Monday, October 16, 2006

The pizza was good

Besiktas 1, Genclerbirligi 0

Tonight had everything but a good fight and a good result. With the match in Istanbul and on Lig TV we decided to meet up at my place. Thus we had myself, Mrs. Oz Kanka, Little Oz Kanka, Flying Dutchman Kanka and his good lady Saadet, Spine, No Match Kanka Suzan, Smart Arse Yankee Kanka Dave and Innocent Kanka Panka Paula (ie. she doesn't have any idea about football or sport in general and therefore is completely innocent).

The beers were in and we were up for it. It seemed like Gencler were as well.

Gencler had their first chance on five minutes and even Saadet, a Besiktas fan (may her soul rot in hell) thought us Ankara lot would probably score.

A couple of chances for both sides, Gokhan in goal was playing brilliantly, but in the end nothing came out of the first half. Gencler weren't playing brilliantly, neither were Besiktas but I think we may have just edged them.

Second half though and we were truly going for the win until an extremely silly goal was given away. Perhaps it wasn't so silly but still it should have been prevented.

Besiktas have the corner. They send it in to the far post. A player pretty well unmarked heads it and sends it into the far corner of the post.

Of course our reaction was one of massive dissapointment. Then my phone rang and Viking Kanka Jens, whom I have no idea why he didn't bother to walk the 900 metres to our house to watch the match, screams at me "why didn't we have a defender on the far post".

Difficult to argue with a maniac like Viking Kanka but the bloke had a damn good point. In the first half we saved a goal off the line thanks to a defender on the post, but this time..... nobody to be seen.

As Viking Kanka said on the phone "put in your bloody blog that putting a defender on each post is as obvious as putting on your shorts and shirt in the morning. It is time for Gencler to go back to the training ground."

It's a bit too cold for me to be wearing shorts at this time of year but I think I understood Viking Kanka's rant.

The match went on and while we had a few more chances, some of which should definately have been converted, we couldn't get that equaliser.

Ah, stuffed again. But still, we had our friends together, we had a few drinks, had stimulating conversation and even managed a game of darts (Smart Arse Yankee Kanka beat me up)... but it was clear that it was football that got us together and it is therefore a truely friendly game... Except if we had won in which case I would have poured shit over all people who support Besiktas.

You can see all the goals from this week here. This will open in a new pop up window.

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  1. Sorry I couldn't make it for the `social intercourse` and the Pizzas (not to mention the amber necter liquid) - my wife chose a very good day to return from Izmir !!

    Also, sorry that Gencler seem to have caught Ankaragucu's disease from earlier in the season of not being able to score goals !!