Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Ankara derby details

Forget about the over-hyped Spanish siesta that is Real Madrid versus Barcelona, Chelsea-Arsenal is a yawn attended only by sponsors and those with much too much money, and who on earth cares about ancient religious squabbles that most of the world has managed to leave behind except for Rangers and Celtic fans.

Yep, those matches are just media beat-ups because the toughest derby of them all is on this week: Genclerbirligi versus Ankaragucu.

Gencler go into the match on a bit of a low. Last week saw them play dissapointingly, losing 1-0 away to Galatasaray. That loss came after a brilliant 3-0 drubbing of Trabzonspor.

Ankaragucu are flying high. After a dismal start to the season the sari-lacivert boys have won their last two league matches, both by impressive scores.

Of course, this is the match that pitches mate against mate, kanka versus kanka with Sir Eski Kanka leading the Ankaragucu crowd and yours truely rallying the Gencler troops.

The match kicks off on Sunday at 2 p.m. and in the spirit of love and peace all kankas, whether they be Ankaragucu or Gencler supporters, are invited to be at the Chopin bar at midday for pre-battle drinks.

Those details again:
Sunday November 5
Genclerbirligi versus Ankaragucu
Kick-off 2 p.m.
Meeting at Chopin at Midday

Also, if any of you guys or girls with Gencler season tickets aren't coming to the match please tell me so I can collect them off you. You Ankaragucu lot, have fun in the away section.

EDIT: Wednesday afternoon. It has just been announced that the match has been put back to 3pm. How nice of them to give us an extra hour at the pub. ie still meeting at midday.


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The following article was nicked from the Hibs Web Site (with apologies !!)....

`Hibernian FC today announce the appointment of John Collins as Manager. John emerged from a group of strong candidates following a rigorous process conducted by the Club. John has agreed a 3 year managerial contract.

Chairman Rod Petrie said: “John is a man with talent, ambition, drive and determination. A footballer of international renown, whose playing career spans five clubs in three countries over 19 years, his achievements make him a role model for our players.

“John has spent three years preparing for today. He has all the technical qualifications, including a UEFA Pro Licence, which means he could be considered for any job in Europe. John decided that he wanted to be a manager in his own right and turned down a number of opportunities to become a coaching assistant.

“John has the ambition and character to be a top manager. We have a talented group of players and a tremendous infrastructure at the Club. John joins us at an exciting time.

“Hibernian gave John his start as a professional footballer. However he is not being appointed for what he achieved here as a player but for what he can achieve here as a manager.”

John Collins said: “I am delighted to be taking up the managerial position at Hibernian and returning to the Club where I started my football career. This is a Club of tremendous stature with a great tradition for playing entertaining and attacking football.

“I would like to let the supporters know that my philosophy is all about playing a passing game with passion, enthusiasm and commitment. Supporters want to win and they want to be entertained. It is our job to give them that.”

Eski Kanka said......On a personal note, I have seen John Collins play for Hibs many times and he was always the true professional and well respected by players and fans alike.

However, I am unsure of what he has been doing recently. So, perhaps Hibbie Kanka Athole can fill us in. Also, the reaction from the fans on the appointment.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, October 29, 2006

ANKARAGUCU ......... ON FIRE ..... AT LAST !!!

Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Good news at last…… ANKARAGUCU are now realising their potential. I’m not saying that they are the `finished article` but it is beginning to come together. Today…….

ANKARAGUCU 4 Erciyes of Kayseri 1

The day started out slowly……. in The Chopin Bar. Yours truly, Huso Kanka and Nuri Kanka, met and conversed for over an hour in our broken Turkish and English. We made it though. Perhaps the EFES helped a little ??!! It’s amazing what you can achieve when there isn’t a translator (Oz Kanka) there to make it easy !!! Maniac Kanka was at a Volleyball match with his daughter and couldn’t come and so he was forgiven. However, what about all the other Ankara Kankas who are (were ?) so famous in Ankara ? Where were they today ??!! Marash Kanka Hakan came late and joined us just as we were leaving for the Stadium.

Off we went to Maraton again and met up with Maniac Kanka Harun and his beautiful daughter Hazal, who will NOT be called Little Maniac Kankie ! Her name is Melek (Angel) Kankie and she is now the official Kanka Mascot.. For those of you who have never met an angel before then you need look no more. Just meet Melek Kankie and you will have met your first angel !!

ANKARAGUCU started with the same line up as in the past 2 matches and again their tactics were similar…….. attack …….. attack ! I have to take my hat off to Hikmet Bey. Since his arrival, the team are really all fired up.

The match was only 5 minutes old when Mustafa put ANKARAGUCU into the lead after some nice work down the left wing and a cross ball in which Mustafa met unmarked.

The Gecikondu End was full, Maraton was almost full and Kapali was almost full. So, the volume of the singing increased as the crowd anticipated more……… and it came. Five minutes later and the moment we were all praying for after many weeks……. a goal for Bebbe ! Good passing (Hikmet is NOW reading our blog !!) put Bebbe clear and he struck an unstoppable shot to open his account for the season.

What a start. Could it continue ? Good question. 10 minutes later came the answer and yet another ANKARAGUCU attack down the right wing with Abdulrahman Dereli involved. With everyone expecting a cross, he fired in an angled fierce shot which screamed into the top left hand corner of the goal with the goalkeeper clawing air !

3 – 0 up after 20 minutes and we were all jumping up and down shouting, singing, dancing and kissing each other. Was there more to come we were thinking ???

Actually, no. The pace slowed down a little and Erciyes came more into the match leading up to the half time whistle, but that’s how it stayed.

Into the 2nd half and it was more end to end stuff now and all credit to Erciyes for not throwing in the towel. However, after only 10 minutes came the goal of the match. Ceyhun disposessed the Erciyes full back, who was in half a mind what to do with the ball, and with only the goalkeeper to beat, cut it back for the incoming Bebbe to slot it home for his 2nd goal of the match. The Stadium errupted at this stage and Bebbe’s name was resounding around the Stadium. This must have been sweet music in his ears after so many near misses and frustrations over the past few weeks.

The pace of the game slowed even further as ANKARAGUCU made 3 substitutions with the match well won. However, a bad mistake from the normally reliable Emre gifted a chance to Erciyes in the last few minutes which they took very well.

This was more like the ANKARAGUCU of old. Attacking and scoring, and defending in depth. Running off the ball, passing accurately and playing as a team. An excellent performance which will be leaving Genclerbirligi supporters trembling in fear as next Sunday’s local derby match approaches.

Moving up into the mid-table region now and……… thinking SERIOUSLY about the UEFA Cup next season !!!!

After the match it was to The Cappakokia Bar for celebration drinks and lots of toasts to Bebbe, the hero for the day !!

Details of the Gencler V ANKARAGUCU match next Sunday coming up from Oz Kanka in an email soon.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim……… still on a high !

The goals can be seen here

Bloody Gulay!

A forward note: Sir Eski Kanka Jim went a bit too far with posting updates to tonight's match and so I deleted them. Sir Eski may be the inspiration for this blog but only I know how to delete posts. Don't worry, you didn't miss anything.

There was no gathering point tonight so it was just myself and Little Oz Kanka at home watching Galatasaray taking on Genclerbirligi. Mrs. Oz Kanka decided that the start of the match was as good time as ever to shave her legs (not where we were watching the football, mind you, but well out of sight in the bathroom).

My hopes were high considering our results in the last couple of matches and Gencler seemed to have sensed that as well. Well... for the first five minutes, because after that it was all Galatasaray. My God I don't know how many shots they had but they should have been up 3-0 after about 30 minutes.

We weren't playing too badly up front, at least our shots were on goal, but by God we were slow. How often were Galatasaray allowed to get the ball to someone completely unmarked just outside, or at times, inside the box?

I'd also point out how slow we were in attack. It seemed like it was slow motion at times. We had our chances, and an unlucky call for offside when Okan was ready to send the ball back in, but we really must speed up our play.

The first half though was bloody lucky. Galatasaray seemed intent on hitting the ball into the heavens and while we were getting shots on goal they were all going into the hands of Mondragon.

If the Galatasaray attack was on target I reckon it could have been 3-0 at this stage.

Half time and I had to go... An old colleague was having a dinner party and as such I couldn't watch the rest of the match.

So all I can say is that in the 69th minute Hakan (last name not reported by the Anatolian news agency - idiots) headed in a ball sent in by Hasan Sas (last name reported by the Anatolian news agency - thanks for the consistency - wankers).

That's it.

I had a great dinner party but how bloody annoying that Galatasaray ruined my evening. Arrrrggggghhh.

Well done Galatasaray (my God I hate to say that) and congrats to our old foe Gulay whom I see from this post is already gloating away.

Just wait Gulay, it may take until the second half of the season, it may even take until the second half of the next decade, but when we beat your boys you will never underestimate the meaning of the phrase "I think they are slightly happy" ever again.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

It is 8.15pm on Saturday night in Ankara and the score in Istanbul is -

Galata....spit...saray 0 GENCLERBIRLIGI 0

Here is the update.............

C'mon Gencler .............. C'mon Gencler !!!

Shame on me... I'm watching Charlton Athletic hold fast against The Toon Army and Oz Kanka is out somewhere in Ankara sipping his `maximum 3 beers` (yeah sure !!!).

So........ into the 2nd half in a few minutes and............

C'mon Gencler ............ C'mon Gencler !!

Look forward to Oz Kanka's report tomorra !!!

Don't forget....... meeting 12 noon at The Chopin Bar tomorra.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

The end of summer

Sir Eski Kanka gets most his news from Hurriyet and we all know just how reliable they are when it comes to fact checking. After all, they completely stuffed up their list of foreigners playing in Turkey as Zagreb Kanka proved so well here (check the comments section for the detective work).

Anyway, the above picture is of an article in today's Hurriyet in which in the written report it urges everyone to remember to put their clocks back one hour tonight.

As I know Sir Eski Kanka at times gets his "back" and "forward" mixed up I'd just ask him not to use Hurriyet's helpful grafic in figuring out what to do tonight.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Calculators out

According to an oldish survey I found here (a couple of months old) in the UK it costs an average punter 1,310 pounds a season on average to follow a top flight team, get the latest kit but not follow the team to European matches.

This seems quite pricey to me (I think it includes away match tickets as well) but it made me think of figuring out how much it costs to be a Gencler fan. Obviously this little survey can't be directly compared to the English one but anyway.

Season ticket for Maraton: 105 tl
Bus to Chopin bar (1 tl times 17 home matches): 17 tl
Three beers at Chopin (2.50 tl each times 17 home matches): 127.50 tl
Kofte lunch at Chopin (5 tl per match): 85 tl
Shared taxi to the stadium (average of about 2tl per match): 34 tl
Average amount of money lost after coins and or lighters are confiscated by police (1 tl per match): 17 tl
shared taxi back to bar (same as above): 34 tl
Three more beers post match times 17 matches: 127.50 tl
Taxi back home (5tl times per match): 85 tl

Brings us to a grand total of: 632 tl (or around 232 pounds, 346 euros)

All up, money well spent I'd say.


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

This will be a first for The Round Ball in Ankara and an historic moment in its existence.

As a firm supporter of The Anti-X Group of ANKARAGUCU supporters and a fanatical opponent of the `Big 3` Istanbul teams, you have never ever heard me say anything positive about any of them. However, I have to break my golden rule today and say something positive about the Besiktas supporters.

You will recall that Besiktas played hosts to Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) on 19 October at the Inonu Stadium in Istanbul. I watched the 2nd half of that match on TV, and along with everyone else, was impressed by the standard of footie served up by Spurs. I was even more impressed at the end of the match when the Besiktas supporters applauded the Spurs players off the pitch. Remember, Spurs won 2-0.

In this morning's Hurriyet there was a letter from Willie McDougall (UEFA Security Officer) to Besiktas Football Club expressing his thanks and appreciation for the behaviour and attitude of the Besiktas fans.

Praise of this nature from UEFA officials is rare and Besiktas have certainly earned lots of credit for the future.

It is not often supporters receive praise from the Footie Authorities, press, and even this blog, so this is a refreshing turn of events.

So, well done from me Besiktas supporters and I hope other teams in Turkey and Europe will copy you. Stranger things have happened !!

Let's hope that the Spurs supporters are equally sporting when Besiktas visit White Hart Lane in the future.

Before closing, I can recall one other similar occasion back in 1987/88 when Hibernian played Aberdeen in the League Cup Final. Aberdeen played very well that day and won the match 3-0, however, Hibs never gave up and chased everything for 90 minutes, even though they knew Aberdeen were the better team. At the end of the match, the Hibs fans applauded both teams and wouldn't let the players go down the tunnel until they had finished. I was proud of the Hibs supporters that day.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim (in sporting mood !!)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A different view

While it may be a bit late Aussie Joe, a bloke who lives in Mersin, went to the Galatasaray - Ankaragucu match a few weeks ago and has finally posted a report on his own blog ( http://taheny.com/ ).

It is quite a nice read as this was Joe's first time at a football match in Turkey and it is funny to see his reactions to all sorts of things that all of us used to find so strange about Turkish football (well, quite a few of them are still strange to me).

For example:
After the final whistle went, to show their disgust at a mediocre performance, a few of the Galatasaray's immature supporters threw objects, including water bottles onto the pitch. I really don't know why some Turkish supporters are so pathetic. To those guys: sucked in! On a slightly related issue: if we had to get rid of our coins prior to entering the stadium (so they could not be used as missiles) why was change given when buying food and drink when inside?

By the way Joe, you should have bought tickets for the away end. Then you could have shouted your heart out and the Ankaragucu supporters would have been blown away.


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

A quick update on news from one of our other favourite team's - Hibernian Ladies !

Last weekend they defeated Newburgh Ladies 4-0 in the semi-final of the Ladies Premier League Cup to set up a final against Edinburgh Ladies next month.

2 goals from top goalscorer Kim Little was enough to take the steam out of a battling Newburgh side.

Hibernian Ladies last won this trophy 2 seasons ago and are determined to regain the League Cup and bring it back to Hibernian.

Watch this space for more news. All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Shock horror....... 4 goals in 2 matches !!! ANKARAGUCU have finally awoken from their summer slumber !!!

ANKARAGUCU 2 Rizespor 1

Maniac Kanka Harun and I met up at the Cappadokia Bar in Kizilay and enjoyed some kofte and liquid refreshment together. The topic of conversation was footie, girls, footie, girls, and more footie, but not necessarily in that order !

Off to the Stadium (in Maraton again) where we met lots of Harun's friends and a few of my old friends from the Anti-X group.

ANKARAGUCU started the match with the same team which defeated Konya and went straight into attacking mode. It was pretty hectic stuff with the Rize keeper being kept a busy man.

After 10 minutes a high cross came in from the left wing and Mustafa, unmarked at the back post, chested the ball down, chose his spot, and gave the keeper no chance. The singing from the 4 tribunes stepped up another octave and we were all happy bunnies !

It was pretty much a midfield battle from Rize with ANKARAGUCU seemingly more in control but again failing to turn their possession into goals. Also, the old problem of the final pass going astray was again creeping into play. Then, just before half time, and against the run of play, came the equaliser.

I'm sure Hikmet Bey will have been furious, as we all were. The Rize attacker took the ball to near the left wing corner flag and did a nutmeg on Murat. He then crossed in for the unmarked Yasin to power in a header. However, Serkan saved the point blank header but could only palm the ball out to the STILL unmarked Yasin who had the easiest of tasks to tap in with Serkan grounded. The defence was for once posted missing !

No panic buttons were pressed after this abomination and ANKARAGUCU came out in the 2nd half attacking Gecikondu end. It was still all ANKARAGUCU and Serkan was rarely troubled in the entire match.

On the 55th minute mark the deserved winning goal came. A great attacking move of inter-passing between Ceyhun and Murat ended with Murat crossing a high ball from the left wing to the unmarked Mustafa on the back post who fired in an unstopable volley for the goal of the match.

Rize tried their best to find another equaliser but most of their efforts were long range and Serkan was never in danger. I wasn't impressed with Rize as a team, and am anticipating that they will struggle to stay up this season ! As usual, the ANKARAGUCU defence generally played well with Abdurrahman Derili again outstanding in defence, but especially consistant as an attaching full back. Man of the match again !

ANKARAGUCU should have been 3 or 4 or 5 up at the final whistle after Bebbe and Silva were clean through on goal with only the keeper to beat. However, instead of doing the sensible thing, like commiting the keeper and going round the keeper, they went the direct route and left us all swearing at their inaptitude ! Only they know what they were trying to do !!!

Bebbe ran himself ragged and all credit to him for his efforts, but he really needs a goal soon to restore his confidence. He is an Augustine `lookalike` and looks natural on and off the ball, but strikers are only human and when they are not scoring it will ultimately affect their standard of play in the long term. I recall Isaac Promise of Gencler going through the same crisis last season !!

Agali is back after his `extended holiday` and came on late in the game as a sub. He is another player who needs to start scoring if he is to `sell himself` to the coach and the fans.

So, another good performance from ANKARAGUCU who are looking more of a settled team now. However, they have to turn their pressure into goals and work on their passing game on the training ground. Hikmet Bey please note !!

It was back to The Cappadokia Bar after the match with yours truly, Maniac Kanka, Huso Kanka, and Nuri Kanka for celebration drinkies !!

In the other match in our group, Besik...spit...tas stuffed Buca from the 2nd League 5-1 in Izmir.

Back to league footie this weekend, and as a reminder, meeting in The Chopin Bar at 12 noon on Sunday for - ANKARAGUCU v Erciyes of Kayseri

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

You can check out all the goals here

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

4 out of 6 for the Hibees

Four points out of six for Hibs in their last two games against Hearts at home and Dunfermline away.

In the derby at Easter Road it finished 2-2, a disappointing result for Hibs considering Zemama and Killen had put Hibs two up after 20 minutes. Hearts then pulled a goal back after a bad blunder from the Hibs keeper. The game then seemed to swing back into Hibs favour in the second half when Hearts were reduced to ten men but another mistake from our keeper allowed Hearts the equaliser. I never managed to get to the game but my sons tell me it was end to end and the sell out crowd kept up the atmosphere from start to finish.

Last night saw Hibs back to winning ways with a 4-0 win at Dunfermline. This was a game that could have been twice as bad for Dunfermline but a combination of poor finishing from Hibs and good saves from the Dunfermline keeper kept the score to 1-0 at half time. Three goals in the second half made the game safe for Hibs but although there was the odd shot from Dunfermline it was a comfortable evening for Hibs. Ivan Sproule was the man of the match with on egoal and one assist. The poor Dunfermline left back will be having nightmares about Sproule for a long while.

Still no news on the new Hibs manager, lots of people wanting the stand in manager (Proctor) to get the job but we can not get carried away after just one good result. I would like to see him given till January and if results have not been good get someone else in.

Hibbee Kanka

Monday, October 23, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Some footie feasts coming up. Please put these in your diaries.

Wednesday - 25 October KO 3pm - ANKARAGUCU v Rize (Turkish Cup)

Saturday - 28 October KO 7pm - Galata..spit..saray v Gencler (League)

Sunday - 29 October KO 2.30pm - ANKARAGUCU v Erciyes (League)

For Wednesday's match, we will be meeting at The Cappadokia Bar from noon and going to the Stadium at 2pm.

For Saturday's match, watch this space for news from Oz Kanka.

For Sunday's match, we will be meeting at The Chopin Bar at noon.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

After 10 frustrating weeks of league footie for players and supporters (6 draws and 3 defeats), the end of ANKARAGUCU's bad run came at the 19 Mayis Stadium yesterday.


First up, we met in The Chopin Bar (see Oz Kanka's photo in the previous blog) and there was a good turn-out considering that it was Bayram time. Perhaps Mountaineering Kanka and Kankie were climbing another mountain hence their absence. Stand by for a photo in the near future ??!!

In attendance were yours truly, Oz Kanka, Mrs Oz Kankie, Little Oz Kanka, Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo, Legal Kankie Saadet, Spine, No Match Kankie Suzan, Innocent Kankie Paula, Cherry Kanka Rob and Moate Kanka Bobby.

This was to be an historic day, not only for ANKARAGUCU's first league win of the season, but for some `firsts` for kankas.

First match ever for Innocent Kankie. First match for No Match Kankie despite being a kankie for over a year !! A new name was needed for Suzan and in view of her heavy workload (?!!) the most suitable name thought of was Workaholic Kankie. Any other suggestions ? First match at 19 Mayis for Cherry Kanka (he is a supporter of the funny shaped ball and follows Gloucester ho ho ho hee hee hee) !!! First match at 19 Mayis for Moate Kanka who hails from the middle counties area of The Emerald Isle.

So, off to the match minus Mrs Oz Kankie and Little Oz Kanka and Little Oz Kanka's toy red car which he left behind in the Chopin. However, the kind and thoughtful Innocent Kankie rescued it, and put it in her handbag with a prayer that the Stadium Police didn't confiscate it as `a dangerous weapon` ! Fortunately, because she looks so `Innocent`, it was allowed through, and so Little Oz Kanka can be reunited with his car this morning. Another story with a happy ending !!

Into the Stadium, and again into Maraton. The queue for Gecikondu tickets was millions of miles long, well.....hundreds......... well .... it was long ! Then we met up with Maniac Kanka Harun and his `friend` Shy Kankie Aylin.

The match started at a furious pace and it was all ANKARAGUCU. Serkan's first touch of the ball was on the 8th minute mark when he fielded a long ball out of Konya's defence. It was still all ANKARAGUCU, but as usual, the final pass was going astray and the shooting was woeful. Nerve ends were beginning to jangle in the terraces and it was around the half hour mark when the break through came.

The ball came floating over from the left wing into the penalty area and legs were flying everywhere in desperation to clear the danger. However, a ricochet off a defender trying to make a clearance allowed Mustafa to tap in for his first goal for the club.

The noise of the tribunes doubled more in relief than anything else and ANKARAGUCU continued to attack for the remainder of the half. I think Serkan only touched the ball about 3 times in the first half and but for some poor finishing ANKARAGUCU should have had the match all wrapped up at this point.

Innocent Kankie drew some ooos and ahhhhs from the neighbouring crowd as she was reading a Turkish book `28 Subat` during the half time break. She was also flirting with a 10 year old boy who was obviously in love with her. Romance is in the air ??!!

Into the 2nd half and Konya was coming more into the game, but never quite troubling Serkan. There was only one occasion in the 2nd half when Konya almost snatched an equaliser but Emre was on hand to clear off the line.

Into the last quarter of the match and it was all ANKARAGUCU again. Bebbe was in a great position to score but snatched at the ball and it flew inches wide of the post. Ceyhun had a few of his long range efforts go close and Man of the Match Abdurrahman had some great attacking runs down the right wing.

The winning goal came near the end when a Konya defender made a hash of a back pass to the Konya keeper and Ceyhun calmly took advantage and slotted it into an empty goal. Relief all round and more singing from yours truly and less swearing !!!

Ceyhun almost made it 3 with a breakaway run, but his effort to lob the goalkeeper misfired and so to the final whistle and ANKARAGUCU's deserved first league win of the season.

It was off to Cappadokia Bar for some celebrating and lots of the amber nectar was enjoyed by all.

Hopefully this win will have taken all the pressure off the coaching staff and players and we can now look forward to a good sequence of victoreeeeeees !!

All the best from happier than normal Eski Kanka Jim

EDIT: Click here for the goals (Lig TV normally take a day or two before putting the goals on the site.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

A picture waiting for a story

Innocent Kanka Paula, Sir Eski Kanka Jim and Little Oz Kanka in his Ankaragucu strip enjoying the sun in the Chopin Bar before the Ankaragucu-Konyaspor match. No doubt Sir Eski Kanka will get around to doing a match report some time soon.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

In view of all the confusion concerning meeting venue last night (as reported by Oz Kanka in his match report), let me remind everyone about the plans for tomorrow (Sunday).

We are meeting in The Chopin Bar from noon onwards. Going to the Stadium at about 2pm. We are NOT, repeat NOT, meeting in the Cappadokia Bar !!

Well done Gencler last night. More of the same tomorrow afternoon would be truly wonderful !!!

All the best from Upbeat Eski Kanka Jim

Getting our act together

Genclerbirligi 3 - Trabzonspor 0

I'm not sure why but our meeting up before the match thing didn't quite work out as planned. I was sitting in Chopin on my own reading the Economist (important pre-match reading material) when Maniac Kanka Harun gave me a call saying he was with Trainspotting Kanka Andrew in Cappadocia Bar.

Listen people, it is all quite simple, I send out e-mails telling you that we will be at Chopin Bar and you're supposed to show up at the appointed time. Hmmm. Viking Kanka Jens and Nordic Kanka Stien had clearly read their e-mails as they showed up at the Chopin.

Off to the match and while it wasn't the biggest crowd at the 19 Mayis stadium it wasn't that bad.

Gencler kicked off with, as usual, a back pass. The ball was sent down to Mehmet Cakir on the left who then sent it into the box where Okan headed it into the back of the net. A full 22 seconds into the match and Gencler were one up. Brilliant. And Trabzon hadn't even touched the ball at this stage.

Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo and Legal Kanka Saadet had just walked into the stadium at this stage (they only just saw the goal) and took their reserved seats.

Gencler suffered a little in the following few minutes as Trabzon went on the attack but at no stage did they force any real saves from our goalkeeper Recep (who was in goal as our normal keeper Jesus was suspended thanks to too many yellow cards for wasting time near the end of matches).

It was then time for Gencler to press and we had a few chances. Unlike in previous matches we were actually forcing the keeper to make saves. Mehmet Nas and Okan both had good chances but pehaps the best was when someone (I think it was Cakir) sent the ball in and not one of three of our players managed to get on the end of the ball.

Oh well. 1-0 up at half time and I was feeling confident. As Viking Kanka said, we were compact in defence and playing positively up front.

Start of the second half and we were clearly still up for it. It was the 52nd minute when the second goal came in. I'm not completely sure what happened but someone made the Trabzon keeper make one hell of a save. the ball went out to the left and Mehmet Cakir sent it back into the melee in the box where Mehmet Nas headed it again to the Isaac Promise who headed it in. Yippeeee

Then came the last goal when Isaac Promise got the ball into a dangerous position and laid it back for Mehmet Nas who whacked the living daylights out of the thing. Trabzon keeper Jefferson didn't have a chance as the ball went off the post and in.

My impression was that this was a very good victory. We played damn well and perhaps the team is finally getting its act together. I actually thought that despite his goal Isaac Promise had a bad game but then I'm wondering whether me saying bad things about the bloke week in, week out is starting to affect how I see the bloke as Trainspotting Kanka thought he played well.

I have to also say that the referee tonight was a complete joke. I'm not sure just what the foul count was but there was no way that he umpired the game fairly. While Trabzon were being given free-kicks left, right and centre the bloke completely ignored it when our goalkeeper was taken out.

Trabzon did fight but tonight was one of those nights when all the luck fell our way.

A deserved win? You bloody bet.

This is the link here or when Lig TV pull their fingers out and actually put the goals on their site. If the window that pops up merely says "bant yuksek....." or something like that it means Lig TV have yet to update their site.

EDIT (Saturday morning): I forgot to mention that Maniac Kanka Harun was wearing a Gencler scarf last night. Considering he is an Ankaragucu fanatic I was quite impressed!

2ND EDIT (Monday morning): The goals are up on the Lig TV site and looking at the second goal again I think I was a little wrong in my description. Check out the second Gencler goal on the video site to see what really happened.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Kanka photo archive

Our new and updated photo archive. I've grouped the photos into categories and little preview shots. To get the full glory click on the links.

Kanka get togethers

The inaugural Kanka BBQ Sunday, June 17, 2007
The Kankas hold their first ever end of season BBQ. Lots of photos in here.

German social democratic values shine Sunday, June 24, 2007

Off to the German embassy for great food, beer and talk about football. We also have photos of the party taken by Alpine Kanka Wolfgang here

Kankas conquer the world

I knew Hillary forgot something: Tues. Sept. 12, 2006
Mountaineering Kanka Robbie climbs Hasan Dag. (Mt. Hasan) and unfurls an Ankaragucu flag. This picture earned us heaps of mentions in Ankaragucu web forums.

Kirkcaldy Kanka's horse encounters: Wed. Oct. 4, 2006
Kirkcaldy Kanka's nephew Paul raises the Ankaragucu scarf at a Raith Rovers League Cup 2-1 defeat to Airdrie United. A nice statue shot as well.

Mt. Bolu (tick), Everest (not yet): Thu. Feb 8, 2007
Oz Kanka takes a lift up a hill in Kartalkaya.

Kilimanjaro conquered, six to go: Sun Feb 11, 2007
Mountaineering Kanka and his good lady Mysterious Kanka go higher than Ankaragucu have ever been.

Paradise claimed Wed Aug 8, 2007
Mountaineering Kanka claims Bali for Ankaragucu

This is how fans are supposed to be treated Sun Dec 16, 2007
Oz Kanka takes his Genclerbirligi scarf along to watch Sydney FC lose to Perth Glory at the Sydney Football Stadium.

Another peak conquered Wed. May 7, 2008
The peak is Jebel Toubkhal, and at 4167 meters, it is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains and the highest in North Africa.

A challenge to the Genclerbirligi Kankas Tue June 24, 2008
Sir Eski Kanka climbs about 200 feet.

Ertank's Gencler climbing in Nepal Fri Sept 26, 2008
Ertank amongst the clouds at Ganja La pass.

Ankaragucu runs wild in Uganda Sunday, October 11, 2009
This post got the blog its first proper abuse from a maganda. Perhaps it was because of this comment made by Mountaineering Kanka. "Lucky and our "protection" George, he being the one with the AK-47. They claim it was to guard against marauding buffalo and such, but I suspect it was really to protect Mountaineering Kankie and myself from rogue Carsi hooligans."

Ethiopia feels the power of Ankara Wednesday, November 11, 2009
More guns as a couple more peaks are claimed for Ankaragucu.

Ankaragucu sinks to a new low Thurs. March 4, 2010
The Mountaineering Kankas Robbie and Judy take the Ankaragucu flag deep down below.

Little Kankas

Little Oz Kanka puts on a show: Mon. June 12, 2006
As the title says. Not a photo but a link to a video of Little Oz Kanka singing his favourite song.

Welcome back Sir Eski Kanka: Mon. June 26, 2006
Sir Eski Kanka in full Scottish attire with his lovely daughter Brat Kanka.

Don't forget to pay your tax: Wed. Sept. 27, 2006
Oz Kanka and Little Oz Kanka enjoy refreshments on the beach in Side whilst doing research for the blog.

A picture waiting for a story: Sun. Oct. 22, 2006
Innocent Kanka Paula, Sir Eski Kanka Jim and Little Oz Kanka in his Ankaragucu strip enjoying the sun in the Chopin Bar before the Ankaragucu-Konyaspor match.

The Hibbee Kanka Family: Mon. Nov. 20, 2006
Hibbee Kanka and kiddies, including the notorious hard man Mini Kanka Liam.

Nordic Kanka trains them early: Tues. Jan 23, 2007
Nordic Kanka's adorable little kiddies.


Time to ask some questions... no matter how lame Tues, Dec 11 2007
We get down to work and interview Ankaragucu star Kirita

We interrogate Gencler coach Thomas Doll Saturday, December 05, 2009
The curse of The round ball in Ankara has stopped us from interviewing many a coach... until now.

Match Day

Stupid Cops and Bugger'all Shots: Mon. Feb 27, 2006
Viking Kanka Jens, Oz Kanka, French Kanka Hande, Spine and Marash Kanka at Gencler's draw with Ankaragucu.

Not the happiest of pictures: Thu. March 30, 2006
Sir Eski Kanka Jim and Oz Kanka not impressed as Ankaragucu go down to Besiktas

The Battle of Kayseri: Fri. April 14, 2006
Not our photograph but still a nice shot of what a few of the Kankas had to go through.

Sparrows and football: Fri. July 28, 2006
Pre-season cup matches and the Kankas are out in force. This shot has Kirkcaldy Kanka Martyn, Trainspotting Kanka Andrew and Brummie Kanka Amelia. Again there are links to other shots taken on the day in the post.

Fener put us to the flame: Sun. August 13, 2006
Viking Kanka, his nephew Michael, Oz Kanka, Smart Arse Yankee Kanka and Mrs. Smart Arse Yankee Kanka enjoy the pre-match atmosphere (if not the result).

Good times in the capital: Sat. Sept 30, 2006
Mummy Kanka Carmel on a visit to Turkey joins the rest of the Kanka crew for a game in which Gencler actually play well!!! Photo is of French Kanka, Spine, Flying Dutchman Kanka, Trainspotting Kanka, Oguz, Oz Kanka and Oz Kanka's mum. This post also has a couple of video links.

Dynamic Danes crush Australia: Wed. Feb 7, 2007
Ditte and Soren over the moon while Spice Kanka Duncan and Oz Kanka sit depressed.

A sweet, sweet victory over Gokcekspor: Sun. Feb 18, 2007
Flying Dutchman Kanka and Oz Kanka go for one hell of a long journey just to watch a match that was allegedly in Ankara.

Going Dutch: Thurs. Feb. 22, 2007
The Kankas come out in support of AZ Alkmaar

Good crowd, crap footy: Mon. Feb 26, 2007
The Kankas come out in force. About five photos here.

At least the first few minutes were fun Sun, Nov 11, 2007
Spine, French Kanka come over to the Oz Kanka household for curry and football.

World Cup 2006

Beer, food, great people and some football (I think): Sat. June 10, 2006
It was the World Cup kick-off and we all headed off to the German Embassy. The photo we used for the blog was of Sir Eski Kanka, Genclerbirligi General Manager Hasan Cetinkaya and Oz Kanka. The post also has links to other photos taken on the occasion and includes No Match Kanka Suzan, Smart Arse Yankee Kanka Dave, Mrs. Smart Arse Yankee Kanka Suzanne, Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo, Lanky Kanka Jorg, Clueless Kanka Vicki, Finlandia Kanka Marcus and others. The link directly to those photos is here

Crap, but victory nonetheless: Mon. June 12, 2006
Australia beat Japan in the World Cup group stage and us Aussies and a few ring-ins, are as happy as Larry.

Stuff which doesn't fit into any categories

Perhaps we should stick to writing, and not playing: Sat. June 3, 2006
Not football but Oz Kanka tries his hand at cricket

Zagreb Kanka ups the ante: Sat. June 10, 2006
Jealous that we got a photo with Hasan Cetinkaya on the blog, Zagreb Kanka Tatjana sends in her own shot with the Gencler general manager.

No headline necessary: Mon. Dec. 18, 2006
Sir Eski Kanka wins Time's "Ankaragucu person of the year" award

New and improved

Uber geek Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo e-mailed me a few suggestions on making it easier for all of you to see the goals in the league.

First up if you click on the "all the goals this year" link on the right hand side it will take you to the LigTV week-by-week goals page.

Second I hope to add a link in each match report to that week's goals. I'm not sure just how quick LigTV is in updating their videos but they usually get on their within a day or so.

For example, this is a link to this week's goals. Check out the "GS 1- AGucu 1" goal. Was Tita offside?

Thanks for the advice Flying Dutchman and I'm looking forward to more suggestions.

By the way Sir Eski Kanka, don't you worry about adding these links. I'll save you the bother and edit your posts adding the links in myself.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Weekend plans

This Friday night we have Genclerbirligi versus Trabzonspor. Kick-off is at 8:30 pm and we will be meeting at Chopin from 6:30 pm onwards. Make sure you wrap up well, I'll be wearing my longjohns, scarf and gloves.

Tickets are sold at the stadium and have been set at a very decent 7.50 TL in what Zagreb Kanka's friend Hasan Cetinkaya told the Anatolian news agency today was a "pre-bayram present". Bayram for those non-Turks here is Turkish for holiday. The end of Ramazan holiday starts on Monday (I think).

The other match on the weekend is Ankaragucu versus Konyaspor 3pm, Sunday.

Pre match drinks as usual will be at Chopin, from 1 pm.

See you all there.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The pizza was good

Besiktas 1, Genclerbirligi 0

Tonight had everything but a good fight and a good result. With the match in Istanbul and on Lig TV we decided to meet up at my place. Thus we had myself, Mrs. Oz Kanka, Little Oz Kanka, Flying Dutchman Kanka and his good lady Saadet, Spine, No Match Kanka Suzan, Smart Arse Yankee Kanka Dave and Innocent Kanka Panka Paula (ie. she doesn't have any idea about football or sport in general and therefore is completely innocent).

The beers were in and we were up for it. It seemed like Gencler were as well.

Gencler had their first chance on five minutes and even Saadet, a Besiktas fan (may her soul rot in hell) thought us Ankara lot would probably score.

A couple of chances for both sides, Gokhan in goal was playing brilliantly, but in the end nothing came out of the first half. Gencler weren't playing brilliantly, neither were Besiktas but I think we may have just edged them.

Second half though and we were truly going for the win until an extremely silly goal was given away. Perhaps it wasn't so silly but still it should have been prevented.

Besiktas have the corner. They send it in to the far post. A player pretty well unmarked heads it and sends it into the far corner of the post.

Of course our reaction was one of massive dissapointment. Then my phone rang and Viking Kanka Jens, whom I have no idea why he didn't bother to walk the 900 metres to our house to watch the match, screams at me "why didn't we have a defender on the far post".

Difficult to argue with a maniac like Viking Kanka but the bloke had a damn good point. In the first half we saved a goal off the line thanks to a defender on the post, but this time..... nobody to be seen.

As Viking Kanka said on the phone "put in your bloody blog that putting a defender on each post is as obvious as putting on your shorts and shirt in the morning. It is time for Gencler to go back to the training ground."

It's a bit too cold for me to be wearing shorts at this time of year but I think I understood Viking Kanka's rant.

The match went on and while we had a few more chances, some of which should definately have been converted, we couldn't get that equaliser.

Ah, stuffed again. But still, we had our friends together, we had a few drinks, had stimulating conversation and even managed a game of darts (Smart Arse Yankee Kanka beat me up)... but it was clear that it was football that got us together and it is therefore a truely friendly game... Except if we had won in which case I would have poured shit over all people who support Besiktas.

You can see all the goals from this week here. This will open in a new pop up window.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Footie result first and then the exciting story of The Battle of Sakarya - a battle to equal, if not better, last season's Battle of Kayseri (reported on in another blog).

Galata....spit....saray 1 ANKARAGUCU 1

First up, we met in our usual meeting venue, The Chopin on Sakarya Caddesi. Yours truly, Oz Kanka, Flying Dutchman Kanka, Maniac Kanka (and his entourage), No Name Kanka Gokhan, Battle Hardened Kanka, and last but by no means least, the beautiful No Match Kankie Suzan who was paying her first visit to the Chopin.

This was to prove to be a night to remember and not only for the great footie served up by a fighting `never say die` ANKARAGUCU team still looking for their first league win ! The Battle of Sakarya was to enliven proceedings in the 2nd half of the match !

ANKARAGUCU came out of their starting blocks like an express train (not a TCDD train I may add !!!) and almost snatched the lead in the 2nd minute when Tita lobbed the ball over the stranded Mondy. The ball was heading over the line until the `on song` Song cleared off the line.

Not surprisingly, the pace slowed a little as Galatasaray took control of the 1st half. ANKARAGUCU were clearly not overawed and were trying to play the ball out of defence rather than hoofing it out as in the past !!

However, ANKARAGUCU paid the price for some poor marking on the half hour mark when Umit picked up a through ball and gave Serkan no chance.

The Chopin was stunned into silence ! but..... 5 minutes later came the unexpected equaliser when Tita picked up a back header from Mustafa, and with everyone expecting a cut-back from the goal line, he lashed the ball past Mondy from a very tight angle. Surely a strong contender for goal of the month ?!

In Hikmet Bey's pre-match interview on TV he said, `we have come to Istanbul to collect THREE points` ! Brave words, and the team were obviously responding to his tactics of .... attack..... attack !!

Into the 2nd half and ANKARAGUCU were stepping up their efforts and coming more into the match, and also looking like the team most likely to score the winner.

However, half way through the 2nd half and all hell broke loose suddenly in The Chopin ! Apparently a lone CimBom supporter made an insulting comment to Maniac Kanka and his friends and fists started flying and glasses went crashing to the floor. We now understood why Kirkcaldy Kanka named him Maniac Kanka !!!

It took a few of us to subdue Maniac Kanka until the perpretrators of the fracas left the pub ! After hostilities had ceased (temporarily !!) we resumed our attentions back to the footie and Ceyhan went close with a few long range efforts. By the way, I am sure that Ceyhun will concentrate on a `passing game` when (or if) ANKARAGUCU ever find a striker to replace Umut Bulut !!

Men of the match were undoubtedly the two goalkeepers who played way above themselves in keeping the scoreline at 1-1.

So, an encouraging performance from an ANKARAGUCU viewpoint and with more performances like this they will be climbing out of the danger zone soon.

The excitement wasn't over though !! Just as we were leaving The Chopin to go to The Cappadokia Bar for a `nightcap`, all hell broke out again outside the pub on Sakarya Caddesi.

I still don't know exactly what happened, but, yes, Maniac Kanka was in the thick of it again slugging it out with some poor unfortunates !! When will they ever learn about Maniac Kanka's reputation ??!!

Well, we managed to subdue Maniac Kanka again and off we trudged to the Cappadokia Bar for some `cooling-off` liquid !!

Here endeth the story of The Battle of Sakarya !

Next matches up are -

Gencler V Trabzon - Friday 20 October - KO 8.30pm
ANKARAGUCU v Konya - Sunday 22 October - KO 3pm

More details of these during the week.

All the best from Bruised and Scarred Eski Kanka Jim

EDIT: For Gulay's very terse report of the match click here
EDIT 2: And Aussie Joe from Mersin has put up a report as well (he actually went to the match)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Croatia almighty

A simple message for our dearest Zagreb Kanka. Sir Eski Kanka Jim and I went off to watch the England-Croatia match at the Red Lion Club tonight under what can only be described as intimidating circumstances.

In your name, Zagreb Kanka, we cheered every time Croatia played a good ball, every time they had a shot and every time they outwitted the English players. In other words, we were cheering a damn lot.

I wasn't completely sober for the match and so I can't really comment on the first goal, but the second!!!!! Pure genious. How often have your boys practiced such a move.

Well done Croatia!!!!!! 2-0... Bit of a shame about Scotland though

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ankaragucu to vote on chairman in December

Hakan Kutlu has quit football, Victor Agali has still not been heard from and the fans are angry. It has taken a while but the Ankaragucu board have finally decided to act.

Serdar Tosun, a vice chairman at the club, announced on Tuesday that they have decided to bring forward the club's annual congress to the first week of December in order to get a new chairman and board in as quickly as possible.

Cemal Aydin had earlier promised not to run in the January congress but according to Maniac Kanka Harun he has made, and broken, such promises before. Bringing the congress forward a month or so should make it more difficult for him to break that promise again.

So, are things looking brighter? Who knows. It will be interesting to see if the fans are still calling for the management to resign at the next home match in a couple of weeks.

EDIT: Wednesday afternoon. Just read a round up of what Serdar Tosun told a sports show last night. Basically he said he will run for the chairman's position and that they are aiming for the congress to be held in the third week of November.

He said he had spoken to "fan leaders" before the decision to hold early elections was taken. ie I reckon he has the support of the fans. He also said that the fans had every right to protest at matches.

EDIT II: Hakan Kutlu has just announced that he hasn't quit football and will stay at Ankaragucu until the end of the season.


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

A good weekend for Hibernian Ladies.

They kept their sights firmly focused on retaining their Premiership League Trophy with a great win against Arsenal North by 6-0.

Kim Little scored her 12th goal in 8 starts this season, and if she keeps this up, may well find herself called up into the mens first team !!!

Not so good was the news that West Bromwich Albion have made an official approach for the Hibs manager, Tony Mowbray. Talks are in progress between the 2 parties and everyone connected with Hibernian FC will be praying that Tony rejects their offer.

No offence intended to WBA, but I feel that it would not be a good career move for Tony when you compare the ambitions and potential of both clubs !!

Watch this space for further from me, or perhaps Hibbie Kanka has more information.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

We all know about this weekend (Saturday ANKARAGUCU KO 8.30pm and Sunday Gencler KO 8.30pm), although at the time of writing, the venues are still in the process of being decided. Oz Kanka will send out an email soon when the details are finalised.

Friday 20 October (League) - Gencler V Trabzon - KO 8.30pm

Sunday 22 October (League) - ANKARAGUCU V Konya - KO 3pm

Wednesday 25 October (Cup) - ANKARAGUCU V Rize - KO 3pm

Oz Kanka will no doubt send out an email nearer the time for meeting venue.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More troubles at Ankaragucu

As none of us could be bothered to go to the Ankaragucu-Fenerbahce friendly on the weekend thanks to Cemal Aydin deciding to charge so much I thought I would do nothing but give the result (which I did in a previous post, Ankaragucu lost 2-3 by the way).

I thought that would be the end of the matter but having read this morning's Hurriyet I think I'll have a nother go.

Apparently around 700 Ankaragucu supporters paid their 15tl and watched in gecekondu. Just like in the last few matches their main song for the match was "yonetim istifa". One interesting aspect Hurriyet reports was that Ankaragucu Captain Hakan Kutlu was also being booed every time he touched the ball.

Casting my mind back to the Ankaragucu-Trabzonspor 2-2 draw, despite singing all match for the management to resign the fans still called the players over at the end of the match to give them a boost.

One player didn't go over the fans... yep, Hakan Kutlu.

So now the captain is in the supporters bad books along with Cemil Aydin.

Hurriyet reports that at half-time during the friendly match on Sunday went over to gecekondu and told them he was quitting football. He took a shower, refused to come out for the second half (he was probably going to be replaced anyway as it was a friendly match) and went off without watching the second half.

Kutlu is pretty old (just a few months younger than me) and probably ready to retire anyway. Ankaragucu coach Hikmet Karaman says he won't let him retire... but still.

Oh dear, oh dear.

There is one other piece of interesting news from Ankaragucu. Forward Victor Agali seems to have gone missing. He was given permission to go back to Nijeria due to the league break but didn't come back on time. According to Hurriyet he hasn't answered his phone for four days.

It doesn't rain but it pours.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Who are France

I'm back it's me mini hibeekanka. Who are they Scotland 1- France 0. Former Hibee Caldwell got the goal after 67th minute goal. Da boys in blue had about 5 chances but rest was defending. Henry hit the post, two times the ball hit the back of the Scotland net but were offside. That leaves Scots on top of the group by 3 points.

Meanwhile at home Hibeekanka has lost a tone of hair and is trying to brake my arm by trying out his new poilce moves on me, he's no chance in catching me.

As for Eski Kanka calling me aggressive, i'm no way near aggressive i'm just a cute cuddle teddy bear (your a bully Eski kanka). The referee couldn't take me scoring any more. He was a fish.

In despair for the youth of today

In line with my job as full-time reporter for this blog I receive all sorts of stuff from research companies, PR outfits and purveyors of junk. Normally most of it gets thrown out quicker than it takes for me to actual sign for whatever it is.

I was having a coffee this morning though and decided to at least skim through the latest document to make it to my office, a survey concerning "How young people see life" by a group called International Politics and Strategy Research Centre, or UPSAM using the Turkish acronym.

I'm not really sure what the "views of the youth" has to do with international politics, but anyway.

The survey is full of all the normal sort of tosh. No real surprise that the majority of Turkish youth have had a cigarette or that chat rooms are their favourite places on the internet. But one question certainly grabbed my attention. "Who do take as an example while you you are growing up?" It was something like that. Perhaps a better translation would be "Who is your role model in life?"

Now these are always interesting questions. Times change and so therefore do people's role models. As a Generation X person I would guess that if this question had been asked when I was a "youth" the biggest answer would most probably be Kurt Kobain, followed by whoever invented ecstasy.

So who is the most popular role model for Turkish youth.

Polat Alemdar.

This bloke plays the part of a tough, no nonsense, Turkish intelligence officer who goes around the place upholding Turkish honour in a TV show that is amazingly boring. 19 percent of Turkish youth have this bloke as a role model. Scary.

The rest of the list is a funny read though. In descending order
Polat Alemdar
Big Brother (I assume this is not the TV show, cause if it is we are really stuffed)
Hulya Avsar (oh dear)
Prime Minister Erdogan (oh dear)
Al Pacino (what the f...)
The Prophet Muhammed
Seray Sever (Mrs. Oz Kanka says she is famous for not wearing much)

And then bottom of the list:

Fenerbahce Chairman Aziz Yildirim (no comment)

A pricey friendly

With the small matter of international matches on this weekend we don't have any local league action. Instead most teams are organising friendlies for those left behind. As these are next to useless I normally don't bother even mentioning them.

I'll make an exception this time as Ankaragucu are taking on Fenerbahce on Sunday at 2:30 p.m.. When I first saw the news I thought I might pop along. The weather in Ankara is still good and I'll take any excuse for a pre-match beer.

That was until I saw the prices. Ankaragucu Chairman Cemal Aydin, not content with sqeezing us fans in the league, has decided to squeeze us in friendlies as well. The tickets for gecekondu are 15tl and 25tl for maraton. This is the same as they were charging last week for the league match against Trabzon.

So I won't be going and I doubt too many others will be either. Cemal Aydin will get to watch Ankaragucu with no supporters. An interesting tactic to avoid hearing chants calling for his resignation?

EDIT: Sunday night result. Ankaragucu 2, Fenerbahce 3

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Further to my previous blog on the Turkish Cup (ANKARAGUCU - Reason to be Cheerful) the sectional draw has been made and a very interesting situation has developed. We have ANKARAGUCU and Genclerbirligi in the same group !!

The other teams in our Group D are Besik...spit....tas, Rize and Buca from the 2nd League.

The first matches will be played on Wednesday 25 October and Gencler received a `rest day` for that particular day.

ANKARAGUCU will play Rize at home and Besik....spit...tas will play Buca away.

Don't have the KO times yet, but I anticipate an afternoon KO, probably late afternoon. Details when I have them.

So, a `mouthwatering` derby match in the Cup to look forward to. I wonder which team will have home advantage for Gecikondu ???

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kirkcaldy Kanka's horse encounters

Kirkcaldy Kanka Martyn is clearing suffering from Ankaragucu-withdrawal. He has been trying to treat this terrible condition by heading off to matches in Liverpool but somehow I don't think it is working. Kirkaldy Kanka takes over:

I went with Sinead to Everton v Wigan. As we arrived at the stadium we stood watching a police horse trotting in the middle of a narrow side road. We were transfixed as we hadn't seen a horse at a match in a while. Not sure Sinead ever had.

We were slightly on the road ourselves when I noticed the horse shitting. And not normal shit, like very milky weetabix. I pulled Sinead onto the pavement, obviously in the belief that if a pedestrian is on the pavement, he is safe. There was a man selling raffle tickets ahead of the horse in the middle of the road. He was wearing a nice pair of cream trousers. We noticed the horse shit rebound off the road and spray on the man's trousers. The man swore in disbelief at the horse. The horse was unaffected by this and continued to relieve itself.

Myself and Sinead were laughing at this unfortunate man, when I noticed Sinead's jeans had an interesting pattern on them. When I pointed this out it was her turn to give the horse abuse. I was still laughing when I looked at my own jeans.

'Ya dirty big bok horse!'

Still had to laugh though. My jeans were not too bad, Sinead's were worse. The other guy was a mess, and it really served him right for wearing cream trousers.

We sat way back in the old stand for the game. Probably just as well considering the fumes we were unleashing. 2-2. Good game. We were impressed with Andrew Johnson.

I went back last weekend to watch Everton v Manchester City. This time I had a good seat behind the goals. The stadium is impressive. Inside the stand they actually serve beer before kick off and at half time. You can't take it to your seat, but it is an improvement from sunflower seeds. There are video screens showing previous games both in the corners of the stadium and inside the stands.

Quite a good game this one. Everton scored on the stroke of half-time and looked to be heading for a victory. In the 93rd minute however, City equalised. 1-1. Can't say I was upset. All the more exciting really. I'm at that stage of not really caring about the result, just wanting to see things happen. And I certainly saw something different next.

After the game the City keeper and Joey Barton went to the away fans. Barton is hated by Everton fans. He's actualy from Huyton in Liverpool. He punched an Everton fan in Thailand on an away tour with City, and was sent home. His step brother was charged with murder. The Everton fans had reminded him of this during the game. At the end he gave his shirt to a disabled City fan. Then he walked past our stand and mouthed off at the Everton fans, who were mouthing off at him. Barton then dropped his shorts and flashed his ass at us.

As I left the stadium I passed some Everton supporters who were complaining about this to the police. Barton will find out today if he will be charged by the police or suspended by the FA. The media seem to be making light of the incident.

Another thing I should mention is the Galatasaray Liverpool game. Since I live less than 1 minute walk from Anfield, I was hoping to get tickets. But Anfield is always sold out. I must look for ticket touts.

It is a terrible feeling to hear all the noise of a match inside your own house, and not be able to go. Even more so on this day. From the afternoon I could hear Turkish football chants. Since these rarely change much, I recognised all of them. And it hit my old heart. Everywhere in the house I could not escape them. It was in my toilet that I decided that enough was enough.

For the Kankas I was setting out in full Maniac Kanka sponsered Ankaragucu gear. I walked around the stadium getting funny looks from Liverpool fans. Then I saw a group of Turks heading to a kebap shop. They never looked at me. A part of me felt relieved, what was I doing? And then ahead I saw the travelling suport. Maybe 100 of them dressed in Galatastaray gear. For Gucu, I decided to walk right through them and their drums. They looked me up and down, and parted to let me through. The songs stopped, and I was allowed to pass. Most were dressed in Galatasaray gear, but a couple had Fenerbahce tops and one had a Malatyaspor top on. It was also red and yellow stripes.

I knew when I saw the Fener tops that I was safe. Many of those supporters were no doubt living in England. That would explain the lack of diverse songs. I got a few funny looks as I walked up the street in my gear, and even more ones as I opened my front door. An Ankaragucu fan, living in Anfield road?! Some Turks shouted at me before I pulled the door shut, 'Ankaragucu mu?' I turned and sang at them. 'En buyuk baskent!' Amoung other things. They smiled and gave me the thumbs up. They had seen something they never expected to see on Anfield Road, I had been reminded of something I missed.

PHOTOCAPTIONS: The picture of the statue is from Manchester Town Hall. The other photo is of my nephew Paul who went to the Battle of Kayseri. This is him at Raith Rovers in the League Cup 2-1 defeat to Airdrie United.


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

It may not have been a good weekend for the mens team, but the ladies certainly showed them how to play footie and WIN.

They thrashed Raith Rovers Ladies in the quarter final of the Ladies Scottish Premier League Cup 8-1 (I say again......... EIGHT !).

3-1 up at half-time, the coach told them to go out for the 2nd half and do it all again. It must be great to be a coach when the players do exactly what you tell them !!!

I wonder if Kircaldy Kanka has any comments to make about his beloved Raith Rovers being put to the sword by HIBERNIAN ???!!! Comments awaited with anticipation !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim