopir Citreon.

Into the Stadium then and tears from Emma as she had to deposit lottsa coins in the `Police` box (we forgot to tell her about that rule !). Inside we were met by Yankee Kanka, Kaleci Kanka Tansu and Rip Off Kanka Erman.

No real surprises in the starting line-up with new coach Unal Karaman sending out an attacking formation with Mehmet and Igleias as strikers and Jaba and Gokhan supporting on the wings. Hmmmmm thinks I ….. that’s a good start !

Grrrrr …. wrong. Remember …… it’s Christmas !

Off we went and Serkans’s first task is to retrieve the ball in the net ! The Ankaragucu defence was `still in the dressing room` as Turgay strolled through the static defence after 45 seconds of play.

What a start. Can things get any worse ? Yes !

After 35 minutes, a speculative ball from Kayseri into the penalty area. No problems, Tolga had it covered and Serkan was coming out to collect. `Hello, don’t you guys talk to each other’ ?? They decided to collide with each other and Cangele following behind Toga said …… Happy Christmas …….. and walked the ball into an empty goal. Can things still get any worse ? Yes, but …….. later !

Half time came ….. thankfully ….. with Kayseri buoyed by their `two presents`. In all honesty, they looked the better team. A strong defence, good passing movement, fast and full of confidence. Well, it is Christmas, isn’t it ?

Ankaragucu did have one great chance before the 2nd goal when Mehmet picked up a loose ball from a defensive error and fired in a rocket which came rebounding off a post and was cleared.

Ankaragucu came out a different team in the 2nd half attacking the Gecikondu end and were putting Kayseri under pressure at last.

Two great saves from Souleymanou from headers thwarted a come back but still Ankaragucu pressed forward.

Then came the life-line in 50 minutes when the referee awarded a `penalty` to Ankaragucu. Of course, he was closer than me to the incident, but from where I was sitting it looked more like dangerous play which would have been an indirect free kick. Still, beggars can’t be choosers !!

Up came Jaba and Ankaragucu was back in the game. Up the tempo, but the same old story .... lots of effort but no finesse !

Then, the third Christmas present. With Ankaragucu fully committed to attack, a fast Kayseri break on the right which Murat Duruer should have dealt with. However, he lost control of the ball which was swung over and the inrushing Topuz had the easy task of slotting in with the Ankaragucu defence playing `catch up`.

Unfortunately, it was Duruer’s only mistake of the match and although I have been his critic this season, I won’t criticise him for his overall performance in this match.

However, questions need to be asked about the fitness level of most of the team, especially in defence. It was all too apparent today that they are off the pace in defence and attack. I wonder if new coach Unal Karaman can see it too ?! If not, I foresee a mountain to climb in the weeks ahead.

There was only one minor skirmish to report when the Maraton boys decided to throw `missiles` and chairs onto the pitch when the 3rd goal was scored. Cue ….... move to the exit to protect our girls from UFOs !

Normally with an away match against bottom club Kocaeli coming up next Sunday I would be licking my lips in anticipation, but with Ankaragucu stuck in 3rd bottom place, my lips are sealed !

However, first up is Fener on Cup business in midweek. Apparently, the TFF have changed the date of this match from Thursday to Wednesday evening. The kankas attending Sunday’s match will NOT be going to this one for `various reasons`.

All the best from `almost` despairing Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Correction to the Post - Ankaragucu Swings and Roundabouts.

Yours truly and Maniac jumped the gun !!

Apparently Hikmet Karaman was offered the position of coach but probably the thought of working with Cemal Aydin for a 3rd stint didn't fill him with joy ! I wonder why ?? The coach mentioned by Maniac also turned the job down for what reason I know not. Perhaps taking on a team which is 3rd bottom of the league didn't appeal ??!!

So, officially now ........... the new coach is Unal Karaman.

Don't know much about him. He played briefly for Ankaragucu in his younger days (he is 40 something now). He was also on the coaching staff of Trabzon.

Whatever. He has an awesome responsibility and all credit to him for accepting the challenge. It goes without saying that we in The Round Ball in Ankara wish him success. Time will tell as he strives to lift Ankaragucu up into mid-table security.

For the present, I will be interested to see his tactics for today's match against Kayseri. Will we go into a defensive shell and play for a 0-0, or will he opt to attack from the start ?

Watch this space tomorrow for the answer.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Radio blogging from behind the Internet wall

Denizlispor 2 - 2 Genclerbirligi

1:55 pm: Afternoon all, well good afternoon to all of you who have managed to get around the internet ban on blogger. I still haven't figured out why a court in Diyarbakir has banned all Turkish internet uses from seeing blogspot blogs but heh, hats off, somehow or other they managed to find someone somewhere on the internets saying something naughty.

1:58 pm: Kick off in two minutes. Trusty portable radio by my side.

2:01 pm: Sounds like Aussies Bruce Djite and James Troisi are starting. Good stuff. Peep, peep, peep

2:01 pm: GOAL... Troisi scores 25 seconds in. Brilliant!!!!!

Denizli 0 - 1 Genclerbirligi

2:04 pm: Burhan has a shot. Off the post and out. This is good stuff. Gencler on the attack again.

2:08 pm: Denizli have a couple of shots, sounds like they were close. Lig Radyo decides to go around the grounds... so I decide to have a cigarette.

2:12 pm: News of a goal, but from whom or which team?

2:13 pm: Damn, it was Denizli... not sure what happened.

Denizli 1 - 1 Genclerbirligi

2:17 pm: Header onto goal, out for a corner. Denizli clear.

2:24 pm: Erkan Ozbey injured in defence. Ado coming on. Denizli attacking full on, Izzet for Denizli is having a blinder (he scored the Denizli goal) and only some heroics from keeper Peric stop him.

2:25 pm: By the way, Eski Kanka Jim just sent me an e-mail, "If you are free tonight, why not join Maniac and I in Cappadokia at 6.30pm to watch Bursa stuff Fener!" Love to join you lot but I'm looking after Little Oz Kanka tonight, the wife has run off to Istanbul for four days.

2:34 pm: Peric is being kept busy. Tense stuff.

2:35 pm: The commentator says that outside the first five minutes Genclerbirligi have done nothing.

2:37 pm: Gencler get a free kick in a good position. Four-man wall. Nas has a shot, comes off someone and attack petres out (or should that be "peters out"). In other news, Ankaraspor have scored against Kocaeli.

2:48 pm: GOAL! Both Aussies are on the score sheet! Djite scores after some great build up work from Pektemek. And that's half time.

Half time scores
Denizlispor 1 - 2 Genclerbirligi
Ankaraspor 1 - 0 Kocaelispor

3:01 pm: About to get back under way. Seems like the first half was all Denizli, except for the very start, and the very end.

3:08 pm: Ankaraspor have gone 2-0 up.

3:18 pm: Ankaraspor go 3-0 up. In the important game though Denizli are attacking hard.

3:20 pm: Kahe is coming on. Not sure who came off. oh, it also seems we missed a "100 percent chance", says the commentator. If it was a "100 percent chance" it would have been a goal :(

3:23 pm: Peric stuffs up, leaves a ball for Izzet... who misses. Phew. By the way it was Pektemek who went off for Kahe.

3:25 pm: Lig Radyo have lost their feed... and so have gone back to the Ankaraspor match... Hopeless

3:30 pm: Hakan Aslantas one-on-one with the keeper but doesn't make it. Damn. Some good work from Kahe to set him up. Ankaraspor go 4-0 up.

3:32 pm: Denizli almost score, ball in the net but ref says their was a foul on Peric.

3:33 pm: This time Kahe fails in a one-on-one. Commentator says it was a 99 percent chance.

3:37 pm: Burhan off and Kerem on. No more subs for us. About 10 minutes left.

3:39 pm: Damn! Izzet equalizers. We should have finished this match off ages ago.

Denizlispor 2 - 2 Genclerbirligi

3:43 pm: A few minutes left and the criticism of coach Mesut Bakkal for taking Burhan off has already started on the Genclerbirligi fan forums.

3:45 pm: Another amazing save from the Denizli keeper. Arrgghh.

3:50 pm: Free kick to us, dangerous position. Denizli have 11 men behind the goal. Nothing happens. We are in extra time.

3:52 pm: This time Engin Baytar has a shot and Cenk saves for Denizli again. Their keeper has saved Denizli.

3:53 pm: Peep peep peep. Match over. 2-2

Post match thoughts: Getting a draw away from home is a good result but we should have won it. Seems as if the man-of -the match should go to Denizli keeper Cenk. Good to see both Troisi and Djite scoring their first league goals for Gencler. Next week, we are home to Antalyaspor. Sunday 2pm KO. See you at the Chopin at midday.

And the other match?
Ankaraspor 4 - 0 Kocaelispor


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.
For most of you who like to plan ahead, here are some dates for your diaries.

1. Turkish Cup – Group Stage
Thursday 30 October – KO 8pm
Ankaragucu v Fenerbahce
Meeting in The Chopin Bar at 6pm

2. League.
Sunday 2 November – KO – 2pm
Gencler v Antalya

3. League.
Sunday 2 November
Kocaeli v Ankaragucu

4. League.
Saturday 8 November – KO – 3pm
Ankaragucu v Bursa

5. League.
Sunday 9 November
Konya v Gencler

6. Turkish Cup.
Wednesday 12 November – KO 8pm
Bursa v Ankaragucu
Meeting – Might be on Lig TV ?! Possibly watch in Chopin Bar ?

7. League.
Friday 14 November – KO 8pm
Gencler v Trabzon

8. League.
Sunday 16 November
Eskisehir v Ankaragucu

See you in The Chopin Bar this Sunday for the Ankaragucu v Kayseri match. Meeting about midday and going to the Stadium at 1pm.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

PS ……. A message for Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo ………….
"I don’t, repeat …. don’t …. recommend a visit to Konya on 9 November !!!"

"The round ball in Ankara" blocked by Turkish court

Dark days in Turkey as "The round ball in Ankara" blog has been blocked by court order! Our overseas Kankas can reach the blog no worries but for those of us in Turkey we just get the following message: "Access to this website has been suspended in accordance with decision no. 2008/2761 of the TR Diyarbakir First Criminal Court of Peace."

My immediate thoughts were: "what the hell has Sir Eski Kanka been posting?" I tried to remember if he had posted any separatist Scottish stuff (after all I wouldn't be surprised if a court in Diyarbakir mixed up Scottish and Kurdish separatism), but then I remembered Sir Eski Kanka is a unionist.

My next thought was that it was that annoying Beşiktaş supporter who has been giving us shit for the last week or so just because we rightly denigrated his team as Sekiztaş.

Maybe it was my calls for decent toilets at the 19 Mayis Stadium, perhaps these were conceived as being an attack on a state institution. Maybe it was the call for civil disobedience at the stadium when I urged everyone to light a fag in defiance of the anti-smoking laws?

It seems though that the ban is a little bit wider than just us at "The round ball in Ankara" and all blogspot blogs have been banned in Turkey.

I shall be getting in touch with Freaky Deaky Dutch Kanka Niels in the next day or so to try and get the blog out of the all-encompassing net that is the Turkish court system protecting us from the evil of football blogs.

In the meantime, one way of accessing the blog, and also posting for the blog, is to use a proxy site called vtunnel.

How does it work?

Put into you browser.

Once it has loaded up and popped up a couple of annoying advertisements, cut and paste into the appropriate box.

That should get you around the ban, at least until I have sorted out another way.

In the meantime, can you Ankaragucu supporters on Sunday sing to the tune of the Beatles song Yellow Submarine "We want to live in a free democracy, free democracy, free democracy".

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Well ........... here we go again on the Merry-go-Round of coaches.

Hakan Kutlu resigned last night ..... not a surprise really ......... and back comes Hikmet Karaman.

As you may recall, Hikmet Bey was the Ankaragucu coach 2 years ago, and I may add, doing a fairly good job, until he had a `dust-up` with the Mighty Cemal Aydin. In came Hans Peiter Briegel ..... lots of oooohsss and ahhaaaas all round.

At this stage there was lots of euphoria with such a highly respected coach and Hakan Kutlu was more or less assigned as his deputy. Good move we all thought.

However, Herr Briegel had a `difference of opinion` with Cemal Aydin - out he went after a short stay - and in came Hikmet Karaman. Again, all was going well with Hakan Kutlu acting as deputy until, after another dispute, Hikmet Bey was `shown the door`.

Decision time .......... and easy option ...... let's throw Hakan Kutlu into `the deep end` and see what happens !

Therefore, my sword is not out for Hakan Kutlu who has Ankaragucu coursing through his veins. Under the circumstances, he has given his best with his limited experience and resources.

My advice to him now is to take on a team in the 2nd or 3rd League to gain some coaching and managerial experience and come back to his HOME team when is has gained the experience and confidence to manage a team in the Super League - perhaps in a few years time.

As for Hikmet Karaman, I say ............. welcome back. He is a well known and respected coach in Turkey who is well able to motivate a team.

Perhaps we can forget about `alarm bells` and go forward under his guidance. He now has 5 days to show us his talents and put us back on the rails again.

Go to it Hikmet Bey !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Monday, October 20, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Not a happy weekend in Ankara, with THREE the unlucky number !

Sivasspor 3 ANKARAGUCU 0

Not much I can say about this match. Hurriyet's headline this morning said it all .....

`Ankaragucu Collapse`

Putting myself in Hakan Kutlu's position, I would have gone to Sivas to perform a damage limitation exercise. Knowing only too well that Sivas would come out with all guns blazing, the message would have been to shore up the defence and try to break out when the situation warranted it. However, it seems as though that particular plan, if adopted, didn't work !

Balili scored in the 8th and 57th minute and it was all wrapped up on 68 minutes by Mehmet Yildiz. We know what Sivas are capable of, so I suppose we can have no complaints.

I haven't hit the alarm bells ....... yet. Ankaragucu may be stuck in 3rd bottom position in the league, but only 6 points behind Kayseri in mid-table.

So, next weekend's match against Kayseri takes on added significance. Again, putting myself in Hakan Kutlu's shoes, I would make the team watch the first 15 minutes of the Gencler v Besiktas match and send them out to do a similar devastating job !

Let's take our optimism pills before we go to the Stadium next weekend !

Details of KO time and date to be announced in Oz Kanka's email.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Better than 8-0

There is nothing worse than being 3-0 down after 13 minutes, well, being 8-0 down after 90 minutes is worse, but I guess I should start up with the happier part of the day. ie before a ball was even kicked.

Wonderful autumn sunshine in the capital brought the kankas out of the woodwork. Even a couple of Ankaragucu kankas showed up for the pre-match beers, with Little Oz Kanka Matthew and his schoolmate Carlo doing their best to convert Sir Eski Kanka Jim to the Gencler cause. (photo soon I hope)

A few beers in the sun and then off to the stadium where we all got hopelessly separated. Being in charge of two under five year-olds for the day meant I wasn't able to perform my usual duties... ie sort out the rest of the kankas.

Genclerbirligi 1 - 3 Besiktas

In our seats just in time for the national anthem and then ... disaster.

Three minutes in and we give away a soft goal. A couple of minutes later and another soft goal. Just over 12 minutes on the clock and Besiktas scored a third. Demoralising stuff.

The Bizanslar behind the goals were singing away while our lot were totally quiet. Shell-shocked is the word.

As a die-hard supporter it was difficult to enjoy anything from this point on. Even though we then started to outplay Besiktas.

For both the rest of the first half and most of the second we were clearly the better team, but once again we failed to find the back of the net. Besiktas' keeper made a couple of brilliant reflex saves but with the scoreline at 0-3, there really was no hope.

Kahe did manage to get one back for us when we were awarded a clear-cut penalty and for a little while the Gencler fans were shouting again.

Some rough play from Besiktas, in particular Ali Tandogan who should have been given a red card (instead the man whom he fouled, Ergun, was given his marching orders) gave the match a sour taste. The referee was hopeless, as were the linesmen.

Aussie Bruce and James Troisi came on in the second half and both played fairly well with Aussie Bruce unlucky to have a shot blocked by Rustu. At least the bloke is having shots on goal, something that the rest of the team needs to start doing.

As the sun slowly went down, we dragged our sunburnt selves out of the 19 Mayis and off home. A depressing end to a beautiful day. As I said 1-3 was depressing, but at least it wasn't a display as inept and embarrassing as Besiktas' 8-0 loss to Liverpool. Sorry Besiktas supporters, you may have won today, but you are still the butt of all European football jokes.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The Groups for the next round of Turkish Cup matches have been announced today.


Gaziantep BBS







In an ideal world, it would have been great if Ankaragucu had been drawn in Group C, however, as we all know, you only reach the Cup Final by beating the teams that come in front of you !

The teams will play each other once only, so here's hoping Fener come to Ankara. The first round of matches will be played on 28 and 29 October and I'll post the Ankaragucu home matches when they are announced.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Edit No1 -

Maniac Kanka has just informed me of the Cup fixtures, which are -

28 or 29 October - ANKARAGUCU v Fenerbahce
11 or 12 November - Bursa v ANKARAGUCU
27 or 28 December - ANKARAGUCU v Tokat (3rd League Team)
6 or 7 January - Eskisehir v ANKARAGUCU

Firm details will be announced when known.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Breaking news on the future of Ankaragucu .............

We have to earmark the name `McGUIRE` for 18 years time in the future !

News is just in that Mrs Kirkcaldy Kankie (Sinead) and Kirkaldy Kanka Martyn are expecting their first baby. On behalf of all the kankas we send our congratulations and best wishes for the safe delivery of the wee McGuire.

Actually, we don't know for sure if it's a boy, but Maniac and Eski are predicting it will defo be a boy who can shoot with both feet, good with his head, has the coolness and the vision of a world class midfield general and can tackle like Kirkcaldy Kanka himself !

Let's farm him out to Raith Rovers FC youth team to gain experience and then bring him to play at the highest level with Ankaragucu in 18 years time ?!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Monday, October 06, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

After all the euphoria of a Cup win against a 2nd division team and a modest league win last week, it was back to reality for Ankaragucu last night in the Ankara Derby.

ANKARAGUCU 0 Genclerbirligi 2

There was a good turnout of kankas at The Chopin Bar for this one. On the Ankaragucu side – Maniac Kanka Harun, Mountaineering Kankas Robbie and Judy, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Rip Off Kanka Erman, Kaleci Kanka Tansu, Selda Kankie and a new kanka recently arrived from the UK, footie fanatic Cardiff Kanka Richy. Richy comes to us with a wide knowledge on footie matters and will be a valuable new member of our group.

On the Gencler side – Oz Kanka Chris, Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo and Protokol Kanka Emin.

Off to the Stadium then, full of the usual optimism and no problems getting in with our new Kombine Cards (Season Tickets) – thanks for arranging it Maniac Kanka ! We were met in the Stadium by Yankee Kanka and Pegasus Kanka Emir and his beautiful fiancée.

The 3 Ankaragucu tribunes were almost full, the noise levels were high and expectations were also high. The Gencler `away` end was doing its best to be heard but it was a losing battle ! Maniac tried to do a head-count and made it 39. However, as I have said before, he has a problem sometimes with Mathematics – those who have seen him play darts will no doubt agree !! I think the figure was nearer 49 ! Any other offers ?

More mutterings of discontent from me when I saw the Ankaragucu starting line-up. It has been plain for all to see for some time that some players in the team are not doing the biz and those are – Cem Can, Barbaros and Murat Duruer. I’m not suggesting for a minute that I am more knowledgeable than Hakan Kutlu, but surely he can see the obvious. He has been at the Club for many years and may well be influenced `from high above`, and if so, a sure recipe for disaster.

After paying a respectful one minute silence for the recent atrocities in the east by the PKK, the match got underway.

It was a whirlwind start by Ankaragucu for the first 15 minutes which had Gencler on the back foot and Serkan a spectator. Murat Duruer (3 times), Mehmet and Gokhan all had good chances to open the scoring but the ball was either flying over the bar or past the posts. I was wondering how long Ankaragucu could maintain this level of attacking. I shouldn’t have bothered !

Gencler took `the sting` out and began to come more into the match. I have to praise their Back 4 who were looking solid and dealing well with `Lone Ranger` Mehmet. Ankaragucu (inevitably) lost their momentum and Gencler finished the first half looking the stronger team.

Mehmet Nas had a screamer of a goal bound shot well saved by Serkan, and at the other end Gokhan went on a run, beat 4 defenders, and with Peric beaten, sent his shot against the post.

Time for a half time cuppa and more mumblings of discontent !

The same line up for the 2nd half and I’m shaking my head in disbelief. Did Hakan Kutlu learn nothing from the recent Istanbul BBS match ??!! Murat Duruer hugging the left touchline well policed, Gokhan the only danger on the right trying crosses into the `Lone Ranger`, but with Gencler’s Back 4, particularly Traore, missing nothing in the air it was like wishing for a miracle !

These tactics may well work if the midfield supports the attack ! In that case, where was Cem Can, Barbaros and Murat Erdogan ?? Good question !

Halfway through the 2nd half and the defining moment. Gencler received a free kick outside the box. `The Wall` was positioned, Kahe stepped up and drove in low and hard past `the wall` into the bottom left to score a classic free kick goal. Serkan almost reached it, but let’s face it, it should have been dealt with by `the wall`.

We could hear the Gencler fans now as the Ankaragucu tribunes recovered from the shock !

There then followed another amazing decision by Hakan Kutlu. Off came Murat Erdogan (captain) who was having a fair match (at least he was trying to inspire others around him) and Gokhan our most dangerous forward.

Looks of amazement all round from the kankas. Mountaineering Kanka asked me later what was the purpose of withdrawing those 2 and all I could muster was a blank look and a shrug of the shoulders !

On came Jaba and Metin, but it made little difference as Gencler continued to press forward and play the better footie.

Then 15 minutes from the end Gencler `put the sword in`. Ilkem was dispossesed by Engin near the right touchline and ended up on his ass. Murat Duruer (for once) was in a position to retrieve the situation but some skilful footwork from Engin avoided 2 attempted tackles and eluded Ilkem scuttling back. He turned both players, looked up and curled a fantastic swerving shot around Serkan into the top left hand corner for number 2. For me, goal of the season, so far !

More singing from the Gencler supporters as the Ankaragucu tribunes vented their anger on the management in Protokol. I saw a plastic chair flying into Protokol from Kapali. Hope it didn’t hit Emin !

War didn’t quite break-out, but we had to endure a few skirmishes in Maraton !!

So, `a good day at the office` for Gencler and a well deserved win. There can be no complaints from Ankaragucu who were well beaten by a fitter and stronger team. Also, there were 2 high quality goals to savour for Gencler.

No league footie next week which will be of some relief to Hakan Kutlu. He now has 2 weeks to work on a new team formation and game plan, and then it is off to Sivas.

This is not an easy league (ask CimBom and Fener !!) and there will be no respite in Sivas. The winter of discontent approaches for Ankaragucu me thinks !

All the best from Discontented Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Aberdeen 1-2 Hibernian

Hibs jumped back up the table to fourth place with a narrow victory against Aberdeen. It took a rather dodgy penalty for Hibs to get their winner, I have not seen it personnally but all the commentators agreed the ref got it wrong.

Hibs had taken the lead through a Derek Riorden goal slightly against the run of play. A slack back pass from the Aberdeen defender was pounced on by Riorden who calmly finished.

Aberdeen equalised from the penalty spot late in the first half. By all accounts the Aberdeen penalty was soft as well so maybe it all balanced out over the ninety minutes.

Hibs winner came from Derek Riorden again, his shot flew by Steven Fletcher standing way offside before hitting the Aberdeen defender on the arm. A red card and a penalty were awarded allowing Riorden the chance to net his third goal since returning to Hibs.

So a better weekend for the Hibees after last weeks 3-0 mauling from Rangers. Hopes had been high for Hibs going into that match following an away win at Hamilton, Riorden had sealed that victory with a tremendous effort in the first half. It proved to be the only goal of the game.

The SPL is now taking shape, Rangers and Celtic lead the way with only a handfull of points seperating the other ten teams. Maybe in a month or two the smaller squad sized teams will start to struggle and the league with spread out a bit.

Full marks to St Mirren this weekend who beat Rangers 1-0. Always pleased to report on the Biggot Brothers getting beat.

Hibbee Kanka

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sounds like a good idea to me

I've quoted Steven Wells a number of times on this blog and he has just come up with another brilliant idea for footy:

We should tool the refs up. Not with guns, obviously. That would be stupid. But certainly with tasers...

Let's make the players wear undergarments laced with a filigree of superconductive wiring. One word of dissent, one raised eyebrow, the slightest suggestion of a smirk, one tiny gesture of sarcastic applause and the offending player is dealt a brief but instructive agony. This could be particularly effective with those players feigning injury. Bzzzzzzt! Get up. Bzzzzzzzzt! Get up. Repeat as needed.

Continue reading here

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

This post is principally for our friend Ahmad in Egypt, but I'm sure it will interest others.

It was reported in The Hurriyet this morning that Sherif has cancelled his contract with Ankaragucu. Interestingly, he did it and not the Club.

Speaking personally, I am disappointed with this news because every Club needs cover in all positions and I believe Sherif would have had a future in the Turkish league if he had stayed here with Ankaragucu and fought for his place in the team.

OK, so we also have Zafer as back-up, but he is approaching the twilight of his career. Also, it is true that Serkan is playing well at the moment, but after all, he is only human and only as good as his last match !

Anyway, I wish Sherif all the best in his career and, Ahmad, perhaps you can let us know which Club he will join so that we can follow his progress.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim