Tuesday, October 03, 2006

ANKARAGUCU - ALMOST...................

Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Almost means.............. Not quite.
Not quite means........... Not right.
Not right means........... Wrong.
Wrong means.................
The opportunity to start again and

Well....... we ALMOST won for the first time in the league this season.

ANKARAGUCU 2 Trabzon 2

Oz Kanka and I met up at The Chopin as usual but there was a sad absence of Ankara kankas, the reason of which is ably explained in the previous blog by Oz Kanka.

Having made it into Maraton in time for the Istiklal Marsi, the match started at a furious pace and before ANKARAGUCU had time to settle they were one down. A sweeping move out of defence by Trabzon and a cut back into the path of Marcelinho (a Yattara lookalike !!) and no argument about the quality of the goal.

The wake-up call was heeded and ANKARAGUCU took control of the match from this point until the half time whistle.

This was more like it from the ANKARAGUCU of old. Fighting for every ball and attacking in numbers. On the half hour mark some fine work by Ceyhun and Tita left Tita racing towards the left corner flag and a high cut-back was delivered to the back post. There was our full-back Emre running in to meet the ball and power his header in for the equaliser.

It was all ANKARAGUCU now and the fans were in full voice, including I may add, Oz Kanka. It was the 1st time I have ever heard him singing ANKARAGUCU songs with such gusto !!!

Approaching the half-time whistle and we were rewarded with the goal of the match. Ceyhun picked the ball up half way into the Trabzon half and beat one man, then another, and another (I was screaming for him to pass the bloody ball at this stage !!). However, he kept going, beat another man and then cut the ball back to Tita who was waiting unmarked on the penalty spot. It was a simple tap in for him and the Stadium errupted !

Going in at half-time ahead was probably a heady feeling for players and fans, but I was not going to allow myself to think of our first win at this stage of the game.

My fears were justified when Tita was replaced early in the 2nd half and at this stage Trabzon started to take control of the match. It was all Trabzon with ANKARAGUCU pinned back in their own half for the most part. Serkan was performing miracles in the ANKARAGUCU goal and some of his saves were top-drawer and some were pure reflex action. There was also a rebound off the post - I now really believe that God supports ANKARAGUCU !!!

Into the last 15 minutes and then Hikmet made (in my opinion) a grave technical blunder. Having lost Tita, he then withdrew the only 2 other outfield players who were playing above themselves. 1st, off went Ceyhun to be followed shortly after by Petkov.

It was no surprise therefore when Trabzon equalised shortly after the departure of Ceyhun. No complaint with Stepanov's goal which was probably justified with all the pressure by Trabzon. However, the balance of the ANKARAGUCU defence and mid-field was so clearly affected and there was no reason to change the team at that stage when they were coping with Trabzon's pressure.

So, we almost made it......... and still have the distinction of being the only team without a league win. 5 draws and 3 defeats is not an inspiring statistic !

Looking at the positive side of things. I am sure Hikmet will be happy with the 1st half performance and it should have helped the players confidence to have slotted in 2 goals. He will need to emphasise the 90 minutes factor in the training ground !!!

Putting footie aside for the moment. I can fully understand the fans frustration and anger directed at Cemal Aydin. Hiking the prices us for the Trabzon match is a kick in the nuts for the supporters who turn up every week. The Kombine ticket subject is also a sore point.

When our `brother team` Gencler can boast Kombine tickets then shame on Cemal Aydin for depriving the supporters the convenience of this ticket. Someone should have told him before now that loyalty works both ways !!

Oz Kanka is right when he says I am angry at the chants against Cemal Aydin during the match. All chanting should be directed at the players for 90 minutes to encourage them and leave their grievances aside until after the match. The match is about 11 players in ANKARAGUCU shirts trying to win and we should channel all our energies in that direction !!

After the match we met-up with Maniac Kanka Harun and off we went to the Q Bar (it's the one opposite Desti which is being renovated at the moment) in Kizilay for some more liquid refreshments. According to Maniac Kanka, he doubts whether Cemal Aydin will be around for much longer. January is too far down the road !!!

Next league matches up are weekend 14/15 October. More details of those later.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Hello all. Was watching Monday's game on the world wide web and must say I fully agree with you Jim.

    Although on balance if the game went to the judges' scorecards Trabzon were the better side it was a horrible approach to finding yourself 2-1 from the coach. The net effect of the susbtitutions was just depressing, taking Ceyhun off at any stage is lunacy. Who else in that side can retain the ball?

    Its a bit like Argentina & Riquelme in the World Cup. They built the whole team around him and then took him off when it mattered and ended up going out of the tournament with him sat on the bench.

    I suppose coaches don't last long over there and the looming axe must effect their decision making.

    Anyway best wishes to everyone over there.

  2. Hello there Brendan. Haven't heard from you for a while.

    I wouldn't say the replacement was as bad as the Argentinian situation but I do agree that a mixture of all the substitutions was a big mistake.

  3. Thanks for your comments Brendan and hope you can come and visit us sometime.

    It would be worth it if only to hear Oz Kanka's wonderful singing voice !!!!

  4. Sir Jim, you'll be interested and completely unsurprised to learn that Cemal Aydin fully agrees with you on the subject of calls for his resignation.
    "Calling for the management to resign is a democratic right... but shouting 'Cemal Aydin istifa' so the players battling like soldiers out on the pitch can hear it is not sporting," he says. (Sabah-Ankara, Oct 3).
    Your friend Spine

  5. Well........ that will certainly put a smile on Oz Kanka's face !!!

    He thinks Cemal and Jim are a match made in heaven !!!!