Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The following article was nicked from the Hibs Web Site (with apologies !!)....

`Hibernian FC today announce the appointment of John Collins as Manager. John emerged from a group of strong candidates following a rigorous process conducted by the Club. John has agreed a 3 year managerial contract.

Chairman Rod Petrie said: “John is a man with talent, ambition, drive and determination. A footballer of international renown, whose playing career spans five clubs in three countries over 19 years, his achievements make him a role model for our players.

“John has spent three years preparing for today. He has all the technical qualifications, including a UEFA Pro Licence, which means he could be considered for any job in Europe. John decided that he wanted to be a manager in his own right and turned down a number of opportunities to become a coaching assistant.

“John has the ambition and character to be a top manager. We have a talented group of players and a tremendous infrastructure at the Club. John joins us at an exciting time.

“Hibernian gave John his start as a professional footballer. However he is not being appointed for what he achieved here as a player but for what he can achieve here as a manager.”

John Collins said: “I am delighted to be taking up the managerial position at Hibernian and returning to the Club where I started my football career. This is a Club of tremendous stature with a great tradition for playing entertaining and attacking football.

“I would like to let the supporters know that my philosophy is all about playing a passing game with passion, enthusiasm and commitment. Supporters want to win and they want to be entertained. It is our job to give them that.”

Eski Kanka said......On a personal note, I have seen John Collins play for Hibs many times and he was always the true professional and well respected by players and fans alike.

However, I am unsure of what he has been doing recently. So, perhaps Hibbie Kanka Athole can fill us in. Also, the reaction from the fans on the appointment.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. The article said "A footballer of international renown".

    I'd never heard of the bloke.

  2. Well....... what do you expect from a bloke who supports Woolawong United, Jigalong Disunited, and ....... oh yes... Genclerbirligi !!!!

    Shame on you Oz Kanka for not having heard of the great John Collins....... soon to be even more famous !!

  3. Anonymous5:00 pm

    I remember John Collins as a good midfielder, played for
    Hibernian, Celtic, AS Monaco, Everton and Fulham. Even I 24 years old and living in Holland had heard of this man:D

  4. Well done Safak ! He even won ONLY 20something Scottish International caps !

    Hope Oz Kanka is still holding his head in shame ??!!

  5. Anonymous2:48 pm


    I would like to share this futsal video from the dutch with you:)
    Lots of skills. Maybe you like it

  6. Ooooops ........ sorry.... got the International Caps wrong.

    It was 58 !!

    Not bad for an unknown player !!!

  7. Yeah, great video Safak.

    Looks too easy. However, it's not so easy when you have `class` defenders barring your way to goal !!!

  8. Anonymous7:17 pm

    I meant the skills you see:).

    Dutch street soccer player (yes including Edgar Davids:)) have made a world tour to play in different countries (France, Italy, Ingalland:), Brazil etc) against the best there to see who has the best street soccer players and yes they won everything.

    This is a small video with some skills included. The full video is in dutch:)